Woof Whiskers’ Humans and Dogs

We are the heartbeat behind WoofWhiskers, a dedicated pack of dog lovers and experts turning our affection and knowledge into a resource for fellow canine enthusiasts. Each of us brings a unique set of skills to the table, united by our love for dogs and a commitment to providing the best dog care advice.

geraldine collins

Geraldine Collins

Gerry Collins is the visionary founder of Woof Whiskers. With an unwavering commitment to canine well-being, she serves as a canine nutritionist, collaborating with veterinary practices across her home state. Her expertise has pioneered the site’s scientific approach to dog food analysis, ensuring every pet gets the nourishment they need. Geraldine’s insight is the cornerstone of WoofWhiskers, guiding dog owners with clarity and evidence-based nutrition strategies.

Lisa Melilo

Lisa Melilo

Our masterful wordsmith, who paints the world of canine care with her insightful prose. As a seasoned veterinary technician, her days are immersed in the practical aspects of animal health, which she translates into engaging content for the site. With a background steeped in both professional and personal experiences with dogs, Lisa’s writing resonates with authenticity and expertise, making the complex world of canine care accessible to all.

Brandon Marimoto

Brandon Marimoto

Brandon is the dynamic force of WoofWhiskers, adeptly keeping his finger on the pulse of the dog world. Known as the team’s dog whisperer, he’s the go-to for the latest in canine trends, controversies, and breakthroughs. Brandon’s multifaceted role as a fact-checker and troubleshooter ensures that WoofWhiskers maintains its reputation for reliability. His intuitive connection with dogs and his broad industry knowledge make him an invaluable asset to the team and the WoofWhiskers community.

WoofWhiskers’ Dogs

While we are deeply committed to educating dog owners about food, we also cherish the joyful moments spent with our own furry friends. WoofWhiskers wouldn’t be complete without our team of four-legged taste-testers who provide the real-world feedback on the products we review. Meet the diligent dogs of WoofWhiskers who do the real “ruff” work!


Pidgy, the spirited Huskie/Shepherd mix and Kartoffel’s sister, may be lighter at 45 pounds, but she doesn’t let size dictate the fun. Her rough-and-tumble playstyle is a testament to her bold spirit and zest for life, making her a fierce competitor in playtime and an adorable member of our team.


Then there’s Sasha, a feisty Border Collie/Shepherd/Cattle Dog mix with an unquenchable thirst for adventure, especially when it involves a chipmunk chase. Weighing in at 55 pounds, Sasha’s current obsession with automatic ball launchers keeps her moving and exemplifies the energy we aim to encapsulate in all our endeavors at WoofWhiskers.


Kartoffel, a buoyant blend of Australian Shepherd, Bernese Mountain Dog, and Golden Retriever, brings a whopping 90 pounds of joy to our team. His boundless energy is only matched by his love for toys. Tennis balls and chewables are his go-to joy, and he’s often the first to test the resilience of the toys featured in our durable dog toy recommendations.

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