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Brothers Complete Dog Food Review: Is it Worth the Bark?

Brothers Complete Dog Food

Last Updated: May 16, 2024 by Lisa Melillo

As a seasoned veterinary technician, I’ve seen firsthand the impact diet can have on a dog’s health. Brothers Complete Dog Food is one brand that often pops up in discussions at the clinic. Known for its high-quality ingredients and formulation tailored to dogs with sensitive stomachs, it’s no wonder it catches the attention of pet parents seeking the best for their furry friends.

Imagine you’re at the dog park, watching your playful pup enjoy a sunny afternoon. As they romp and run with newfound friends, a fellow dog owner approaches, expressing concern about their dog’s recent tummy troubles. Naturally, the conversation turns to diet, and they mention considering Brothers Complete as a potential solution. This is a common scenario where the choice of dog food becomes crucial, sparking curiosity about how well Brothers Complete really stands up to its promises. Is it truly worth the bark?

This curiosity isn’t just casual chatter among pet parents; it’s a serious inquiry into the nutritional support our pets receive. After all, the food we choose for our dogs is more than just a meal—it’s a cornerstone of their health and happiness. Given Brothers Complete’s claims of using allergy-friendly ingredients and promoting optimal gut health, it’s positioned as a go-to option for many dog owners dealing with dietary sensitivities. With my background in veterinary health, I understand the importance of finding a dog food that not only satisfies hunger but also supports overall well-being. In this review, I’ll peel back the label on Brothers Complete Dog Food and examine whether it lives up to its reputation, helping you decide if it’s the right choice for your dog.

The Story Behind Brothers Complete Dog Food

Brothers Complete Dog Food Logo

Brothers Complete Dog Food was founded by the Earling brothers, Pierre and Aaron, who initially owned a pet store named The Doggy Store in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Their deep affection for dogs and a desire to improve canine health through nutrition led them to create a premium dog food brand. Established as a family-operated business, the company has maintained a personal touch in its operations, emphasizing quality and care in every batch of food produced.

The Earling brothers were determined to base their product line on solid scientific research from the beginning. They collaborated with a Ph.D. in animal nutrition to develop formulas that address common canine health issues, such as allergies and digestive problems. This expertise is reflected in the consistency of their recipes, which have remained unchanged since the brand’s inception, signaling a steadfast commitment to their original vision.

Proudly made in the USA, Brothers Complete sources all its ingredients domestically and manufactures its dog food within the country, ensuring high quality and safety standards. While the brand started in a brick-and-mortar store, it has successfully transitioned to an online-focused business model, primarily selling directly to consumers through its website.

It’s also worth noting that, to date, there have been no major public recalls of Brothers Complete Dog Food, underscoring its safety and reliability. However, as with any pet food, dog owners should stay informed about potential issues by consulting reliable sources, such as the FDA website or trusted pet food review sites. This vigilance helps ensure they provide the safest and most nutritious options for their beloved pet.

Inside Brothers Complete Dog Food

Brothers Complete Dog Food was crafted with a singular vision: to create the healthiest kibble for dogs. This dedication stems from the foundational work of a PhD animal nutritionist whose expertise in canine dietary needs led to the development of Brothers’ original recipes. Remarkably, these formulas have remained unchanged since their creation, a testament to their initial success and effectiveness.

The Earling brothers, founders of the brand, hold steadfast to their commitment to quality, not just in formulation but also in production. Their insistence on maintaining the integrity of their recipes has garnered trust and loyalty among their customers, many of whom regularly express their satisfaction and plead for the continuity of the product as is, fearing changes that often accompany corporate sell-offs or expansions.

Sourcing and Manufacturing

The ingredients for Brothers Dog Food are meticulously sourced from LANI in the Midwest, known for its quality produce and ingredients. The production process takes place in El Paso, Texas, in a facility operated by a family-owned company that mirrors the Earling brothers’ values of trust and high standards. This strategic partnership allows Brothers to maintain rigorous quality control without owning the manufacturing plants directly, challenging the notion that in-house production facilities guarantee superior product quality.

Nutritional Design

The kibble size of Brothers Dog Food is deliberately small, catering to dogs of all sizes and breeds without any reported issues concerning its suitability. High in protein, with 30% to 40% of its content derived from over 90% animal-based sources, the food meets the carnivorous dietary requirements essential for canine health. It’s also rich in taurine, an amino acid crucial for heart health, naturally found in animal protein.

Innovative Additions

Brothers Dog Food is enriched with encapsulated probiotics, which are designed to activate in the gut rather than prematurely. This ensures that the probiotics function optimally, aiding in digestion and helping to manage yeast levels within the digestive system. The specific strains used include dried enterococcus faecium, lactobacillus acidophilus, and lactobacillus casei, all known for their beneficial effects on gut health.

Appropriate for All Life Stages

This dog food is not only suitable for adult dogs but also provides essential nutrition for puppies. Feeding guidelines are adjusted for puppies’ higher metabolic needs, supporting their growth without the risk of overfeeding, which is crucial for maintaining optimal health, especially in large breeds.

Holistic Health Benefits

Brothers Dog Food is consciously designed to be low-glycemic and free from grains, potatoes, and sweet potatoes, which are known to exacerbate yeast conditions like Candida in the gut. This thoughtful formulation supports overall digestive health and maintains energy levels without the spikes associated with higher glycemic foods.

Free from Unwanted Additives

Highlighting its dedication to purity, Brothers Dog Food contains no fish products, which are often preserved with Ethoxyquin—a chemical the brothers deem unhealthy. This ensures that all the food’s components are as natural and beneficial as possible, aligning with the brand’s holistic health philosophy.

Each element of Brothers Complete Dog Food—from sourcing to manufacturing, from nutritional design to probiotic enhancement—reflects a deep commitment to the health and well-being of dogs, solidifying its place as a top choice among informed pet owner.

Brothers Complete Pet Food Review

Exploring the Brothers Complete Product Range

Brothers Complete Dog Food offers a specialized line of products, each tailored to meet diverse dietary preferences and nutritional needs of dogs. The four core varieties are Turkey Meal & Egg, Goat Meal & Egg, Chicken Meal & Egg, and Lamb Meal & Egg. Each blend incorporates high-quality animal proteins combined with egg to create a nutrient-dense meal that supports overall canine health.

Brothers Turkey Meal & Egg Dog Food

Brothers Complete Turkey Meal and Egg Advanced Allergy Formula, 25-Pound

This Brothers Turkey Meal & Egg Dog Food formula is designed for dogs who thrive on turkey as a primary protein source. Turkey meal, as the main ingredient, provides a rich source of protein that helps in muscle development and energy sustenance. Coupled with egg, this variant ensures a balanced amino acid profile, essential for maintaining a healthy coat and skin. It’s particularly suitable food for dogs with sensitive stomachs or those who prefer poultry over other types of meat.

Brothers Goat Meal & Egg Dog Food

Brothers Complete Dog Food Goat Meal and Egg Advanced Allergy Care

Unique among dog foods, the Brothers Goat Meal & Egg formula offers a novel protein source that is less common in the canine diet, making it an excellent option for dogs with allergies to more typical meats like chicken or beef. Goat meat is lean and high in iron, providing vital nutrients without the risk of triggering food sensitivities. This formula is a go-to for pet owners seeking alternative protein sources for their dietary-sensitive dogs.

Brothers Chicken Meal & Egg Dog Food

Brothers Chicken Meal & Egg Dog Food

A staple in many dogs’ diets, chicken is a universally favored protein due to its high digestibility and palatability. The Brothers Chicken Meal & Egg formula combines chicken meal with eggs to fortify the food with essential nutrients, promoting strong bones and a healthy immune system. This variant is perfect for dogs of all life stages, from energetic puppies to senior dogs needing easily digestible meals.

Brothers Lamb Meal & Egg Dog Food

Brothers Complete Lamb Meal and Egg Advanced Allergy Formula, 25-Pound

For dogs that enjoy the rich taste of lamb, this Brothers Lamb Meal & Egg Dog Food formula provides a robust flavor profile while also being gentle on the digestive system. Lamb meal is an excellent source of dietary fat, crucial for sustaining active dogs’ energy levels. It also contains essential vitamins and minerals that support metabolic functions. This option is especially beneficial for dogs requiring a higher calorie diet or those with certain dietary restrictions.

Each product in the Brothers Complete line is formulated to ensure that dogs enjoy their meals and receive all the necessary nutrients to thrive. By providing a variety of protein sources, Brothers caters to a wide range of dietary needs and preferences, making it a versatile choice for dog owners.

Brothers come in a variety of flavors, as well as treats, but as of now, they don’t seem to have any wet products. The company also sells sampler packs, containing small bags of their most popular flavors, so that dog owners can get a better feel for the food and choose the food that is the best fit for their pup.

Brothers Complete Dog Food Review

From my days at the clinic and discussions with countless pet owners, finding the right food for dogs with allergies can often feel like a daunting quest. Brothers Complete Dog Food Goat Meal and Egg Advanced Allergy Care is a product I frequently recommend based on its novel approach to canine nutrition. It’s the most popular variant in the product line. The goat meal, a less typical protein choice, offers a refreshing alternative for our furry patients who react poorly to more common proteins like beef or chicken.

First Ingredient:

  • Goat meal

Key Features:

  • Formulated for dogs with allergies
  • High protein content
  • Includes encapsulated probiotics
  • Free from grains, potatoes, and sweet potatoes
  • Low glycemic index

One memorable case involved a spirited Beagle suffering from chronic ear infections and skin irritations—a classic sign of food allergies. After transitioning to this Brothers formula, his symptoms noticeably decreased, and his playful nature returned. Another case involved a German Shepherd with sensitive digestion, who had tried several foods unsuccessfully. Within a few weeks on this goat meal formula, her owner reported less bloating and a significant reduction in gastrointestinal upset.

Reflecting on these experiences, I appreciate how Brothers has tailored their product to meet the needs of dogs like the Beagle and German Shepherd I worked with. The formula alleviates symptoms and supports overall health and wellness, evident in these dogs’ vibrant lives post-transition. This personal connection to the results helps solidify my confidence in recommending this food to pet owners seeking solutions for their allergic pets.


  • Novel protein source helps manage allergies
  • Supports skin and coat health
  • Enhances digestive health
  • Suitable for all life stages
  • Maintains energy and vitality


  • Higher cost than some common proteins
  • Limited availability in some regions
  • May not be suited for dogs with specific goat meat allergies
  • Requires transition period for diet change
  • 30%


  • 15%


  • 4%


Where to Buy Brothers Complete Dog Food

Brothers Complete Pet Food Review

Brothers dog food, known for its exceptional quality, isn’t widely available in many physical stores and is absent from major retail chains. However, this doesn’t mean it’s hard to obtain. The food is easily accessible via the company’s website and on prominent pet food platforms like and Amazon.

For pet owners considering switching to Brothers, following the transition guide on their website is important. Transitioning to this food might take longer, particularly if your dog was previously accustomed to a diet rich in grains or potatoes.

FAQs About Brothers Complete Dog Food

Can Brothers Complete Dog Food help with weight management?

Yes, Brothers Complete Dog Food can be beneficial for weight management. The formulas are designed to be low-glycemic, which helps prevent blood sugar spikes and can aid in maintaining a healthy weight. High in protein and free from unnecessary fillers, this food provides sustained energy and promotes muscle maintenance rather than fat storage. It’s also beneficial for less active dogs or prone to obesity. Adjusting portion sizes according to the feeding guidelines on the package is essential for achieving the best results.

Is Brothers Complete Dog Food suitable for senior dogs?

Brothers Complete Dog Food is well-suited for senior dogs, thanks to its high-quality protein content and easy-to-digest ingredients. Senior dogs often have more sensitive stomachs and require a diet that supports joint health and immune systems. Including encapsulated probiotics in the food helps support gut health, which is crucial for overall wellness in older dogs. Additionally, the absence of common allergens like grains and potatoes helps minimize digestive issues and inflammation, which can be particularly beneficial for aging pets.

How does Brothers Complete Dog Food support a dog’s immune system?

Brothers Complete Dog Food primarily supports the immune system through its high nutrient density and the inclusion of specific vitamins and minerals essential for immune health. The probiotics added to the food help maintain a healthy gut flora, a significant component of a strong immune response. Antioxidants from natural food sources in the formula also contribute to immune health by combating free radicals. Furthermore, the high levels of animal-sourced proteins provide amino acids vital for repairing and growing immune cells. This holistic approach ensures that dogs stay healthy and have a robust defense against illnesses.

What should I do if my dog is allergic to Brothers Complete Dog Food?

If you suspect your dog is allergic to Brothers Complete Dog Food, the first step is to discontinue feeding the food and consult your veterinarian. Food allergy symptoms can include itching, excessive grooming, red skin, or gastrointestinal upset such as vomiting or diarrhea. Your vet might recommend an elimination diet to confirm the allergy and identify the specific ingredient causing the issue. In food allergies, it’s crucial to transition to a hypoallergenic diet that avoids the allergen. Always closely monitor your dog’s response to a new diet and adjust as your vet recommends.

Does Brothers Complete Dog Food offer any formula for dogs with joint issues?

While Brothers Complete Dog Food does not have a specific formula exclusively for joint health, its high-quality ingredients naturally support joint care. The high protein content, sourced from real meat, helps maintain muscle mass, which is crucial for supporting joint function. Additionally, the formulas are enriched with nutrients like omega fatty acids, which are known to reduce inflammation and promote joint health. For dogs with specific joint issues, it might be beneficial to supplement their diet with additional joint-supportive nutrients like glucosamine and chondroitin, which can be discussed with a veterinarian. This holistic approach helps in maintaining mobility and reducing discomfort for dogs with joint concerns.

Final Woof — A Tailored Choice for Canine Wellness

In wrapping up our detailed look at Brothers Complete Dog Food, it’s clear that this brand stands out in the crowded pet food market for its commitment to high-quality, scientifically formulated nutrition. Designed by a Ph.D. animal nutritionist and steadfastly produced without compromising on ingredients or manufacturing standards, Brothers offers a unique product line that caters to various dietary needs and preferences. Whether your dog has allergies, needs weight management, or requires support for a healthy immune system and aging joints, Brothers Complete has proven to be a reliable choice that fosters overall wellness.

Their dedication to maintaining original formulas, sourcing ingredients responsibly, and providing comprehensive nutritional benefits, reflects a genuine understanding of what pets truly need. For pet owners seeking a food that supports from puppyhood through to senior years, Brothers Complete Dog Food not only meets but exceeds expectations, making it more than just a meal—it’s a foundation for a healthy life. As always, consult with a veterinarian when considering dietary changes, but if you’re looking for a food that’s as committed to your dog’s health as you are, Brothers Complete might just be worth the bark.


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