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Best Rugs for Dog Owners – Must Read Before Buying!

best rug for dog owners

Last Updated: January 16, 2024 by Lisa Melillo

Carpet has been declining in popularity and many new home owners get rid of carpet as soon as they move in. With the development of newer, more affordable and easy to install synthetic hardwood flooring like vinyl and laminate planks, carpet is seen less and less in the average home.

This is leading more and more homeowners to search for rugs for their homes that work with their dogs while still being beautiful and functional.

rug for dogs

I also understand there’s a wide variety of different types of rugs you may be looking for – area rugs, runners, or even just a personal rug for your dog! Here’s a list of the best rugs for dogs that I have found.

Best Runner Rug for Dogs

MAYSHINE Bathroom Rug 59x31, Soft Plush Chenille...

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For me, a runner is a must-have near the entry way of my home. When my dogs come in from outside they often bring dirt, leaves, or muddy paws in with them when it’s raining. No one wants to mop their hardwoods more than they have to, so a runner rug is a necessity.

What I like to do is position the runner as a sort of “run way” for my dogs to walk over ask they come into the house. For this purpose, the Mayshine Chenille runner above is perfect.

The material is super absorbent, so it’s able to repeatedly mop up moisture and mud from my dog’s paws without any effort from me. If my dog’s paws are particularly muddy, I can even grab a part of the runner and use it to wipe their paws manually.

The bottom of the runner is made from a non-slip material so you won’t have any issues with it moving on you when you don’t want it to. Available in 10 colors, you can find something to fit your home’s decor but I would try to stick with a darker color to hide dirt.

Best of all this rug can easily be tossed in the washing machine as needed!

Best Rug for Dog Hair/Shedding

Unique Loom Solid Shag Collection Area Rug (5' 1'...

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As someone with long haired dogs, I know what a concern shedding can be especially during “peak season”. If you’ve got some shedders in your house, then you’re going to want a rug that can be easily vacuumed and something with a semi-random color scheme (no solid colors and distinct patterns) so the dog hair doesn’t stand out between vacuums.

For those reasons, I really like the Unique Loom Shag collection of rugs. Available in a large variety of colors and sizes, you can find the perfect option that matches your decor and that your dog’s hair will blend in to.

Best Rug for Dog Urine

SAND MINE Reversible Mats, Plastic Straw Rug,...

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If you’ve got a dog that has bladder control issues, then a rug that’s “dog pee friendly” might be at the top of your mind.

You’ll have to compromise on some areas if this is really a concern of yours. Most rugs are not machine washable, so if you want something super plush and warm you’re also going to get something that soaks up urine. You could always go this route and invest in something like the Hoover Power Scrub that I review in my guide to cleaning up dog urine.

An alternative though is the eLuxury Woven Mat above. Made from woven recycled plastics, this mat is beautiful, surprisingly soft, and is also “waterproof” in the sense that water (and urine) rolls off it. To clean this mat you can take it outside and hose it down in no time.

Though it’s marketed as an outdoor mat due to it’s durability, it can really go anywhere in your house.

Reasons Why Your Dog Wants a Rug

Most dogs seem to really prefer carpeted surfaces to hard floor, for a few good reasons. Here’s why your dog wants you to buy a new rug for your home!

best rug for dogs

Sasha loves any little bit of padding she can get to lay on!

For some older dogs, especially those with weaker hind legs, it can be difficult for them to stand on slippery hard surfaces which is another reason you may want to add some rugs to your house.


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