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Best Dog Car Ramps for Old or Short Dogs 2024

best dog car ramp

Last Updated: September 4, 2023 by Lisa Melillo

Many dogs LOVE going for car rides and can’t wait to hop up into your vehicle. However, some dogs might need a little help getting up into your ride. In these cases, you need a great dog car ramp to help safely get them loaded up.

One reason why is to protect your vehicle! Dogs are often so excited to go for a ride that they are a bit frantic and can easily mess up their jumps. This can result in them scratching up your paint with their claws, or even hurting themselves!

There’s many other dog-centric reasons for getting a dog car ramp, the biggest reason for this are the following –

  • Your dog doesn’t like to jump. Some dogs just don’t like to jump! Maybe they had a traumatic experience in the past trying to jump into a car or jumping in the past.
  • Your dog is old. Older dogs can develop arthritis that makes sudden movements like jumping strenuous and painful, and give a chance of injury.
  • Your dog is short or your car is high. Dogs with shorter legs like basset hounds will have a hard time getting into most cars, and if you have a taller SUV or truck, even a large dog may have problems getting inside.
  • Your dog doesn’t like being picked up. Some dogs don’t let their owners pick them up, and in this case you certainly need a ramp to help get them in the car.

Let’s take a look at our picks for the best dog car ramps you can buy, and then we’ll talk more about the criteria you should use in selecting the best option for your hound.

Easiest to Use Dog Car Ramp

Pet Gear Travel Lite Ramps for Dogs and Cats,...

If you want the easiest to use dog ramp on the market, then you need to get the 4Pets Proline Easy Steps.

The telescoping design of the Easy Steps lets you operate it with just one hand! This means you can keep control of your dog with one hand while setting up the ramp with the other.

When the ramp is fully compacted, it is 27.5″ long, and extends all the way out to 63″. It can also be used when only partially extended, in case you have to use it in a cramped situation or your not ramping up to as high of an area.

It weighs just under 12 lbs, so it’s the perfect dog ramp for elderly dog owners. The Easy Steps can handle dogs up to 220 lbs!

The feet on the Easy Steps are very heavy duty with rubber to prevent sliding. The ramp itself is also rubberized to prevent your dog from sliding while using it. This ramp can certainly be used to get your dog in the back of an SUV, passenger seat, even up onto a bed or couch.

The inside ramp area is about 13.5″ wide, which should be good for any dog.

The biggest drawback with this ramp is certainly the cost, but it’s a case of getting what you pay for. Many people report having tried and returned many of the other cheaper ramps because they were difficult to use, too heavy, or not sturdy. The Easy Steps is a “buy it for life” solution that should work for any and all dogs.

easysteps dog car ramp

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Best Dog Car Ramp for Old Dogs

Pet Loader® Light 16' Platform, 4-Step Safe...

If you have an older dog, they might be afraid of ramps or find the angles too steep. For these kinds of dogs, the Pet Loader Pet Steps are a great solution.

Unlike a ramp, the Pet Loader extends out a set of steps for your dog typically find very easy to use.

This is available in a wide variety of models and different step counts including a 3-step, 4-step, and 5-step model. Here’s a few of their most popular options –

The pet loader collapses down to a small manageable size, and has a carrying handle to easily move it around. Some models also have caster wheels on the bottom of it to roll it around as needed.

pet loader folded

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Best Dog Car Ramp for Small Dogs

Gen7Pets Natural Step Ramp for Vehicles, 72 Inch

Small dogs are sometimes very shy about walking up these kinds of car ramps and steps, so they need something a bit different to make them feel comfortable.

This Gen7Pets Natural-Step Ramp gives you an extra long ramp that’s padded with soft, artificial grass that dogs will find very comforting and natural.

This ramp folds out to 72″ long which means the angle will be less steep than most car ramps for dogs. The walking path is around 14″ wide and this design can hold up to 250 lbs, so it works for dogs of all sizes.

When folded, the dimensions are 36″ long, 16″ wide and 3″ thick and has a side carrying handle. It weighs roughly 17 lbs.

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Best Cheap Dog Car Ramp

Pet Gear Travel Lite Bi-Fold Ramp for Cats/Dogs,...

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If you’re looking for the cheapest car ramp for dogs on the market that’s still worth the money, check out this Pet Gear Travel Lite ramp.

This ramp folds up in half and measures 66 inches long by 16 inches wide with a 14 inch walking path. It works for pets up to 150 lbs. Similar to the Natural Steps, it has a carrying handle for when it is folded.

This ramp only weighs about 12 lbs which makes it very portable. It can usually be found for around $50, making it a very affordable option compared to many other ramps on this list.

Features to Consider When Buying a Car Ramp for your Dog

Here’s a few distinguishing characteristics of pet ramps that you should consider when picking out the right product for your doggie.

How Does it Fold?

Some dog ramps fold up in half, whereas others might fold up three times or stack on top of each other. A tri-fold variety would fold up to a shorter package but be thicker. A unit that folds once would be longer, possibly too long for your trunk.

Easy to Move?

Another feature to look at is how easily the ramp is to move around. You can check for things like a carrying handle, or wheels that help you position it.


It’s important to consider the weight of the ramp, especially for the elderly or people who will be using their ramp frequently. You don’t want your ramp to be a pain in your back!

Ramp Length/Width

The longer a ramp is, the higher the height of vehicles it’s compatible with. Also keep in mind, a longer ramp will be less steep of an incline than a shorter one.

The width of the ramp might be important for those who have skittish dogs or large dogs. A wider walking path will make things easier for your dog.

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