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The Best New Amazon Dash Buttons for Pet Products!

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Amazon members: are you taking full advantage of your Prime accounts? With so much to be utilized in this all-inclusive Prime membership, it’s easy to forget just how many services are available.

Free E-books, unlimited music streaming, free shipping on eligible items—but what about one-touch ordering?

Meet the Amazon Dash Button: Amazon’s answer for those who want to conveniently forego the conventional online ordering process, and the check-out line at the store.

These stickable, Wi-Fi enabled buttons are about the size of a USB stick, and with one press, Prime members can instantly order millions of items available on the Amazon store, from Gatorade, to garbage bags and more importantly to us – pet supplies!

When Dash Button originally launched, the selection was relatively limited. Just recently though, Amazon vastly expanding their selection and now includes several different Dash Buttons made exclusively for your four legged family members.

Seeing as most pet related supplies (food, treats, and animal care products) are purchased on a monthly basis, Dash Buttons are a perfect way to keep those extraneous items checked off of your grocery list. Save yourself the hassle of lugging around 40 pounds of dog food, and 20 pounds of kitty litter in your shopping cart, and check out these related Dash Buttons for your animals’ individual needs.

How do Dash Buttons Work?

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First, let’s talk about their cost. Dash Buttons cost $4.99 when you buy them, but you immediately receive a $4.99 credit to your account that gets applied to your account when you make your first Dash purchase! So they’re essentially free, as long as you use them once.

Once you have your Dash Button purchased, you can link the button to a specific product on Amazon.com that will be ordered when you press the button.

One the specific Dash Button page you can search the eligible products, as seen in the screenshot below.

dash button example


Pet Food Dash Buttons (Brands for Cats & Dogs)

 dog food amazon dash

Amazon offers a wide variety of foods and treats which are Amazon Dash compatible. Whether it’s dry food, wet food, or a specialty blend, there’s a very good chance of finding Fido’s favorite kibble available to order through the effortless click of a Dash Button.

Here are some popular brands for both dogs and cats, which you may already be using at home:


Dash Dog-Specific Food & Treats

Looking for a special treat for your pooch? Amazon has many options available when it comes to special dog treats –


Cat-Specific Food & Treats

Although there are currently only a few Dash buttons made specifically to satiate the hunger of your ferocious feline, you may still want to give these two popular Dash Button brands a try:


Pet Supplies & Pet Care

Of course, food and treats are not the only products available for your pets. Amazon Dash Buttons also cater to those who frequently purchase basic animal care items, such as kitty litter, training pads for puppies and kittens, and health supplements. Never run out of the essentials again with these pet-friendly Dash Buttons:


Cat Litter

Bags & Pads

Health & Wellbeing


Easy, Quick, & Simple

If a click of a button fits your busy schedule better than making a trip to the store, then Amazon Dash was made just for you. Order a couple Dash Buttons, and let them do the heavy lifting in regards to all of your pets’ needs. No more fumbling with heavy loads of cat litter at the store, or forgetting to stock up on your puppy’s favorite treats. Just one touch is all it takes to have all of your pet essentials arrive right at your doorstep—hassle free, worry free. Bark, click, Dash!

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