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A Deep Dive into A Pup Above Dog Food

A Pup Above Dog Food

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Grocery Pup is another awesome entrant in the fresh dog food delivery space. Their unique cooking method ensures optimal nutrition (what we want) and flavor (what your dog wants). There are currently only 3 recipes – hopefully more are added soon for better selection for allergy-prone pups.

A Pup Above is a relatively new dog food company founded by a couple called Ruth and Javier. Ruth and Javier began their dog food quest when they welcomed their fur baby Lola into the world. The couple struggled to find a dog food that has straightforward and easy to understand ingredients, so they decided to develop their own for their little furry companion.

All of the food produced by A Pup Above is considered to be safe for human consumption; that means it has been tried and tested and is classified as human-grade. They strive to be ethical in every way, not just when it comes to the product. Their packaging is 100% recyclable, and even their fulfillment center runs on 100% renewable energy.

Every year A Pup Above donates 1% of their revenue to the White Buffalo Land Trust. The White Buffalo Land Trust aims to capture carbon from the atmosphere which improves the land’s water and soil conditions. Now that you know a little bit about the company’s ethical values and mission, it is time to take a closer look at their services and products. This review looks at the company as a whole, from their dog food to customer service. So, let us begin.

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A Deep Dive Into The A Pup Above Dog Food


Originally known as Grocery Pup before rebranding, A Pup Above manufactures and sells human-grade dog food that is suitable for dogs that are picky eaters. They have four dog food recipes, including two grain-free high protein meal options for those pups who need to be on a special diet. The dog food is freezer-friendly and easy to defrost whenever your furry companion needs that fix. All of their food is made in a USA human food facility, keeping it pure and free of any unwanted ingredients. The food is then tested rigorously for pathogens so that you can be certain it is safe for your pup and kitchen.

Who is A Pup Above For

Lots of dog owners admit that their dog’s nutrition is more complicated than their own. Most dog parents are unsure about what their dog should be eating and the most suitable mix of ingredients for them. A Pup Above is for any dog owner that is concerned that their dog isn’t getting the best nutrition. It is also perfect for dogs that have sensitive stomachs or need to be on a high protein and low grain diet.

What We Like About A Pup Above Dog Food

Credit: Shawn Booth

We love a lot of things about this company. You can really feel that your dog’s health is their priority and at the top of their list. Their products are labeled well, and they are fully transparent about where the food your dog is eating came from. Each package comes with a lot number that is printed on the labeling, which allows you to look up its source.

On average, A Pup Above meals contain 72% more protein than other major dog food manufacturers on the market. That includes big names like Nom Nom Now and The Farmer’s Dog. A Pup Above uses a slow cooking method that stores all of the food’s vitamins and minerals. This is a rarity in the industry as most of the time dog food is cooked on high heat, causing it to lose all of its important nutrients. You won’t find any fillers in any of their meals either, which is a real bonus.

What We Don’t Like About A Pup Above Dog Food

The food is delivered in 1 pound vacuum-sealed bags and not in portions. This means thawing the food can take a while, and once the food has defrosted, you can’t refreeze it. If you have a small dog, it could take them a couple of days to get through a 1 pound bag. After the food has been open for a couple of days or even hours, it begins to look rubbery and less fresh.


  • 100% recyclable packaging
  • The company has great ethical standards
  • They have two grain-free options
  • Human grade and quality tested


  • The packaging is frustrating
  • Fairly pricey compared to dry food

What Is Included With Your Order

A Pup Above can be purchased by signing up for a monthly subscription that you can control. You won’t find yourself tied into a contract, and you can even apply for a sample packet before subscribing to the meal plan. Transparency and honesty are the biggest things you get if you opt to buy your dog food from A Pup Above, which is hard to find. You will receive food that is clearly labeled and packaged and great customer service if you need it. What more could you want?

Overview of A Pup Above Dog Food Features

We touched on A Pup Above’s features and benefits earlier in this review, but I just want to elaborate on four of the key features below.

Grain-Free Options Just like some of us suffer badly from grain allergies, many dogs are facing the same issue. Having two healthy and fresh grain-free meal options is wonderful and allows pups with sensitive stomachs to enjoy human-grade food too. Frozen and Easy to Store The food comes in vacuum-sealed bags that won’t spill open or cause the food to go bad over time. This type of packaging makes fresh dog food easy to transport and very convenient.

Slow-Cooked All of the important nutrients are kept inside the food because it is slow-cooked with plenty of tender loving care. The meat stays thick and juicy, as opposed to the dry and shrunken bits of meat you often find in dog food.

Human-Grade If it isn’t good enough for you to eat, then why should you feed it to your pet? Dogs are important members of our families, and what they eat affects their mood, state of mind, and patience. If your dog is uncomfortable and suffering from a bad stomach, you’re likely to know about it in the form of unruly behavior. Their dog food is made in human food facilities, which strengthens our trust in the product. After all, if the food is good enough for humans, then it can be made in a human food facility, right?

Review Summary

We would recommend subscribing to A Pup Above and treating your furry friend to healthy, high protein meals on a daily basis. The company has very few faults both when it comes to products and customer service, and you certainly feel well looked after and appreciated when you purchase their goods.

The fact that your pup can sample the product before you subscribe is wonderful. It builds your confidence in the company, plus it allows your fur baby to tell you what they think about the food for themselves. Their subscription plan is totally in your control, so give it a go and see how you and your pup get on with it.

We hope you found our review helpful. We would love to know about your dog food experiences and how you feel about human-grade dog food. If you have given your dog food from A Pup Above, let us know what you and your doggie thought about it!

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