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The Woof Whiskers Dogs

Our dog testers in action

Woof Whiskers would be nothing without our trusty team of four-legged reviewers. Here are the dogs that do the tough work around here while we just watch!

Pidgy & Kartoffel

Kartoffel (which translates to “Potato” in German) is a 3 year old boy full of energy! We’re always asked what his breed is – he’s a mix of Australian Shepard, Bernese Mountain Dog, and Golden Retriever weighing in at 90 lbs. Kartoffel loves any and all toys, particularly tennis balls and toys he can really chew on (some of his favorites are listed in our durable dog toys for tough chewers post).

Pidgy is a spunky Huskie/Shepard mix and the sister to Kartoffel. Despite being half his weight at 45lbs, she loves to play rough and mix it up!

Pidgy on the left and her brother Kartoffel on the right.
Room for two…?
kartoffel dog woof whiskers
The bigger the stick, the better.


sasha dog woof whiskers
Glorious Sasha Dog

Sasha is a feisty little Shepard mix that loves chasing chipmunks and looking out the window. She weighs about 55 lbs and her favorite toys of the moment happen to be automatic ball launchers.