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Cuddle Crate Unboxing Review

cuddle crate review

Last Updated: March 10, 2022 by Lisa Melillo

Nothing gets my dogs more excited than when a fresh batch of goodies come in from a subscription box service. Today, we’re taking a look at the March 2017 Cuddle Crate that arrived.

Cuddle Crate (formerly “Pet Pakz”) is a pet subscription box company that offers a variety of different plans to fit your needs. Here’s a list of all the ways you can customize your monthly gift box from Cuddle Crate –

  • Bronze (3-5 items, 1 pet type, $28), Silver (6-8 items, up to 2 pet types, $39), or Gold (9+ items, up to 3 pet types, $50)
  • Pet types include Dogs (<15, 15-29, 30-55, 55+ lbs), cats, gerbil/hamster, and rabbit/guinea pig.
  • Monthly or Bi-monthly options.
  • Buy 1 month, 3 months (save 17%), 6 months (save 25%), or 1 year (save 34%) at a time.
  • All pet products made in the USA

Cuddle Crate is awesome if you have multiple types of pets in your home, as you can get toys for everyone in one easy delivery! Perfect if you have a tiny dog and a large dog, a dog and a cat, etc.

Now let’s take a look at what we received in our Gold Cuddle Crate for medium to large dogs-

Cuddle Crate Plush Toys

cuddle crate plush toys

First off, the plush toys. Our crate featured two toys from Zippy Paws, which makes a variety of dog toys and gear. The lower alligator and octopus are of the Zippy Paws brand and feature extremely loud squeakers which Kartoffel loves. The upper alligator is by Patchwork Pet. It has a fuzzy texture that Pidgy immediately enjoyed.

pidgy cuddle crate

That’s not to say she didn’t love ALL the plush toys!

more plush toys cuddle crate

Cuddle Crate Rubber Toys

cuddle crate review rubber toys

3 rubber toys came in the Cuddle Crate, the first is a Spunky Pup flying disc which Kartoffel enjoyed laying and chewing on. Thus far he hasn’t damaged it, so it seems to be pretty durable! We have a list of our favorite durable dog toys if that’s something that interests you.

The purple “balloon animal” toy is extremely squeaky, and a really cute design! It’s made by Charming Pet; they have an entire line of fun balloon animal toys.

Finally, the blue dog toy seems to be a pretty generic brand and squeaks as well – that’s 5 squeaker toys total, hope you don’t mind dog toys that make some noise!

Cuddle Crate Rope Toy

cuddle crate rope

Here’s a pretty standard rope toy by Mammoth Pet. Pidgy and Kartoffel enjoyed playing tug-o-war with it, but we suspect Kartoffel will eventually unravel this toy like he does with all rope toys, but we will enjoy it while it lasts!

Cuddle Crate Treats

cuddle crate treats

Finally, we received two treats in our Cuddle Crate. First, some Zuke’s natural treats and also a rawhide chew. Needless to say my dogs loved these!

Cuddle Crate Wrap Up

All things considered, we received a lot of great toys in our Gold-level Cuddle Crate that are keeping my dogs happy! I think any pet owner would find a Cuddle Crate to be well worth the cost, especially if they have multiple pet types and wanted to get an “all-in-one” box that has something for all their pets.

If this looks like something you and your pooch would enjoy, check out Cuddle Crate to get yours.

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