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Best Dog Collars: Reviewed for Durability and Style

best dog collars

Last Updated: September 5, 2023 by Lisa Melillo

Is your dog’s collar looking old and worn? Maybe your dog just finished growing tenfold and you’re looking for a long-lasting, durable collar. Or you’re simply looking for a dog collar that will match your newest pair of shoes.

Whatever the reason, finding the best dog collar is a lot more important than you might initially think, and there’s quite a few different types you’ll want to research. Let’s take a quick look into the reasons you should invest in a high quality dog collar and what types to look out for.

Reason to Buy a High Quality Dog Collar

Security for Walks

Your dog’s safety comes first! That’s why you need a collar that’s reliable, well-made, and secure. The last thing you want to happen during a walk or while your dog is on a lead is to have them escape. This can happen faster than you think, especially with a cheap collar.

You should be sure that the ring on your collar is securely fastened to it, and preferable made of metal so it won’t weaken over time.

You also want a collar that will hold its desired length to fit your dog’s neck just right. If the collar loosens up and lengthens, then your dog’s head could easily slip out.

Your Dog’s ID

Dog collars are so universal that everyone knows if they come across a lost dog to check the dog’s ID which is typically a dog tag hanging from the collar.

While dog microchips are a wonderful thing that we think all dogs should have, it’s not the fastest way to get your lost dog back to you. It requires someone to take your dog to a veterinarian or animal shelter for them to be scanned, and then that office must either contact the veterinarian that microchipped your dog, or you (if you pay the annual fee with microchip companies to store your information).

It’s much faster to get your dog home when their dog tag has an address and phone number list. Since this crucial identification hangs on your dog’s collar, it’s all the more reason to make sure their collar is high quality and reliable.

If people see a dog without a collar, they may also assume it’s a stray or feral dog and be less likely to try to help it at all.


Apart from safety and ID, let’s not forget that a dog collar is like a fashion accessory for your pooch! Your dog collar can say a lot about both you and your dog, and I think it’s a great way to show some personality that matches your pet.

leather dog collar and leash
Max-Bone Jens Collar and matching leash

Types of Dog Collars

Dog Collar Materials

In today’s pet landscape, there’s a few different main types of dog collars. The first and most popular to mention is the nylon dog collar. These collars are extremely durable when made well and can come with a huge variety of colors and designs, and even collars with LEDs on them for safety. They’re also very cheap and affordable, making them the most popular choice by dog owners.

Another reason for nylon’s popularity is they typically employ a highly adjustable slip-buckle design that lets you set the desired length of the collar very precisely.

If there’s a downside of nylon collars, it’s that some may fade and lose their color over time through sun exposure and dirt. Also, cheaper collars may have fraying strands on the edges as the collar ages.

Another type of dog collar you might want to consider is a leather dog collar. Leather dog collars typically come in two different varieties – PU leather, and leather. PU leather is a synthetic material which may or may not have real leather at the base of it, but it always has a polyurethane coating which gives it a smooth, flawless appearance.

If you go searching online for details about if leather is better than PU leather and vice versa, you’re likely only going to find biased answers. Leather manufacturers will claim PU leather is always inferior, but that may not always be the case.

PU leather is cheaper, lighter weight, more water resistant and fade resistant. It requires less upkeep than real leather and thus is less likely to crack if not properly cared for.

A proper leather collar can be very durable and last the lifetime of your dog. These collars can actually look better and more distinguished as it ages as well. One main benefit of leather collars is they are better for dogs with sensitive skin than nylon collars, because nylon is a material that can trap and hold on to allergens whereas leather will not.

Best Leather Dog Collars

Willow + Penn Leather Dog Collar

willow penn leather collars

Willow + Penn is a new luxury dog product brand that just launched a line of dog collars that are remarkably high quality. The genuine soft leather is buttery smooth. Another really nice feature is the collar is still pretty slim, so it’s great for dogs of any size and isn’t too bulky.

Initially available in two colors, Sapphire Blue and Espresso Brown, these collars come in as our top pick for luxury leather collars.

willow penn dog collar

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best leather dog collar

Finding a brand dedicated to designing sophisticated products for your dogs while also focusing on style isn’t always easy, but no one does it better than maxbone.

In addition to their two flagship stores in New York City and Los Angeles, max-bone is sold in more than 200 boutiques worldwide and also runs an online shop. Their collars are phenomenally modern and chic but also incredibly durable thanks to the 100% genuine hand-crafted leather. These collars are definitely on the higher end, but for such fine quality collars you can be sure these will last a lifetime. max-bone also features matching leather leashes and they come in a variety of natural colors. If these collars strike a fashion-cord with you, I strongly encourage you to check out their whole line-up of lifestyle dog products.

Best Nylon Dog Collars

RC Pets Dog Clip

RC Pets collar

RC Pets’ flagship collar comes in 40+ amazing colors and unique designs so its pretty much guaranteed there is a style for everyone. These collars also come with a reflective logo for increased visibility at night and the buckles are nickel plated to resist wear. The RC Pets dog collar is also completely machine washable – so you can easily clean it after a long day swimming in the lake (or rolling in mud).

While the Dog Clip Collar is our favorite model from RC Pets, they do also manufacture a variety of others including extra wide, training, quick release martingale, and more.

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Up Country

When it comes to nylon dog collars, one of our favorite manufacturers has been Up Country. Up Country is a US company that has been in business for more than 30 years, so clearly they know what they’re doing. Up Country makes their products in the US and gives to a variety of worthy charities, so we highly recommend supporting them.

Up Country has a huge variety of different types of collars ranging in sizes from teacups to XXL dogs. What makes Up Country unique is the fun and fresh designs that they put on their collars. You’re bound to find a design you love like this Leader of the Pack collar.

Best Hemp Dog Collars

Planet Dog Cozy Hemp

Planet Dog hemp collar

Hemp dog collars are a relatively newer product within the pet space that has been gaining traction over the last few years due to them being 100% non-toxic and 100% biodegradable. Planet Dog is no exception to these earth-friendly characteristics of hemp collars, and in fact, they’re one of our favorite manufacturers. The company states that the collars age like your favorite pair of jeans, is machine washable, and withstands years of “salt-water swims, mud puddle baths, snowy romps, and rolls in the sand.” What more to ask for?

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