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Freshpet Review (2024): My Honest Opinion

Freshpet Review
  • 8.5/10
    Protein/Carb Ratio - 8.5/10
  • 7/10
    Quality of Ingredients - 7/10
  • 5/10
    Value - 5/10


There are better fresh options. Freshpet can conveniently be purchased at most pet stores but a new crop of fresh dog food delivery competitors offer better, fresher food delivered right to your door. The Farmer’s Dog tops our list as the best dog food, but check out our full list of best fresh pet food companies; most offer a heavy discount on your first order so you can see how your dog likes it (spoiler alert – they will!)

Last Updated: February 7, 2024 by Lisa Melillo

We analyzed over 1500 dog food formulas and reviewed more than 120 dog food brands to understand their company values, product selection, and quality of ingredients. We did this by creating an algorithm to rate each dog food based on the nutrient content and top 10 ingredients. All dog food brands were ultimately graded based on Protein/Carb Ratio, Quality of Ingredients, and Variety.

I’ve seen a lot of trends come and go in the world of pet nutrition. But one trend that has caught my attention for its staying power and health benefits is the rise of fresh, refrigerated dog food. That’s where Freshpet comes in.

I still vividly recall the first time I came across a Freshpet fridge in my local grocery store. As someone deeply involved in pet health, I was both curious and excited about this new option available for our pets. It was different from the usual dry kibble or canned food — it was fresh, looked almost like something I’d make at home, but for dogs. I remember thinking, ‘Could this be the change our furry friends need for better health?’

So, when I first brought home a roll of Freshpet for my own dog, Max, I watched him closely.

Hence, in this Freshpet review, as I dive into what makes this brand stand out in the crowded world of dog food, I will share my experience as a pet owner. I’ll cover its ingredients, nutritional value, and how it fits into different canine dietary needs.

My Unbiased Opinion

The smarter fresh food is The Farmer’s Dog.

Freshpet’s History in Brief


Freshpet has been at the forefront, offering a fresh take on what we feed our four-legged friends since 2006. Initially, Freshpet was synonymous with their refrigerated rolls, a convenient way to portion out your dog’s meals based on their size.

Expansion and Growth

They’ve expanded their product line to include bagged refrigerated food and treats, adapting to the varying needs of different dogs. With over 19,000 fridges now across North America, it’s clear that Freshpet has made a significant mark in the pet food industry.

Quality and Safety Commitment

Freshpet rolled dog food is not in the category of “raw” dog food. It’s been cooked and pasteurized, eliminating any potentially harmful bacteria, which is a vital consideration for pet safety.

The commitment of Freshpet to quality is evident not just in their products but also in their sourcing and production methods. As such, all their meats are sourced from North America, and their production is based in Pennsylvania. This local sourcing not only ensures high-quality ingredients but also supports the local economy.

Environmental Stewardship

Freshpet’s use of 100% wind power for their kitchens, their practice of sourcing ingredients locally, and their initiative in planting over 25,000 trees to offset their carbon footprint are commendable. These efforts towards achieving a zero carbon footprint in the future align closely with my own values of caring for our planet while also caring for our pets.

Freshpet Today

Freshpet has carved out a unique and admirable space in the world of pet nutrition. As someone who has followed their journey from the start, I feel confident in the quality and integrity of their products and their mission. It’s a brand that has grown alongside the evolving needs of pets and pet parents, and I’m excited to see what they do next.

Freshpet Dog Food Overview

In this section, I want to give you an overview of Freshpet dog food, delving into what sets it apart in the vast and varied world of canine diets.


Their emphasis on using fresh, natural ingredients is something I’ve always appreciated. When you look at their food, you can actually see the real meats like chicken, beef, turkey, and salmon, which are the mainstay of their recipes.

The addition of vegetables and fruits in Freshpet’s food also makes a big difference. Vegetables like carrots, peas, and sweet potatoes, along with fruits like cranberries and blueberries, aren’t just fillers. They’re packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, contributing to a well-rounded diet. It’s comforting to know that when I’m feeding my dog, I’m also supporting their overall health with these natural ingredients.

For dogs that can handle grains, Freshpet’s inclusion of whole grains like brown rice or oatmeal provides those essential carbohydrates and fibers. But what’s great is that they also have grain-free options.

What really sets Freshpet apart in my eyes is their commitment to no artificial preservatives, colors, or flavors, and the absence of common fillers like corn, wheat, or soy. On top of that, the fact that Freshpet is refrigerated to maintain its freshness is something I find particularly appealing. It’s a step away from the usual dry or canned options and closer to a natural diet. Plus, knowing that their food is cooked and pasteurized gives me peace of mind about its safety.

Product Lines

Freshpet has a variety of product lines today to fit both your dog’s dietary needs and preferences as well as your own needs such as time constraints.

Freshpet Select

Freshpet Select stands out as a premium line within the Freshpet brand, focusing on delivering high-quality, nutritious meals for dogs. This line is characterized by its use of real meats such as chicken, beef, and turkey, serving as the primary source of protein. An array of fresh vegetables and fruits complement the meat in the recipes, adding essential vitamins, minerals, and fiber to the diet.

Freshpet Select Roll Tender Chicken Recipe Refrigerated Dog Food with Carrots, Peas and Brown Rice - Never Any Preservatives - No Meat Meals or By Product Meals (2 - Pack) (6 lbs. Each)

The options include Freshpet Select Roll Tender Chicken Recipe.

Freshpet Vital

Freshpet Vital Chicken Recipe Fresh Dog Food

One of the key features of Freshpet Vital is its focus on real, high-quality proteins. The line prominently features meats like chicken, beef, and fish as the main ingredients. This emphasis on quality protein sources is crucial for maintaining good muscle health in dogs, a point I always stress to pet owners.

Another significant aspect of Freshpet Vital is the inclusion of fresh, whole ingredients. The recipes are packed with fresh vegetables and fruits, which are essential sources of vitamins, minerals, and fiber. For dogs with specific dietary needs, the Freshpet Vital line offers grain-free options.

Here’s a breakdown of what makes up one of this line’s foods, the Freshpet Vital Chicken Recipe:

  • 14.0%


  • 11.0%


  • 1.0%


Freshpet Treats

Freshpet Dognation Chicken Recipe Fresh Dog Treats

The Freshpet Treats line, which includes Freshpet Dog Joy® and Freshpet Dognation™, is crafted with the same high standards as their main food products. These treats are made with real meats like chicken or turkey, which are the primary ingredients. They are free from by-products and artificial flavors, emphasizing their commitment to natural, wholesome ingredients. The treats are fully cooked and ready to serve, conveniently stored in the fridge to maintain their freshness.

Freshpet Dognation Turkey Bacon Grain-Free Fresh Dog Treats

Examples of products in this line are the Freshpet Dognation Chicken Recipe Fresh Dog Treats and the Freshpet Dognation Turkey Bacon Grain-Free Fresh Dog Treats.

Nature’s Fresh

The Nature’s Fresh product line from Freshpet focuses on using responsibly sourced ingredients, emphasizing animal welfare and planet-friendly practices. The recipes in this line are crafted with non-GMO ingredients, ensuring natural and wholesome nutrition for pets.

Deli Fresh

Freshpet Select Deli Fresh, Chiken Recipe with Spinach & Potato, Grain Free Rolls 4/1.5 lbs (Total 6 lbs)

The Freshpet Deli Fresh product line is known for its natural and freshly made recipes without preservatives. It has protein-rich, grain-free chicken recipes that include antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables like spinach and cranberries. The food is steam-cooked to retain essential nutrients, and it includes prebiotics to support healthy digestion and omega 3 & 6 fatty acids for healthy skin and a shiny coat.

One of the products in this line is the Freshpet Select Deli Fresh, Chicken Recipe with Spinach & Potato.

With so many product lines, it can be hard to know what option to choose. I would suggest you check out Freshpet’s product selector tool which will ask you some questions about your dog and give you customized recommendations as to what food will be best for them.

My Freshpet Dog Food Review

Taste Test Results

Sasha tasting FreshPet


Sasha’s first time trying Freshpet wasn’t a resounding stamp of approval, but she did eat the food. It just took her a bit to sniff it out before digging in. Sasha isn’t a picky eater at all, but I’d suspect most dogs will get used to Freshpet shortly after being introduced to it and you won’t have issues with feeding.


Freshpet cross section

Firstly, the quality of ingredients in Freshpet is something I often highlight to pet parents. The use of real, fresh meats like chicken, beef, or salmon as the primary protein source is a big plus. This not only ensures a high protein content, essential for a dog’s muscle health and energy levels, but also aligns with a dog’s natural dietary needs. Moreover, the inclusion of fresh vegetables and fruits adds vital nutrients, vitamins, and antioxidants, promoting overall health and well-being.

Another benefit I’ve noticed is the digestibility of Freshpet food. Due to its fresh ingredients and lack of preservatives and fillers, many dogs tend to digest Freshpet more easily compared to some traditional dry or canned foods. This can be particularly beneficial for dogs with sensitive stomachs or those prone to digestive issues.

Lastly, the variety Freshpet offers caters to different needs and life stages. Whether it’s a puppy, an adult dog, or a senior dog, Freshpet has formulations that address the specific nutritional requirements of each stage.


Freshpet is most often sold in rolls of meat, which honestly isn’t the most appetizing-looking product as seen below. Then again, most pet food is not appetizing to humans.

When you’re feeding your dog a roll, you’ll find markings along the packaging showing you 1/8th lb increments so you can cut off the right amount for your dog at each feeding time.

freshpet review


The roll pictured above is a 1-lb roll of food. For a dog 40-60 lbs, Freshpet recommends at least 1lb of food a day which means the dog would eat 1 full roll a day. This is a bit concerning to me because with dry dog food you buy one bag and it will last you 4+ weeks.

If I wanted to feed a large dog Freshpet, I would be going through 2+ rolls a day and it seems that I would run into issues with the Freshpet fridges not stocking enough for my needs.

When comparing Freshpet dog food to other companies in the fresh dog food space, there’s really no question which one I would prefer. Take a look at the photo below to see why I prefer The Farmer’s Dog (in addition to them being able to deliver perfectly portioned food every month).

Further, it is definitely more expensive than dry dog foods, but that’s the cost of fresher ingredients. It’s the same with human-grade dog food, like Spot and Tango.

Another thing to consider especially with the rolls of dog food is you’re going to be storing pet food in your fridge with all of your other food all the time. Some people might not like the idea of having dog food kept in a refrigerator next to their own food. I recommend keeping pet food in separate containers to minimize the spreading of aromas.

If you have a really picky eater or a dog that likes to nibble throughout the day rather than eat all at once, Freshpet might not be best for you. Freshpet recommends that food sit out no longer than 2-3 hours before you need to return it to the fridge so it doesn’t spoil. This is one of the reasons Freshpet is considered healthy pet dog food.

For me, an owner of both medium and large dogs, I would be concerned with running out of Freshpet food or having to run all over to different stores in order to find what I need. If you have a small dog this wouldn’t be a concern, but I often only see a handful of rolls in the Freshpet fridges at any given time.

Since Freshpet doesn’t ship directly to your house like many fresh dog food delivery services, running out of the right dog food becomes a real concern.

The smarter fresh food is The Farmer’s Dog

The Farmer's Dog quality

We prefer The Farmer’s Dog over Freshpet. Why? Because you get fresher dog food delivered right to your door that was made just days ago, not something sitting in a supermarket fridge for weeks to months. Get 50% off by clicking here or the coupon link below.

Where to Buy Freshpet

Freshpet can be found in most pet stores and major grocery stores. You can also use Freshpet’s store locator to track down a spot near you.

Freshpet FAQs

How much does Freshpet cost?

The cost of Freshpet dog food will vary a good amount based on what style of food you buy. The most affordable option is to buy rolls of dog food. For a 6 lb roll of Freshpet, it should cost you around $12-13. For a 50 lb dog, you’ll be feeding them around 1 lb of dog food each day. This works out to roughly $2.17 per day.

The bags of Freshpet such as the Freshpet Selects are much higher in price. For a 4.5 lb bag, the cost is ~$20. A 50 lb dog would require about 4 cups of this dog food per day, and there’s only ~6 cups total per bag. This equates to ~$13 per day. You’ll probably want to avoid going this route unless you have a small dog!

Can Freshpet be frozen?

Freshpet is never frozen during the manufacturing and transit process, but if you get it home and need to freeze some of it in an attempt to keep it from spoiling that is perfectly fine. When it thaws it may have a different color and consistency, but the nutritional value will remain the same.

Can Freshpet be heated?

I suppose you could heat your dog’s Freshpet, but there’s really no reason to. Freshpet is made to be refrigerated and fed to your dog cold, so I would avoid heating the dog food.

If your Freshpet is frozen and you need to thaw it, it’s best to leave it in the fridge for a day or two and let it thaw out slowly. If you’re really in a jam I would suggest putting it in a sealed bag then putting it in a pot of warm water to speed up the process.

How long does Freshpet last before it goes bad?

Freshpet products have a “sell by” date on them just like meat products you’ll find for humans. Once opened, Freshpet products should be used within a certain number of days and kept refrigerated. The number of days depends on specific products.

For example, rolls last ~7 days whereas single-serve cups only 2 days. You should be able to find this information on the packaging.

How long can Freshpet stay out?

Freshpet dog food, like any fresh food, should not be left out at room temperature for more than 2 hours. Once served, if not consumed within this timeframe, it should be refrigerated. An opened package of Freshpet should be used within 7 days, and it can be frozen to extend its shelf life, although the texture may change after thawing.

Have there been any recalls for Freshpet dog food?

Yes, there was a recall for Freshpet dog food in June 2022. The recall was limited to a single lot of Freshpet Select Fresh From the Kitchen Home Cooked Chicken Recipe due to potential Salmonella contamination. This recall was specific to certain batches and did not impact other Freshpet products.

Can Freshpet food be mixed with dry food?

Yes, Freshpet food can be mixed with dry food. This can be a good way to transition your dog to Freshpet or to add variety to their diet. When mixing foods, ensure the total caloric intake is appropriate for your dog’s dietary needs.

How do I transition my dog to Freshpet food?

To transition your dog to Freshpet food, start by mixing a small amount of Freshpet with their current food. Gradually increase the Freshpet proportion over several days while decreasing their current food. This gradual change helps prevent digestive upset.

Final Woof

Freshpet’s commitment to using fresh, natural ingredients has set a high standard in pet nutrition. Their avoidance of preservatives and artificial additives, combined with their dedication to sustainability, really resonates with me as a vet tech and a pet owner. Additionally, the positive feedback from other pet owners and the noticeable health benefits seen in pets eating Freshpet are testaments to its quality.

I’ve been impressed by its variety of product lines, each tailored to specific dietary needs. From Freshpet Select to Vital and Nature’s Fresh, there’s a thoughtful consideration for different health requirements and preferences.


108 thoughts on “Freshpet Review (2024): My Honest Opinion”

  1. Paul Fidler

    Petfresh chicken/turkey is a great product. The chubs freeze well. I heat about a half cup for 30 seconds mix with 1& 1/2 cups high quality Blue Buffalo dry food twice a day. My 8 year old Labradoodle loves it. He’s healthy and our Vet says to keep on doing whatever it is as Ollie’s in great shape.
    Yes it’s pricey, but I’ll have my friend for many more years , I save money on vet bills, no skin problems, bad breathe etc.

    1. Never saw a dog on it for a long period of time that looked good…. a lot of skin issues and that’s usually from nutrition or lack of ….not a fan ☆

      1. Brenda

        I disagree. I have been feeding Fresh Pet since 2017. Improved Heath, stools and skin.

        1. Judith Randall

          Exactly how I have found Freshpet. My dogs are never ill or out-of-sorts from eating it, as they are with other dog foods.

        2. Blondie

          I’ve fed my two little dogs Freshpet since 2015. Their coat and activity level is noticeable. This food is perfect for our family. First ingredient is meat. That’s important to me.

      2. My 8-year only Shih Tzu, Bei Li has been a FreshPet fan for six of her eight years and had thrives on the Small Dog recipe. Morning and evening servings have yielded a shiny coat and seemingly endless energy and an appetite to match. Her weight has remained stable since beginning the food. We took a two month break to test The Farmer’s Dog with lackluster results of frequent turns up of the nose and no interest in eating it! Was not a fan of the ordering process and communication.

      3. Sandra

        It made my dog horrible sick, he has the runs as I type this, it’s so bad I have the carpet shampooer sitting out. I’ve read other reviews who had the same issue.

        1. Jeff L

          I didnt have problems with soft stools until I fed them Pupporoni. Even the vet said its not good product. It may be the treats your feeding them and not the food.

        2. Keep in mind when switching to any other food than what your dog has already been eating there is a good chance that your dog will experience an upset stomach, soft stools, etc… For example, I seen bad reviews about Blue Buffalo where some owners have even called it poison and said their dog started pooping blood. Pooping blood is another possibility when switching from one food to the other. I’m not trying to diagnose over the internet I’m just saying a lot of pet parents mistake symptoms of switching the food to quickly with poor food quality when that isn’t the case. What are you feeding your dog now? I hope he is doing well.

    2. Alanna Satterwhite

      I have two Yorkie’s, would you recommend fresh pet for them.

      1. Sidney

        I have a mini dachshund and I recommend it! I was paying for higher end kibble he would barely eat and was losing weight. Got him on this and now he’s gained back to a healthy weight and loves eating every last bite. His coat is also super shiny.

        1. Judith Randall

          My dogs also “love eating every last bite.” Glad for your comment.

      2. Our yorkie loves the grain free chicken, we feed her for the last 7 years with the freshpet. No issues at all…
        m just now thinking of making it at home for her.Shouldn’t be so hard.

        1. Michele

          I have a 10 lb chihuahua which brand of fresh pet do you recommend I think I got the wrong kind he loves it but he’s constipated

      3. Sue Studds

        I have a Standard long haired Doxie, Australian Terrier, & a Silky Terrier. I have had more in the past year as I am in rescue but we lost 4 last year to old age or cancer. All ate Fresh Pet, loved it & were healthy otherwise. My Aussie Terrier looks like a big Yorkie. My vet recommended feeding just Fresh Pet as I was also giving Wellness Small or Original kibble. He felt they were getting too many calories. Their teeth are nice & clean with the veggies in Fresh Pet as well as we give al dente asparagus, broccoli & Brussel sprouts. Our bigger dogs have nylabones to chew on, too.

    3. Janice Bailey

      Thanks for your comments. My 4 year old GoldenDoodle is overweight. Per her vet she’s now on Purina Pro Plan. I just started her on Petfresh and am mixing it exactly as you do except not heating the Petfresh. My dog loves this mixture!

      1. Kay Marie

        I’ve been told that veterinarians get a kickback for recommending Purina Pro (and others). WHICH, I’m now inclined to believe since my vet did as well, and I’m reading from so many other pet parents who were prescribed it too. My dog gets itchy, so that’s the food my vet told me to switch to (I didn’t). There’s no way that Purina “JUST SO HAPPENS” to be the solution for all these random dog issues, esp since it’s freaking ‘Purina.’ Like wtf!?

        Sry, it just makes me so angry that vets are willing to risk the health of our dogs, and for an extra 🤑 dollar will prescribe something based around the deal they made behind closed doors. I mean, take your dog for ex — obesity can be life threatening, for other’s dogs its been joint issues, or aging (their bodies need diff things then), and what if putting them on PURINA doesn’t help and their condition worsens? And what if because of that, the dogs actually experience more discomfort or harm?

        It’s not that the food brand may not work for them, that happens w/ all dog food; it’s that the vet knows when it may not be the food for them, but smiles in your face & talks it up anyway. Not giving a $#&@ , and having no intention of trying to treat our dog’s health issues is dirty as hell. It’s intentional, and that’s the problem. And as pet parents, we want to do the best for them, so as expected, put trust in the yrs of education veterinarians have, to help guide us. It’s disgusting. Nice to know we have to look over our backs for possible corruption from our fur baby’s doctor.

        WHAT I LEARNED: don’t put full trust in anything they say, who knows when they’re just selling something, vs being genuine. And if possible, wait until you can research their recommendations, or get a second opinion, before you make a decision (I wonder if seeking out vet schools as a 2nd opinion is good, since they haven’t been bought yet — hopefully). K rant over 🤐😉

        1. I certainly understand your frustrations with vets and dog foods! However, Purina is a good brand with the highest quality and standards of practice. WSAVA (World Small Animal Veterinarian Association) has a staff of over 600 Veterinarians, Veterinarian Nutritionists, Scientists etc.) evaluates every dog food on the market, and they have certain guidelines they that they put together collaboratively to evaluate dog food companies. I might not have my numbers exactly right but if you google WSAVA, you can read more about them. They DO NOT recommend any dog food, rather they only inform the public which brands follow their guidelines and Purina is one of those who do. As of yet, there are only 6 companies that do follow their guidelines. I’ve been where you are with the endless frustration with vets and having to choose the healthiest food for my two fur kids. See, I’m disabled, and they are my whole world in a world that’s totally and shockingly fuc*** up! So my research took me to a page on Facebook called Canine Nutrition and DCM (I believe that’s the name-nowadays I can’t remember sh** 😂) but it’s the only Canine Nutrition group that delves into the very core of nutrition and Dilated Cardiomyopathy that is backed by science with much of the science coming from Tuffts Veterinary School which is one of the most prestigious and reputable vet schools. Anyway, check it out or don’t. What have you got to lose? For me, I try anything and everything when it comes to research for what’s best for my babies, so then I can make a more informed decision. Sorry for writing you a book, but when I feel someone else’s pain (frustration), I feel like I need to try to offer some help to try and make them more at ease, and this is the only thing I know right now to help is offering information. I used to be an RN so I’m on this earth to try to help and ease suffering through physical, mental and emotional care. Well, I can’t do the physical anymore, but I have to at least try with the mental and emotional side. Thank you and good luck! I hope you find what you’re looking for!💜

          1. Lin Garth

            WSAVA has a partnership with Purina so I would not be so keen blindly follow their rating on a brand that donates money to them.

          2. Arlene Rodriguez

            I’m sorry but I have to strongly disagree. I worked in the “pet industry” for years, it is an industry. Vets get 1 course in nutrition while in vet school and that course is taught by the large dog food manufacturers. Sorry to tell you, but vets absolutely get a commission from pet food companies, mostly science diet but others as well. I know this because I was 1 of the account managers that would get them to recommend and sell our products, ours wasn’t a pet food, it was pet supplements (and they honestly do work), but the food they recommend is utter garbage. I would find that about 85% of the vets I dealt with were learning the importance of good nutrition from me and had no clue how bad nutrition affects immune system, skin and coat, thyroid, even cancers and other serious some times deadly diseases.

        2. joanne

          Hi. Cindy, I couldn’t agree more with your comments.The pet food industry is no different from the pharmaceutical industry! Reward,reward the vets and Drs for pushing their product to the client at no matter the cost to the patient or the pet parent!

        3. Rob Hunter

          You sound paranoid and poor educated if you really believe all professionals are bought. Get real.

        4. Kim Drakulic

          Hi…there is a video on Purina a documentary called Dead pets don’t lie
          Purina was visited undercover and they found that vets were disposing of their euthanized animals sick, collars, tags and all which Purina collected and ground into their dog foods. This maybe part of the kickback. I trust no one. To read the horror stories of pets dying from metal poisoning heart breaking..please do deep research. God Bless All!!

    4. lashawn

      Thanks for the info because I was thinking about changing my dogs diet to Freshpet and I wanted to read some of the reviews before doing so. She has some skin allergies and I was thinking that this dog food would be just what she needs and her vet was ok with this product also. She is picky eater also. Thanks again.

      1. Serene Wolters

        Keep reading about all the itchy dogs. I too had this problem, unfortunately it was so bad that she spent years on prednisone. This last vet visit we tried a new injection for allergies. It’s amazing!!! No itching, paw licking or scooting. It’s called Cytopoint it’s $80 per vial and because our girl is over 80lbs we needed 2 vials. Worth every penny. I was able to switch to fresh pet as her chicken allergies are no longer an issue. She loves it and has had more energy and is excited to eat again.

    5. Debbie

      I bought this for the very first time at Walmart the other day I bought the little chunks in a bag and 2 chicken type patties and a roll at 70 and 90% off both good for another three weeks and only did this because they are freezable because I wanted to try them because my dog likes her food for only a couple of weeks at a time and stopped liking it and I wanted a healthier option she is a 12 pound little Yorkie Pomeranian. Hoping I can always get it on some kind of clearance deal because I really can’t afford it but I’ve been tapping her other food with it and wishing it together and she absolutely is loving it to death I’m using the nuggets right now I’m going to try some of the Roll before I cut it all up and put it in little Ziplocs to freeze it

      1. I feel like I can speak well here. I have fed my 2 jack russell’s, Purina Pro Plan. But wanted them to get the nutrients they need that are cooked out when manufacturers make the dry dog food. So I started on Freshpet. Have done the log, and the Vital Freshpet in 4.5& 5.5# bags. The log is by far much cheaper. That being said. If you open the Freshpet, that is already in bite size. The aroma of the shredded smells good enough to eat yourself, whereas the logs do not. My vet said to be cautious about fresh food like that. And told me to go back to Pro Plan, which now has probiotics added now. So I may still go back to Freshpet. My babies definitely like Freshpet much better. Hope this helps.

        1. Shelly L Dyer

          I mix freshpet and purina pro plan together for our miniature poodle. Seems to be perfect for him!

    6. J Smith

      I have a 20 year-old schipperke who suddenly developed a skin condition then refused to eat her high-end kibble. She experienced a sudden severe weight-loss, had difficulty walking and appeared to be days from death. In desperation, I tried FreshPet which she not only ate, but attacked with gusto. Within 2 weeks, she’d gained a substantial amount of weight, was running around like a middle-aged dog and her skin condition was clearing.

      It has now been several months and she’s continued improving, to the point where her transformation has been nothing short of amazing. If someone had told me she’d be acting like this back when she was on death’s doorstep, I would not have believed it.

      Is FreshPet worth the expense and trouble? To me, most certainly. In fact, I’ve switched my 7 year-old Jack Russel to it as well.

      1. Did i read right your dog is thats great. I switched my 9 year old lab who has had nothing but skin infections ear infections doctor told me to put her on kangaroo diet very expensive but worth the try as our fur babies are family. I mean the vet was having me pick up ear drops for her ears monthly.i want her around for a long time as i bring her to work with me to make my older clients happy which she does. I just got pet fresh we will see if this works. Also did you mix it with kibble?

    7. Any dog food that is “grain free” is very dangerous for dogs! While dogs may seem to really enjoy these foods at first, in the long term they cause chronic weight loss, chronic diarrhea, blindness, and can cause death! Only choose a dog food that states “100% Complete Nutrition” on the label!

      1. S. Kimmer

        My vet has also raised the problems with a totally grain free diet for my Golden. She mentioned them seeing heart issues over time related to exclusive use of this diet. My pup has got to be in the top ratings of finicky eater. He will starve himself before he’ll eat dry, and canned food, and…. Fresh pet is currently being gobbled up, but I plan to mix it with grain food going forward. I’ve tried even $60 dollar 16oz. bags of food developed by a vet. Very top end and he won’t touch it. (and I can not afford it).
        So I would agree with your comment, but suggest finding a mix that works for people of perhaps grain free/and grain included food. Plus like others in these threads,
        I’m disabled and on a fixed income. Foods like fresh pet/Farmers Dog, and such are beyond budget shock to the limited income. We want what is best, and limited by what we can afford. He eats better than me most days.

      2. Wow! I wonder how in the world canines every survived for millions of years without eating rice and wheat?

        1. Tabradabra

          They need complete now because they don’t eat wild animals. In the wild, they would be eating smaller herbivores and omnivores- who eat berries, nuts, grains, and grasses. Upon finding a frozen wolf in the tundra, whom had lived100’s of years ago, they examined the contents of it’s stomach and food these different components in it’s stomach. So, indeed- wild animals did ingest other foods, not just meat. By proxy, yes- but nonetheless enough of a ratio to actually add the nutrients to their systems.

      3. Kathy Schuppe

        My vet told me not to feed grain free with my new chi puppy as they were finding it to cause heart disease. My previous chi died from that. It wasn’t pretty to watch your pet die from something like that. Had I known he might have stayed healthy. He was only 12 years old and didn’t want to die that day and I think he stayed around for me but that was the humane thing to do. His stomach got very big and went from 11# to 18# in a year. He was on Lasix and other meds to help him but he just kept getting worse. Him trying to get out of that room and trying to fight the shot was one of the most heartbreaking thing. He was my boy. Now my new chihuahuas will not ever be fed grain free. I miss him every day. He’s been gone since November 5 2020. He was such a good boy. 💔

        1. Brittany Wood

          I had 3 dogs that all ate grain free. All lived up to or passed the average life span for their breed. None had heart issues.

    8. Andria Holmes

      I have a Shitzu Yorker mix and the chicken/ Turkey in the small rolls with the cranberries is the ONLY food she will eat. She loves it ANY other foods gave her bad IT and Bowel issues. Her Vet said it was fine and she’s been eating eat for 4 years. Love it however it’s in high demand you can get the others but hers is always out or 4/5 rolls. I always get at least 2 rolls trying not to take them all because when I run out I have to run around town 😂😂

  2. R. Albritton

    My 7 year old Maltese loves fresh pet. She would let her food sit for hours before eating, now she eats her food right away. Other foods left her with a stinky breath, but not fresh pet.

  3. Alice grigsby

    My fur baby pom loves fresh pet vital.has helped with her seizures so much.thank you freshpet.

    1. Same here my – hound was having seizures but it said it could be food I tried every kind they didn’t stop till I start feeding him pet fresh

  4. Bonnie Adcovk

    My vet said to stop Blue Buffalo bc Vit D level was too high.

  5. Mimi pearce

    I have 3 dogs between 10 and 13 lbs. Ive been feeding them freshpet sence they were puppies. There health, loving and happy. Thankyou freshpet.

  6. Theresa G.

    Have a question. I have an overweight Dachshund and feed him Freshpet. I also add a few cooked green beans. He isn’t much of a walker. Needs to lose weight. Is the Freshpet and beans a good idea?

    1. yes string beans are great, my dach who also tended to get chubby , would eat till he popped, my vet recommended giving him string beans anytime he wanted to eat

  7. We have been trying to find a food that our 11 year old smooth fox terrier will eat. She wasn’t finicky about food until about 1 year ago when she began turning her nose up at everything we tried feeding her. Fresh Pet has changed that. She now digs into her bowl veraciously and licks it clean twice a day! We buy the 1.5 lb tubes. At her weight (20 lbs) she only eats 1/2 lb. per day. In our area (Seattle) these tubes cost about $5.50 each. The tubes actually last about 4 days each, not three you’d think. I think it’s because the ends seem to be much bigger than what the 1/4 mark on the packaging suggests, so we’re able to stretch it out over 4 days. So it works out to cost right around $40 per month. Which is less than we were paying for the expensive dry and canned food that she hated! (Pro tip: the tubes are just fine in the fridge next to the people food. Just put it in a Zip lock storage bag. Simple solution.) We love Fresh Pet!

    1. Debbie

      Again my little Yorkie pom has been finicky ever since I had her she only lasted a few weeks liking her food and I had to keep changing the only one she seemed to really like was the one Aldi’s had and now after about 5-6 months of liking that she really doesn’t unless I mix it with something like real people food and I hate to do that but an elderly gentleman that lives in the same house that I rent a room from is always putting his bowl down after it’s empty and letting her lick from it no matter what I say. Or he’ll drop a piece of chicken or something in with her food When I’m Not Looking LOL this wasn’t the case when she was smaller as I lived on my own with her she is 3 years old soon and has only been eating the freshpet for less than a week I’m hoping it’s good for her

    2. If you weigh the end pieces you will find they are the same.. I was surprised

  8. Paula Seney

    My dog Hurley will be 14 in September, he has been overweight for atleast 10 yrs now! He should be around 25 lbs but is always around 31-32 lbs. Started using Petfresh exclusively and let me tell you he has lost about 5 lbs! He looks fantastic, he’s so much more vibrant and playful, especially for a dog his age! The moment I pull his food out of the fridge he jumps up and down like crazy, he absolutely loves it!! Thank U Petfresh, we have our puppy back!

  9. Rhonda F.

    Freshpet is an awesome company. They have incorporated nutrition for dogs and cats at an affordable price. The reasons that woodwhiskers give for not making Freshpet ‘ideal’ are not enough to sway the every-day pet parent from being a little inconvenienced to drive to another store to find a Vital product that may be out of stock. Perhaps woofwhiskers can afford to shelve out $70 per week to have dog food delivered but the reality is we, the every day rescuers and ordinary pet parents cannot, and we are happy to pay $17 for the same comparable nutritional value that these fancy, schmancy delivery companies boast about. So if this is the only substantive critique offered, my dogs and I will hop in the car and stick with Freshpet. As for the look of a roll, my dogs’ noses go to the flavor and not to the vision of their food arriving in a cardboard box wrapped in cute packaging and poured into their dishes. Freshpet is planting trees, not cutting them down to produce boxes to ship pet food. They have made it available for those of us who go to a market on a regular basis. This family loves Freshpet and it is super nutritious and that’s what matters most to us. Freshpet is an awesome fresh food alternative for my wet noses and they have thrived on it.

    1. Joanne

      Rhonda, your observation is so on point! The dogs don’t care what it come in, who delivers it! The allow their noses to make the decision and my daughters staffies love 💗 it and these two dogs have allergies and since they both have been eating Fresh pet the allergies of cleared. They are not pooping as much and their stool’s are solid . When we got changed over to Parina pro formula hydrolyzed protein the young pup had diarrhea, it was skinny, and ther coats were dull. I would not want to look forward to my life of 10 years 12 years eating dry kibble that just isn’t good for the digestive track. I also noticed that since feeding fresh pet my dogs are not drinking water like crazy! Hence I would take it they’re not dehydrated like they were on the dry kibble.

  10. S. Stokes

    I have six rescues dogs. Their ages range from 3 to 13 years, varied health and dental issues. Fresh pet has made the job of feeding them a nutritious diet a relief. I buy the large chicken roll that they prefer over the beef for some reason. Their overall health and mental attitude has improved. I buy the large roll every five days. Send coupons please! I will spend the money for quality and taste that will ensure their happiness. I also like, Nudges treats. Bag says all the right things and boasts glucosamine in the ingredients.

  11. Roger G Martin

    I’ve been raising dogs my entire life and my wife and I believe that Fresh Pet is one one the most excellent foods produced for pets . My dogs absolutely love this food and will stand on there ear for this outstanding product. We will continue to use this product and like other comments believe my friends will be with us a lot longer and enjoy the beautiful animals God has allowed us to love have and enjoy and live the wonderful life they deserve.

  12. I stopped feeding my dogs grain free petfresh because it isn’t grain free! My Cavalier still got infected ears from allergies. After I quit giving them petfresh she was fine. Really disappointed in your product!

  13. Our 11lb. Smooth fox terrier named Glory was on Natural Balance dry dog food with a tsp.of wet on top. She developed Pancreatitis and then our vet recommended the low fat Royal Canine and she was on antibiotics. She is not a picky eater but she did not eat it as enthusiastically and when reading the can it had ingredients that we felt were not very great. She was recovering slowly but still did not have her full energy level back so we decided to try fresh pet. In two days she was back to her old self and gobbled up her food.She now has more energy than ever and she doesn’t have bad breath like sh did before! She is almost 8 yrs.old and she acts like a puppy, she is so much fun! We will defiantly keep her on Fresh Pet. She has had the Salmon roll, the chicken roll and the small bites Chicken chunks in the bag. She loves them all! Thank you fresh pet!

    1. Do you or anyone in the comments know if it’s possible that maybe the food could be spoiled or perhaps contaminated? I tried my dog on the chicken and he seemed to like it and finished the tube. The next I bought from a different location. I got the chicken again and also the beef. He at the beef one day and the chicken next. And then started having vomiting and diarrhea. That’s been 3 days ago and he seems to feel much better, but is still having some diarrhea. I don’t think merely changing his diet would have made him this sick. Just wondering if it’s possible the food wasn’t kept at the appropriate temperature or what. Has anyone else had a similar experience?

      1. Hi Donna ,

        I had the same issue with my dog and I returned it to pet smart. If the Store does not have a good functioning refrigerator then yes the food will spoil since there is no preservatives. I make it a habit to always check the expiration date and smell my dogs food just to make sure it’s not spoiled. My dog loves the beef flavor and is 9 years old and had had no health issues , thank God !

      2. Kitty Hacker

        My pom had those issues, turned out he was allergic to chicken

  14. Michele Frith

    I just bought FRESH PET today and then noticed that it contained Carrageenan! I have taken text from the ‘Medical News Today’

    Degraded carrageenan, or poligeenan, is not safe to eat. Research in animals indicates that it causes gut tumors and ulcers, and may even trigger colon cancer.

    Because of the possible danger, fewer studies have investigated the potential effects in humans.

    Findings like these have led the International Agency for Research in Cancer to list poligeenan as a possible human carcinogen.

    This means that the agency has reviewed the evidence that poligeenan can cause cancer in animals and concluded that it may have the same effect in humans.

    Some scientists are concerned that food-grade carrageenan is also dangerous. This is because various studies, dating back to the 1960s, show that the substance may degrade and become toxic when it mixes with stomach acid.

    The medical community is unsure to what extent carrageenan degrades in the digestive system. This means that we do not know if any amount is toxic. It is important to note that no related studies have involved human participants.

    Findings of a review from 2017 indicated that even non-degraded carrageenan can cause inflammation and bowel disorders, suggesting that this substance may contribute to ulcers and IBD.

    However, authors of a 2018 review concluded that there is not enough evidence to draw conclusions about the exact health effects of carrageenan.

    Anecdotal evidence suggests that eliminating carrageenan from the diet can provide relief from digestive problems, such as bloating and IBD. However, these reports are not the result of scientific research.”

    What are you thoughts on this??

  15. For some reason – my dog will only eat Fresh Pet if I heat it up with some ground turkey or chicken. I scrambled it all together with some extra peas and carrots. Is it okay to heat Fresh Pet?

  16. We switched to Freshpet about 3 weeks ago. My Elkhound has been extremely picky for months now and won’t eat crunchy food nor wet food. Our rottie wasn’t as picky. So far we have had great luck with Freshpet. They both love it and eat their food right away instead of letting it sit. We don’t follow the recommended serving sizes though, we cut them down.

  17. A few years ago, our boxer developed liver cancer which was fatal. During her last few months while she could not get much nutrients from her food. I found Fresh Pet and began feeding her this instead. It was perfect for her. Her diarrhea went away and she was much happier overall. We fed this to her for about four months until her last few days when she went downhill. I am convinced that she would have been in pain and not lasted as long as she did without Fresh Pet. Any other food gave her diarrhea and obvious pain as she could not digest dry foods or much of the canned foods.

    Our new boxer has benefited from this and we continued to give her Fresh Pet as well.She loves it and has done great on it.

    I find it odd that inthe review above, a negative is trying to find Fresh Pet. We have multiple places here in town that sell it, and I never have an issue buying it.

  18. Janis Wharff

    How long does pet fresh last in the fridge after it’s open. I have a really small dog that loves it and won’t use it up in under seven days


    Been using freshpet for a couple of years this last roll both of my dogs wont eat smells like a old rubber tire. I sure would not eat it. going to contact the company. Just wondering if any one else had this problem.

  20. Sally Cowan

    My rescued adult Maltese mix has been eating Fresh Pet since I got her and seems to love it. She is older and has few teeth and its soft, plus she eats it well. However, she is not feeling well lately so I warmed a few of the little balls of chicken/turkey. The minute I turned on the microwave the little balls of food have sparks (and some actual flames) coming from them. It was like a sparkler the kids have on the 4th of July. Now I’m scared to death. What could that be? Any one else with this problem?????

    1. My two year old terrier mix, Milo, is now eating the FreshPet beef roll mixed with a high quality kibble and he loves it. Since both Ralph’s and Petco are nearby, I don’t have to worry about running out of it.

      Farmers Dog may be even better, but it’s really expensive and I don’t like depending on delivery services for most things.

  21. Freshpet is absolutely worth every penny! For the last three years, I have been feeding Freshpet exclusively to my old girl Shadow a Skipperkee and Buddy my Dachshund. They both became disenchanted with the dry food and soft canned food that I was feeding. I had read about Freshpet and felt good about trying it. Was I ever pleased along with them! They have thrived on it and I believe that it gave my 15-year-old girl Shadow more quality of life in her last few years. Sadly she passed away a few months ago but she was happy and healthy up to that time.

    I highly recommend this for small to medium-sized dogs. The only slight problem I have had is with grocery stores keeping it in stock. There have been times I have had to make a couple trips to different stores to find it in stock.

    Thank you for such a fine product!

  22. Rachel Shwayder

    I have not had FreshPet available to me locally until recently; I have a mixed breed Chihuahua who is pretty picky and he does love this. I have bought both the rolls and the bagged and all my dogs love it. I don’t think comparing this food to dry food is appropriate, but comparing to canned food is more reasonable. I have fed my dogs a combination of kibble and canned food and this replaces the canned options. I am definitely going to try some of the other fresh, delivered products because FreshPet is expensive, and means I have to go to the store more often. To note, the packaging does say that freezing is not recommended. I don’t plan on feeding it regularly to the bigger dogs, but if it means Moose is willing to get out of bed for breakfast and snarf down a meal with pills hidden in it – it is SO worth it!

  23. A Large bag of dry food costs Me $80 and lasts us 8 weeks, the first 5 ingredients include: chicken, sweet potatoes, peas, chickpeas, apples, and the list goes on with real ingredients. It looks like brown kibble. For my puppy, who requires 1.5 lbs of FreshPet per day, I’m paying $7 per day. That is outrageous. $80 for 8 weeks of dry food, or $392 for 8 weeks of fresh food? It’s not even a debate! How does everybody afford fresh food for their dog? The Farmer’s Dog quoted me at $260 per month for food. That’s a car payment! When I asked my vet “How am I expected to pay hundreds of dollars per month on fresh food? What’s the secret?” He told me “Buy high-quality dry kibble at a fraction of the price. Trust me, the science behind kibble has gotten really, really good. It doesn’t look as appetizing, but your dog will be just as healthy if you choose a high-quality kibble. Just make sure it’s something she likes and enjoys eating and that it doesn’t have any weird ingredients you can’t pronounce. Keep the ingredients label short and sweet.” I really want fresh food for my dog, but how can I justify paying that?!

    1. June J. Budney

      Walmart sells 1.5 pound rolls for $5.26 and 6 pound rolls for $12.86

    2. Joanne

      You shouldn’t on a dog if you can’t afford the dog and the car payment. Keep feeding your dry kibble enjoy it, it’s not about what it cost, it’s about what you want to feed your dog and what your dog does
      Is healthiest and Feels their best on. I understand people have financial commitments but this is an about financial commitments this is about what’s best for the dogs or cats. Just my thoughts for what they’re worth.

  24. I bought Freshpet Small Dog Bite Sized Chicken Morsels at a local Metro for my 2 year old dog. He sniffed and ate it the first time but has since rejected it. He’s just not liking it. He’s not a picky eater and I’ve tried other dried treats that he loves but thought I’d try a fresh treat. Rejected!

  25. Judith Strother

    We just started feeding our 3 dogs, Freshpet tender chicken and veggies.
    We a 4 year old American Pocket Bully, 53 lbs. Overweight.
    A 3 1/2 year old Staffordshire, 70lbs.
    An 11 year old Jack, cattledog mix.
    Her weight is a perfect 32lbs.
    I switched to Freshpet because my Bully girl had so many food allergies, along with my Staffie.
    My Jackmix has heart disease.
    They love the Freshpet!
    So far so good with all 3 of them.

  26. Michelle C

    I have experience with Farmer’s Dog and discovered that a picky eater is a picky eater, regardless of how much money you spend on food. I expected my dog to devour Farmer’s Dog with as much enthusiasm as she eats my home cooked meals, but she was less than thrilled. (I would love to feed a home cooked diet regularly, but I don’t have enough confidence in my ability to offer nutritional balance). My dog tired of the food within a few weeks, and I was stuck with a large supply in my freezer. Shipping frozen food to a home address is tricky, especially in summer, and the packaging is a pain to deal with, specifically, dissolving the insulation in the sink. Now that I have two dogs, Farmer’s Dog is just not worth the price. (I would spend anything on my dogs if I thought the return on investment was justified in better health and happiness, but it’s not in this case.) While I prefer to do most of my shopping online, it is not a big sacrifice for me to pop into a pet shop once a week to purchase Freshpet. At most stores, I am able to see what’s in stock on their websites before I even shop. If my dog tires of a flavor, there are many other options to choose from. And it’s affordable for a multi-dog household. Winner: Freshpet

  27. Judy Penn

    How much should I feed my Maltese, should I feed them three times a day or two, with less required amount? I have two, they love the beef roll. Thanks…..

  28. Thomas

    My bull dog has allergies. So someone said take chicken out his diet. Well i put him on the Salomon mix no chicken and all he has been doing is vomiting wtf???

  29. Robert

    Freshpet may not match the quality of Farmer’s Dog but the price differential is extreme. Freshpet is affordable, Farmer’s Dog is not (not even close) — at least for me.

  30. I have had dogs all my life. At this time I have five Shih-Tzu’s, age 8 years to 7 months. I have done endless research over the years for the best food my dogs and pups would be INTERESTED in eating. A meal that would be anticipated to be pleasant, but have all their health needs covered. This trial and era has left me with an assortment of items and additives that my picky eaters detected first sniff, just like you all have. They are not interested in eating the same meal every day no more then I would. However I found close enough. I mostly use Fresh pet beef roll. I take the chill off by micro wave for 10-15 seconds. This seams to moisten it up some, then I mix it by hand with Healthy Extensions Little Bits. I may add a T spoon of water if needed. I want the fresh pet just moist enough to stick to the Healthy Extensions but not wet or soggy. On days the family has a pot roast, beef and noodles, etc. We give them a break from Fresh Pet and use some meat and broth from what ever we cooked with The Healthy Extensions. Even if we have fried chicken, while it is frying I can boil a couple pieces for them using that meat and broth. This break puts Fresh Pet back on the main menu and convent for me. There are days they don’t eat much at one time, but by bed time they have finished up. I give them a snack in the morning and at bed time. They love Pet’nShape 100% beef lung and Golden rewards Duck Jerky made with real duck breast. They have it at Walmart. I get Healthy Extensions and Pet’nShape from Chewy. Two of my dogs had blood work at different times and my vet said what ever you are doing is impressive. You always have great health exams and these last two’s blood work could not be better, you take good care of your kido’s.

  31. I love this dog food. I have a 10 year old Dobby that after 7 years of dry food decided she hated it I searched for all type of foods trying to make her like them. I never really went the cheap route either cuz shes a had occassional sezuires since she turned two so I’m cautious what I give her. It could be costly but sometimes I mix it with a small can of good dog food or even a little hot water. And yes sometimes I am going store to store cuz it seems to sell out fast!! But I do believe the quality of what you give your fur baby goes a long way! She’s loves it and never turns away also comparable to wetnose dog food I think it last longer and it’s more cost effective.

  32. I love Fresh pet my pug has been on allergy shots for two year’s that cost far more than the dog food. She has been on Freshpet for six months or so and she has no itching and no more $40 shots a month…Freshpet has helped me tremendously.

  33. I’ve been feeding my chi Fresh pet for several months and she loves it. She has no teeth left so I needed a soft food that was healthy for her. Although it’s a little expensive, it’s definitely worth it. I really like the large roll so I don’t have to be running to the store all the time. I don’t like canned dog food that I have to keep in the fridge. My problem is last week both Walmart and Target were out of Fresh Pet. Our independent grocery store only had a few small rolls which makes it even more expensive.

    I noticed someone commented that it’s ok to freeze this product. I had a roll frozen accidentally and the texture was not the same when it defrosted. I noticed last night that it says on the small roll not to freeze.

  34. Kim Rragor

    I’ve vet my dog freshpet on two different times. He immediately vomited both times. Throwing it away and will be warning all my friends.

    1. Are you also going to tell all your friends about all the positive results that people are reporting? Are you sure it was not out of date? Has your dog had any kind of reaction to any other food?

  35. mike revis

    started our dog on Freshpet small dog and he really likes it.He is a picky eater so we thought great something he is eager to eat.All of a sudden Wal Mart and Food City stopped getting it ,in Dayton Tennessee.Having to drive 30 miles to find it.Is
    is it only distributed to certain areas?Guess we will start trying to find another food he will eat and the stores can get stock for.

  36. Beverly Kelley

    I feed my 8 year old Bishu Fresh Pet and have for years. He loves it and will eat every bite! He especially likes the chicken/turkey combo. I’ve never had a problem with the food

  37. Tamara Sweeten

    I have a seven year old chihuahua and she is very very picky. I have went through hell all these years with finding a dog food that she will eat on a consistent basis. Freshpet has been a Godsent for me. She loves it, I mean she enjoys her feeding time now and she will eat it in one sitting. She eats more now. I am happy I finally found something that she enjoys. I also have a cat that refused dry kibble all together and is just as picky as the dog and she also loves this food. Is it on the pricey side so I am glad that I have a small dog and only one cat that I have to buy this for. In my opinion it is a great product.

    1. I have had my chi-mix on NomNomNow for 2 1/2 years because he was such a picky eater and his stools were a mess. It’s a great product. He loves it, except it has become cost prohibitive. I am now paying a total of $108 a month for his food. Can you please tell me the cost to feed your Chi per month on FreshPet? I often watch a mini-poodle that’s on it, and he looks great.

  38. Klaire N Purchase

    All I have to say is I don’t know where all these comments are coming from about people saying it’s a bad for your dog skin. I have a dash hound Terrier that has had dandruff since the day he was born my little black baby. He was always so itchy I gave him multiple oatmeal bath I tried vitamins brought him to the vet obvious things nothing worked. And then someone said it’s because his food is too dry and he used to drink water like crazy to like he was always too hydrated. Now I give him fresh pet and his fur is completely smooth and black and he can’t get enough of it I mean I can tell that he’s a happy boy he enjoy his meal time now and he looks better and he has way more energy

  39. I have a one year old cavapoo who is a fussy eater. He enjoys both the Small Dog Fresh Pet and also the Roasted Meal which is a larger size nugget. I like the roasted as it contains grain, brown rice, which i feel is important for him. It is also NOT high in fat like Stella and Chewy which upset his stomach. We do not use the log. Sometime we mix the freshpet with some boiled chicken since he really enjoys that as well. No issues at all with this product. Have tried farmers dog and spot and tango and he won’t go near it. Very brown and crumbly looking food. I think he prefers the nugget lok and texture of freshpet

  40. Holly foster

    If there are no preservatives and it says chicken should be eaten within 4 days how does this tuff stay fresh

  41. If there are no preservatives and it says chicken only good for 4 days then this ain’t gettin it

  42. L Herreid

    My only concern with Pet Fresh is the Carrageenan in it. It is a thickening agent. My vet said the x-ray showed my dogs stomach lining was thicker than normal. Is the Carrageenan causing this? Who knows? My dog loves Pet Fresh and turned up his nose to all others even Farmers Dog.

  43. Xitlaly Machado

    I have a 2 and a half year old Australian shepherd mix with husky and he loves this food, however i would like to hear some recommendations as to how much fresh-pet to kibble ratio as i want to give him both, he is a little underweight however it looks like he has already gained a couple pounds! If anyone can help me out as to how much kibble and how much freshpet i should be feeding him I’d really appreciate it, thank you!

  44. Rita Smith

    I want to start my 8 yr old Shih Tzu on Fresh Pet, should I acclimate him first with his old food so that he will not have stomach upset

    1. Yes, I started my shih tzu on fresh pet by mixing it with the old food and slowly decreasing the amount of the old food at every feeding to avoid diarrhea and vomiting.

  45. Mike Anderson

    Comparing Fresh Pet to the Farmer’s Dog is disingenuous at best. The Farmer’s Dog is from 250 to 350 dollars a month, and Fresh Pet is what, 75 a month at most? The Farmer’s Dog is basically for wealthy people looking for human quality food for their dog – great for them, but not really for the ‘rest of us’.

  46. Donna M Young

    I will nevere feed my dog Fresh Pet again. She had the runs every time she had her meal. She had low energy and not her usual self. I do not recommend this product to any dog owner. Also, watch the slimmy feel to the food and mold, and also out of date food. Watch for the date of the food. Old food being sold.

  47. beverlee

    We have recently switched our two chis to FreshPet. We feel better about the food they are eating and they love it. They seem perkier. We add some Salmon Oil to each serving to aid their joints and skin and they seem happier than ever. We like the fact that its all sourced from and made in America and American products. We lost a pup to the melamine poisoning from foreign countries so we are extremely careful with our babies food. Also we feel that their efforts in the environmental sector should be rewarded. I wish all companies took their responsibility as seriously as FreshPet does.

  48. I have a little dog who is very allergic to chicken . He almost died before we figured it out. We found fresh pet a was really excited about finding the fresh pet Beef. Our dog started doing really bad again. We checked the ingredients and found that the second ingredient in the beef is chicken. I was so disappointed . I mean you have a chicken one, why does the beef have to have chicken in it also. If you have a food that is truly chicken free, please let me know . We are trying to find a food that our little dog can eat.

  49. DarkMoon

    I have just started my fur baby on Freshpet. She has never really eaten dry kibble since I got her at 3 months old. She is 11 months (about to be a year old on the 16th of this month as of this writing) and it has been a real struggle trying to get her to eat her food. I’ve tried really expensive brands to cheap foods (which I did not like giving her because they don’t benefit her in anyway) and she just DOES NOT like it. The only way I was able to get her to eat at least SOME of the dry kibble was to mix in cooked meats (chicken, turkey, 100% lean beef, etc) into the dry food and wet the dry food slightly and then she would eat a bit of it, but mostly just the cooked food leaving 80%+ of the kibble. I’ve wasted so much money throwing out bowls of food and trying different foods. There was really no “switch over” because she barely at the dry food and their wet food variations to begin with. Although her weight is good (no ribs showing etc.), her coat is not shiny and she was licking and scratching a LOT! I I believe this was because of the high amounts of chicken she was getting not only from the cooked meat that I gave her, but also from the puppy food she was eating since most if not all brands only really seem to use chicken as the main protein and I think they do this because chicken is cheap! I find this ironic given the fact that many dog breeds are prone to allergies and/or are allergic to chicken, and yet these companies formulate most of their recipes with it. I grew concerned for her since she didn’t seem to be thriving the way that she should for a pup of her age, and concerns about nutritional needs not being met, leading to lackluster coat, constant licking and scratching, low energy levels, leg shaking at times, etc. that tells me that she’s missing something despite her weight. She did not like Pro Plan AT ALL, so after some researching and fifty eleven headaches later I decided on Freshpet for affordability and ACCESS. I looked into Farmers Dog, Spot and Tango, Ollie and they aren’t as clear on how much it will cost for the month even after filling out the questionnaire and only breaks it down by per day cost which I didn’t need. I needed to know how much it was going to cost me for the week/month and I found the price to be too expensive. My babe is less than 20 lbs but more than 14. She’s a mini labradoodle and Farmers Dog (which is highly promoted through affiliate links and sponsorship like Photoshop even though it may not be the best option and is expensive as heck for WHAT!) is all that is recommended with more affordable and accessible options like Freshpet being pushed to the wayside or low key being touted as being inferior and most of that is based on the “look” of the product which myself nor my pup cares about. Thus far she has been doing 100% better on Freshpet and I do read ingredients because I am trying to avoid chicken for her at this time, BUT I am more concerned about the nutritional profile these foods are suppose to provide. I do complete and steer clear of grain free because of so many fur babies of the canine species ending up with heart issues from these forms of foods. I’ve been more diligent in looking at ingredients and nutritional profiles because a lot of brands add stuff that actually have no benefits (PROVEN BENEFITS) to the dog and are just added to make it sound good and most consumers don’t check to see if it’s actually beneficial to the fur babes or not. The average consumer doesn’t know these things, myself included but I am learning, but we see it and it sounds good so we go with it. I would like to cook her meals myself, but I’m not a specialist in dog nutrition and trying to figure out how many carbs she needs, protein, vitamins, minerals, etc for proper and complete health is a headache. I have nothing against these food delivery services, but at the end of the day they need to be looked at just as hard as commercially bought food for benefits, fluff ingredients, cost and accessibility. I will continue researching options, but for the moment she is doing just fine on Freshpet, I can afford it, I like the ingredients of half of their line, and the nutritional profile is sufficient for her so I see no need to switch at this time. Should these delivery services offer something more than just looks that is absolutely mind blowing and scientifically backed to make it superior to any other fresh foods, then I will make the switch. Until then I don’t find a need to do so. Sorry for the long post/article.

  50. Barnett Langford

    Well this has only confused me even more. I too am older with only me and my and my little rescued Mini doxie/
    beagle (I think. She’s now is eating a mixture of Purina Pro, Blue Wilderness Healthy Weight (is this the same as Blue Buffalo??) with a little bit of Pet Fresh Select on top. Her treats are Fresh PET. She had a horrendous backstop. I’ve had her for about three years and heartworm & pneumonia, infections, waxy coat, smelly everything, pulled teethe. And neglect. Worked very hard to get her healthy but she still is an itchy girl. I tried Badlands Ranch Superfood Complete for her but it was so hard I had to break it up with hammer and smashed 2 fingers. She was not impressed with my howls or the food. I hope I’m doing the best for her with a limited budget. She is perky, playful, loving and … someway spoiled with all her toys and such. She would eat all Pet Fresh if I could afford it. What a world. So hard to know if you’re doing the right thing. I hope I am.

  51. JJ Stokes

    I’ve got no question about the quality of your product, the ingredients alone show your passion and how you’re striving to create the best commercial dogfood on the market. It’s great the first order as a 50% discount but after that feeding my two dogs would rise to a total of $325 a month. As a single man that’s more then I spend at the grocery store to by food for myself every month and eat good, buy quality food for myself.

    Hopefully the longer you all are in business more way are found to make these wonderful produces more cost effective. At this point Ill continue making my own dogfood but keep and eye to see if or when costs change, or maybe a potential offer for 6 month or 12 month commitments come around that can reduce the pricing, I hope you understand this isn’t a negative post, in fact its the opposite, I’d agree you’re probably selling the highest grade commercial dogfood on the market and for that I tip my hat to you.

  52. Sally Foster

    Hello, My dog eats Freshpet. He loves it. It does come in rolls but also there is a verity of bagged foods that they do that is just like our food. They have salmon, beef and chicken, turkey and cranberries, also just chucked. They have delicious vegetables in them too.
    My dog has seizures and Freshpet has been amazing for him.

  53. James Tarzia

    Is Fresh Pet ok for puppies? Should I mix with kibble? Thank you!!

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