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Aquapaw Review: Pet Bathing Made Easy

Aquapaw review
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Aquapaw makes bath time much easier for both you and your dog. The quick-attach hose makes for easy assembly, and the hand scrubber leaves your pup clean as a whistle.

Last Updated: September 5, 2023 by Lisa Melillo

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Dogs hate baths. If you claim you have a dog that thoroughly enjoys getting a bath, I demand proof! And let’s be honest, we usually don’t enjoy giving them baths either. Seeing your dogs getting anxious when they hear the water start, the constant shaking and getting water everywhere, and that “wet dog smell” afterwards (note – I definitely recommend pet odor candles to help combat this). It feels like a pretty big chore for everyone involved, but one company set out to make bath time more enjoyable – and by enjoyable, I mean quicker baths and a cleaner dog.

Aquapaw launched as a Kickstarter in 2016 raising just under $50,000 to launch their patent-pending pet bathing tool. The innovative device fits in the palm of your hand and combines the power of both a shower hand sprayer and bath scrubber. I got my hands on one of these (literally) and tested it with my dog, Sasha. She hated it, but I loved it. Let’s dive into the features and performance.


The great thing about this product is that it should fit just about any shower head thanks to the included valve diverter, and they even include plumbers tape! If you’re getting nervous about the installation of this, let me just say it’s incredibly easy. Simply unscrew your shower head, wrap a little plumber’s tape around the threads, screw the included diverter on, and then screw your shower head back on that. There’s really no tools required.

The other amazing thing about the design is that you never have to worry about uninstalling it when you’re done and then re-installing it for the next bath. You can leave the small diverter on your shower head and just disconnect the Aquapaw hose. Take a look at this video to see how easy it is to attach and remove.

The package also includes a separate attachment for your hose, in case you opt to give you pup a bath outside instead of in a tub.


I was really impressed with the performance of the Aquapaw. I actually have a bathtub with a shower hose attachment already, which we’ve used to give my dog a bath in the past. But the Aquapaw works way better, for quite a few reasons:

Simple On/Off: There is an awesome on/off switch located on the palm of the device, so you can easily turn the water supply off with one hand.

Long hose: the hose on this is 8 FEET long! Now your dog can’t hide on the far end of the tub where the shower hose can’t reach.Washing Sasha

Hand-strapped scrubber: The bath scrubber attached to your hand and basically acts as a grooming tool while the water comes out. There are soft little scrubbers that pick up loose hair and is also great for scrubbing dirt off.

Scrubbing and grooming brush in action

And of course, I was left with a very clean dog. Overall I really like the product. The water pressure wasn’t quite as high as my normal shower sprayer, but the added benefits mentioned above result in me using this over the shower sprayer. I also like that they include the shower AND hose attachments, and even plumbing tape, instead of up-selling them.

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Sasha all nice and clean

2 thoughts on “Aquapaw Review: Pet Bathing Made Easy”

  1. Fran smith

    I believe that this would be awesome to use to bath a horse.

  2. Chris Park

    We received the Aquapaw very quickly and was pleased with the adapters it came with. We hooked it up to our bathtub and it’s very convenient switching from our shower head to the aqua paw. Love that it comes with the handle and even more that it has an on and off button. The hose length is super long so there were not any issues making sure we cleaned our pup thoroughly without making them move. It was very quiet so didn’t scare the pups. The only con is the water pressure. I have two German shepherds with lots of hair, so the weak water pressure made it hard to wash him quickly, however so perfect for their daily paw washings. The pups are done cleaning paws in less than two minutes!

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