Freshpet Reviews 2021 [Worth Your Money?]

FreshPet review
  • Protein/Carb Ratio - 8.5/10
  • Quality of Ingredients - 7/10
  • Value - 5/10


There are better fresh options. Freshpet can conveniently be purchased at most pet stores but a new crop of fresh dog food delivery competitors offer better, fresher food delivered right to your door. The Farmer’s Dog tops our list as the best dog food, but check out our full list of best fresh pet food companies; most offer a heavy discount on your first order so you can see how your dog likes it (spoiler alert – they will!)

We analyzed over 1500 dog food formulas and reviewed more than 120 dog food brands to understand their company values, product selection, and quality of ingredients. We did this by creating an algorithm to rate each dog food based on the nutrient content and top 10 ingredients. All dog food brands were ultimately graded based on Protein/Carb Ratio, Quality of Ingredients, and Variety.
The Farmer's Dog quality

The smarter fresh food is The Farmer’s Dog

We prefer The Farmer’s Dog over Freshpet. Why? Because you get fresher dog food delivered right to your door that was made just days ago, not something sitting in a supermarket fridge for weeks to months. Get 50% off by clicking here or the coupon link below.

Coupon: 50% off Farmer’s Dog

Freshpet has been on the leading edge of the fresh dog food market which has now taken off into a very popular trend, offering fresh meals for pets since 2006.

You’ve undoubtedly seen Freshpet in your local pet store or grocery store as they have over 19,000 fridges across North America selling their refrigerated dog food.

Traditionally Freshpet has been sold as “rolls” that you keep refrigerated and cut up to give to your dog in portions specific to their size, though Freshpet does offer bagged refrigerated dog food and treats today as well.

Freshpet rolled dog food is not “raw” dog food, it has already been cooked and pasteurized to kill harmful bacteria before leaving their kitchen.

All of the meats used in Freshpet are sourced from North America and all of their food is made in Pennsylvania before it’s shipped out across the US.

Before we jump into a closer look at the Freshpet dog food itself I think it’s also worth mentioning their socially responsible environmental policies. Freshpet uses 100% wind power for their kitchens, sources ingredients locally so less transportation is required, and they have planted over 25,000 trees to offset their carbon footprint as they work towards having zero carbon footprint in the future. An awesome commitment to our planet while producing pet food.


Freshpet is most often sold in rolls of meat, which honestly isn’t the most appetizing looking products as seen below. Then again, most pet food is not appetizing to humans.

When you’re feeding your dog a roll, you’ll find markings along the packaging showing you 1/8th lb increments so you can cut off the right amount for your dog at each feeding time.

freshpet review

The roll pictured above is a 1lb roll of food. For a dog 40-60 lbs, Freshpet recommends at least 1lb of food a day which means the dog would eat 1 full roll a day. This is a bit concerning to me because with dry dog food you buy one bag and it will last you 4+ weeks.

If I wanted to feed a large dog Freshpet, I would be going through 2+ rolls a day and it seems that I would run into issues with the Freshpet fridges not stocking enough for my needs.


Freshpet cross section

Freshpet has freshness you can see when you handle the dog food, as chunks of vegetables are readily apparent throughout. Comparing Freshpet to traditional dry dog foods you’ll see right away that Freshpet has no preservatives, meat meals, and a host of other questionable ingredients you can find in most dry foods making it high-quality pet food.

However, when comparing Freshpet dog food to other companies in the fresh dog food space, there’s really no question which one I would prefer. Take a look at the photo below to see why I prefer The Farmer’s Dog (in addition to them being able to deliver perfectly portioned the food every month).

I will say that the meat itself doesn’t look the most appealing to a human, it resembles a large bologna roll though the ingredients are probably much better than whatever’s in bologna! With that said, fresh dog food from companies such as The Farmer’s Dog look a lot more pleasant to the eye. So, have in mind that there are producers of dog foods who try to make the food as natural as possible.

Full Ingredients and Analysis

Here’s a breakdown of what makes up the Freshpet Vital Chicken Dog Food recipe 

Full Ingredients:

Chicken, Chicken Liver, Chicken Broth, Peas, Carrots, Eggs, Brown Rice, Rice Bran, Carrageenan, Natural Flavors, Salt, Potassium Chloride, Dried Kelp, Flaxseed Oil, Inulin, Celery Powder, Choline Chloride, Vitamin E Supplement, Niacin, Calcium Pantothenate, Biotin, Thiamine Mononitrate, Riboflavin, Vitamin B12 Supplement, Vitamin D3 Supplement, Pyridoxine Hydrochloride, Folic Acid, Zinc Proteinate, Iron Proteinate, Copper Proteinate, Manganese Proteinate, Sodium Selenite, Calcium Iodate

This is a very limited ingredient dog food overall and contains all of the necessary vitamins and minerals for a healthy dog. You might be wondering what “carrageenan” is, which is a natural extract from red seaweed used to form the texture of the food.

Here’s a look at the overall nutrient sources of this Freshpet recipe. Note that this is the dry analysis of the food which accounts for the moisture level of this fresh food so we can evenly compare it with dry dog foods.

  • 37.5%


  • 29.2%


  • 26.8%


Overall, Freshpet is a very high animal protein dog food which is great for the majority of dogs. Their protein sources are animal-based with no by-products. If your dog has kidney issues or other specific health concerns, check with your vet first to see if Freshpet is a good option for your dog.

Freshpet Product Lines

Freshpet has a variety of product lines today to fit both your dog’s dietary needs and preferences as well as your own needs such as time constraints.

Here’s a breakdown of the current product lines Freshpet offers –

  • Freshpet Select
  • Freshpet Vital
  • Freshpet Treats
  • Nature’s Fresh
  • Deli Fresh

With so many product lines, it can be hard to know what option to choose. I would suggest you check out Freshpet’s product selector tool which will ask you some questions about your dog and give you customized recommendations as to what food will be best for them.

Taste Test

Sasha tasting FreshPet

Sasha’s first time trying Freshpet wasn’t a resounding stamp of approval, but she did eat the food. It just took her a bit to sniff it out before digging in. Sasha isn’t a picky eater at all, but I’d suspect most dogs will get used to Freshpet shortly after being introduced to it and you won’t have issues with feeding.

Downsides of Freshpet

There are some downsides of Freshpet worth mentioning. For starters it is definitely more expensive than dry dog foods, but that’s the cost of fresher ingredients.

Another thing to consider especially with the rolls of dog food is you’re going to be storing pet food in your fridge with all of your other food all the time. Some people might not like the idea of having dog food kept in a refrigerator next to their own food. I recommend keeping pet food in separate containers to minimize the spreading of aromas.

If you have a really picky eater or a dog that likes to nibble throughout the day rather than eat all at once, Freshpet might not be best for you. Freshpet recommends that food sit out no longer than 2-3 hours before you need to return it to the fridge so it doesn’t spoil. This is one of the reasons Freshpet is considered healthy pet dog food. 

For me, an owner of both medium and large dogs, I would be concerned with running out of Freshpet food or having to run all over to different stores in order to find what I need. If you have a small dog this wouldn’t be a concern, but I often only see a handful of rolls in the Freshpet fridges at any given time.

Since Freshpet doesn’t ship directly to your house like many fresh dog food delivery services, running out of the right dog food becomes a real concern.

The Farmer's Dog quality
The smarter fresh food is The Farmer’s Dog

We prefer The Farmer’s Dog over Freshpet. Why? Because you get fresher dog food delivered right to your door that was made just days ago, not something sitting in a supermarket fridge for weeks to months. Get 50% off by clicking here or the coupon link below.

Coupon: 50% off Farmer’s Dog


Freshpet packages their food brilliantly; their dog food is easy to store and packed in such a way that their food stays fresher for longer. Upon arrival, the dog food is boxed up well, paying close attention to ensuring none of the products are damaged in transit. 

Freshpet Quality 

Freshpet offers a high standard of dog food. They meet the minimum AAFCO requirements, and all of their pet food is regulated and high-quality. 

Freshpet Product Line 

Freshpet Select, Vital, and Nature’s Fresh are available for both cats and dogs; however, there are far more products available for dogs. You can buy your dog fresh treats or choose from their deli fresh range, which does not have a cat appropriate formulation. 

Freshpet Select 

Freshpet Select has the largest orange Freshpet has on offer. You can choose anything from grain-free, wet, and dry food that is all 100% natural and free of by-products.

Freshpet Vital 

Freshpet Vital recipes are completely free of GMO and are made in the USA. These 100% natural meals can be purchased in a grain-free and chicken-free option for any fussy eaters or pups with allergies. 

Freshpet Treats 

Freshpet treats are very healthy and packed with nutrients. Just because they are treats doesn’t mean they have to be unhealthy! 

Nature’s Fresh 

Nature’s fresh food is GAP certified and made using local ingredients in the United States. Nature’s Fresh takes a ‘holistic’ approach to your pup’s nutrition. 

Deli Fresh

Deli Fresh has been formulated for pups that need to be on a high protein and grain-free diet. Superfoods and antioxidants make up a large amount of the ingredients in their Deli Fresh range.

Where to Buy Freshpet

Freshpet can be found in most pet stores and major grocery stores. You can also use Freshpet’s store locator to track down a spot near you.

Freshpet FAQ

How much does Freshpet cost?

The cost of Freshpet dog food will vary a good amount based on what style of the food you buy. The most affordable option is to buy rolls of dog food.

For a 6 lb roll of Freshpet, it should cost you around $12-13. For a 50 lb dog, you’ll be feeding them around 1 lb of the dog food each day. This works out to roughly $2.17 per day.

The bags of Freshpet such as the Freshpet Selects are much higher in price. For a 4.5 lb bag the cost is ~$20. A 50 lb dog would require about 4 cups of this dog food per day, and there’s only ~6 cups total per bag. This equates to ~$13 per day. You’ll probably want to avoid going this route unless you have a small dog!

Can Freshpet be frozen?

Freshpet is never frozen during the manufacturing and transit process, but if you get it home and need to freeze some of it in an attempt to keep it from spoiling that is perfectly fine. When it thaws it may have a different color and consistency, but the nutritional value will remain the same.

Can Freshpet be heated?

I suppose you could heat your dog’s Freshpet, but there’s really no reason to. Freshpet is made to be refrigerated and fed to your dog cold, so I would avoid heating the dog food.

If your Freshpet is frozen and you need to thaw it, it’s best to leave it in the fridge for a day or two and let it thaw out slowly. If you’re really in a jam I would suggest putting it in a sealed bag then putting it in a pot of warm water to speed up the process.

How long does Freshpet last before it goes bad?

Freshpet products have a “sell by” date on them just like meat products you’ll find for humans. Once opened, Freshpet products should be used within a certain number of days and kept refrigerated. The number of days depends on specific products.

For example, rolls last ~7 days whereas single-serve cups only 2 days. You should be able to find this information on the packaging.

35 thoughts on “Freshpet Reviews 2021 [Worth Your Money?]

  1. Petfresh chicken/turkey is a great product. The chubs freeze well. I heat about a half cup for 30 seconds mix with 1& 1/2 cups high quality Blue Buffalo dry food twice a day. My 8 year old Labradoodle loves it. He’s healthy and our Vet says to keep on doing whatever it is as Ollie’s in great shape.
    Yes it’s pricey, but I’ll have my friend for many more years , I save money on vet bills, no skin problems, bad breathe etc.

      1. I have a mini dachshund and I recommend it! I was paying for higher end kibble he would barely eat and was losing weight. Got him on this and now he’s gained back to a healthy weight and loves eating every last bite. His coat is also super shiny.

    1. Thanks for your comments. My 4 year old GoldenDoodle is overweight. Per her vet she’s now on Purina Pro Plan. I just started her on Petfresh and am mixing it exactly as you do except not heating the Petfresh. My dog loves this mixture!

    2. Thanks for the info because I was thinking about changing my dogs diet to Freshpet and I wanted to read some of the reviews before doing so. She has some skin allergies and I was thinking that this dog food would be just what she needs and her vet was ok with this product also. She is picky eater also. Thanks again.

    3. I bought this for the very first time at Walmart the other day I bought the little chunks in a bag and 2 chicken type patties and a roll at 70 and 90% off both good for another three weeks and only did this because they are freezable because I wanted to try them because my dog likes her food for only a couple of weeks at a time and stopped liking it and I wanted a healthier option she is a 12 pound little Yorkie Pomeranian. Hoping I can always get it on some kind of clearance deal because I really can’t afford it but I’ve been tapping her other food with it and wishing it together and she absolutely is loving it to death I’m using the nuggets right now I’m going to try some of the Roll before I cut it all up and put it in little Ziplocs to freeze it

  2. My 7 year old Maltese loves fresh pet. She would let her food sit for hours before eating, now she eats her food right away. Other foods left her with a stinky breath, but not fresh pet.

  3. I have 3 dogs between 10 and 13 lbs. Ive been feeding them freshpet sence they were puppies. There health, loving and happy. Thankyou freshpet.

  4. Have a question. I have an overweight Dachshund and feed him Freshpet. I also add a few cooked green beans. He isn’t much of a walker. Needs to lose weight. Is the Freshpet and beans a good idea?

    1. yes string beans are great, my dach who also tended to get chubby , would eat till he popped, my vet recommended giving him string beans anytime he wanted to eat

  5. We have been trying to find a food that our 11 year old smooth fox terrier will eat. She wasn’t finicky about food until about 1 year ago when she began turning her nose up at everything we tried feeding her. Fresh Pet has changed that. She now digs into her bowl veraciously and licks it clean twice a day! We buy the 1.5 lb tubes. At her weight (20 lbs) she only eats 1/2 lb. per day. In our area (Seattle) these tubes cost about $5.50 each. The tubes actually last about 4 days each, not three you’d think. I think it’s because the ends seem to be much bigger than what the 1/4 mark on the packaging suggests, so we’re able to stretch it out over 4 days. So it works out to cost right around $40 per month. Which is less than we were paying for the expensive dry and canned food that she hated! (Pro tip: the tubes are just fine in the fridge next to the people food. Just put it in a Zip lock storage bag. Simple solution.) We love Fresh Pet!

    1. Again my little Yorkie pom has been finicky ever since I had her she only lasted a few weeks liking her food and I had to keep changing the only one she seemed to really like was the one Aldi’s had and now after about 5-6 months of liking that she really doesn’t unless I mix it with something like real people food and I hate to do that but an elderly gentleman that lives in the same house that I rent a room from is always putting his bowl down after it’s empty and letting her lick from it no matter what I say. Or he’ll drop a piece of chicken or something in with her food When I’m Not Looking LOL this wasn’t the case when she was smaller as I lived on my own with her she is 3 years old soon and has only been eating the freshpet for less than a week I’m hoping it’s good for her

  6. My dog Hurley will be 14 in September, he has been overweight for atleast 10 yrs now! He should be around 25 lbs but is always around 31-32 lbs. Started using Petfresh exclusively and let me tell you he has lost about 5 lbs! He looks fantastic, he’s so much more vibrant and playful, especially for a dog his age! The moment I pull his food out of the fridge he jumps up and down like crazy, he absolutely loves it!! Thank U Petfresh, we have our puppy back!

  7. Freshpet is an awesome company. They have incorporated nutrition for dogs and cats at an affordable price. The reasons that woodwhiskers give for not making Freshpet ‘ideal’ are not enough to sway the every-day pet parent from being a little inconvenienced to drive to another store to find a Vital product that may be out of stock. Perhaps woofwhiskers can afford to shelve out $70 per week to have dog food delivered but the reality is we, the every day rescuers and ordinary pet parents cannot, and we are happy to pay $17 for the same comparable nutritional value that these fancy, schmancy delivery companies boast about. So if this is the only substantive critique offered, my dogs and I will hop in the car and stick with Freshpet. As for the look of a roll, my dogs’ noses go to the flavor and not to the vision of their food arriving in a cardboard box wrapped in cute packaging and poured into their dishes. Freshpet is planting trees, not cutting them down to produce boxes to ship pet food. They have made it available for those of us who go to a market on a regular basis. This family loves Freshpet and it is super nutritious and that’s what matters most to us. Freshpet is an awesome fresh food alternative for my wet noses and they have thrived on it.

  8. I have six rescues dogs. Their ages range from 3 to 13 years, varied health and dental issues. Fresh pet has made the job of feeding them a nutritious diet a relief. I buy the large chicken roll that they prefer over the beef for some reason. Their overall health and mental attitude has improved. I buy the large roll every five days. Send coupons please! I will spend the money for quality and taste that will ensure their happiness. I also like, Nudges treats. Bag says all the right things and boasts glucosamine in the ingredients.

  9. Carrageenan has been researched to have harmful gastrointestinal effects–including ulcers, inflammation, and colon cancer in animals, though FreshPet will assure the public, shortly, that the FDA has cleared it.

    From, but also found in numerous other sources:
    Carrageenan is a natural resource additive used in many human foods, as well as pet foods. Carrageenan has been found to be indigestible and without nutritional value. It is often used in canned dog foods or moist or wet dog foods to fill, thicken, and emulsify. Carrageenan has been known to cause a multitude of problems, leaving some to wonder why it is still allowed in our foods and the foods we give to our dogs

    The study aforementioned is provided here:

  10. I’ve been raising dogs my entire life and my wife and I believe that Fresh Pet is one one the most excellent foods produced for pets . My dogs absolutely love this food and will stand on there ear for this outstanding product. We will continue to use this product and like other comments believe my friends will be with us a lot longer and enjoy the beautiful animals God has allowed us to love have and enjoy and live the wonderful life they deserve.

  11. I stopped feeding my dogs grain free petfresh because it isn’t grain free! My Cavalier still got infected ears from allergies. After I quit giving them petfresh she was fine. Really disappointed in your product!

  12. Our 11lb. Smooth fox terrier named Glory was on Natural Balance dry dog food with a tsp.of wet on top. She developed Pancreatitis and then our vet recommended the low fat Royal Canine and she was on antibiotics. She is not a picky eater but she did not eat it as enthusiastically and when reading the can it had ingredients that we felt were not very great. She was recovering slowly but still did not have her full energy level back so we decided to try fresh pet. In two days she was back to her old self and gobbled up her food.She now has more energy than ever and she doesn’t have bad breath like sh did before! She is almost 8 yrs.old and she acts like a puppy, she is so much fun! We will defiantly keep her on Fresh Pet. She has had the Salmon roll, the chicken roll and the small bites Chicken chunks in the bag. She loves them all! Thank you fresh pet!

    1. Do you or anyone in the comments know if it’s possible that maybe the food could be spoiled or perhaps contaminated? I tried my dog on the chicken and he seemed to like it and finished the tube. The next I bought from a different location. I got the chicken again and also the beef. He at the beef one day and the chicken next. And then started having vomiting and diarrhea. That’s been 3 days ago and he seems to feel much better, but is still having some diarrhea. I don’t think merely changing his diet would have made him this sick. Just wondering if it’s possible the food wasn’t kept at the appropriate temperature or what. Has anyone else had a similar experience?

      1. Hi Donna ,

        I had the same issue with my dog and I returned it to pet smart. If the Store does not have a good functioning refrigerator then yes the food will spoil since there is no preservatives. I make it a habit to always check the expiration date and smell my dogs food just to make sure it’s not spoiled. My dog loves the beef flavor and is 9 years old and had had no health issues , thank God !

  13. I just bought FRESH PET today and then noticed that it contained Carrageenan! I have taken text from the ‘Medical News Today’

    Degraded carrageenan, or poligeenan, is not safe to eat. Research in animals indicates that it causes gut tumors and ulcers, and may even trigger colon cancer.

    Because of the possible danger, fewer studies have investigated the potential effects in humans.

    Findings like these have led the International Agency for Research in Cancer to list poligeenan as a possible human carcinogen.

    This means that the agency has reviewed the evidence that poligeenan can cause cancer in animals and concluded that it may have the same effect in humans.

    Some scientists are concerned that food-grade carrageenan is also dangerous. This is because various studies, dating back to the 1960s, show that the substance may degrade and become toxic when it mixes with stomach acid.

    The medical community is unsure to what extent carrageenan degrades in the digestive system. This means that we do not know if any amount is toxic. It is important to note that no related studies have involved human participants.

    Findings of a review from 2017 indicated that even non-degraded carrageenan can cause inflammation and bowel disorders, suggesting that this substance may contribute to ulcers and IBD.

    However, authors of a 2018 review concluded that there is not enough evidence to draw conclusions about the exact health effects of carrageenan.

    Anecdotal evidence suggests that eliminating carrageenan from the diet can provide relief from digestive problems, such as bloating and IBD. However, these reports are not the result of scientific research.”

    What are you thoughts on this??

  14. For some reason – my dog will only eat Fresh Pet if I heat it up with some ground turkey or chicken. I scrambled it all together with some extra peas and carrots. Is it okay to heat Fresh Pet?

  15. We switched to Freshpet about 3 weeks ago. My Elkhound has been extremely picky for months now and won’t eat crunchy food nor wet food. Our rottie wasn’t as picky. So far we have had great luck with Freshpet. They both love it and eat their food right away instead of letting it sit. We don’t follow the recommended serving sizes though, we cut them down.

  16. A few years ago, our boxer developed liver cancer which was fatal. During her last few months while she could not get much nutrients from her food. I found Fresh Pet and began feeding her this instead. It was perfect for her. Her diarrhea went away and she was much happier overall. We fed this to her for about four months until her last few days when she went downhill. I am convinced that she would have been in pain and not lasted as long as she did without Fresh Pet. Any other food gave her diarrhea and obvious pain as she could not digest dry foods or much of the canned foods.

    Our new boxer has benefited from this and we continued to give her Fresh Pet as well.She loves it and has done great on it.

    I find it odd that inthe review above, a negative is trying to find Fresh Pet. We have multiple places here in town that sell it, and I never have an issue buying it.

  17. How long does pet fresh last in the fridge after it’s open. I have a really small dog that loves it and won’t use it up in under seven days

  18. Been using freshpet for a couple of years this last roll both of my dogs wont eat smells like a old rubber tire. I sure would not eat it. going to contact the company. Just wondering if any one else had this problem.

  19. My rescued adult Maltese mix has been eating Fresh Pet since I got her and seems to love it. She is older and has few teeth and its soft, plus she eats it well. However, she is not feeling well lately so I warmed a few of the little balls of chicken/turkey. The minute I turned on the microwave the little balls of food have sparks (and some actual flames) coming from them. It was like a sparkler the kids have on the 4th of July. Now I’m scared to death. What could that be? Any one else with this problem?????

  20. I purchased 1 bag of freshpet select Moisture Rich Tender Bites for cats. The 3 indoor cats will not touch it and walk away.
    Next I put the rest out on the patio for the 10 feral cats. They smelled it and walk away.
    The I tried to warm a small amount in the mico and in less then one second it stared to spark like the 4 of July.


  21. Freshpet is absolutely worth every penny! For the last three years, I have been feeding Freshpet exclusively to my old girl Shadow a Skipperkee and Buddy my Dachshund. They both became disenchanted with the dry food and soft canned food that I was feeding. I had read about Freshpet and felt good about trying it. Was I ever pleased along with them! They have thrived on it and I believe that it gave my 15-year-old girl Shadow more quality of life in her last few years. Sadly she passed away a few months ago but she was happy and healthy up to that time.

    I highly recommend this for small to medium-sized dogs. The only slight problem I have had is with grocery stores keeping it in stock. There have been times I have had to make a couple trips to different stores to find it in stock.

    Thank you for such a fine product!

  22. I have not had FreshPet available to me locally until recently; I have a mixed breed Chihuahua who is pretty picky and he does love this. I have bought both the rolls and the bagged and all my dogs love it. I don’t think comparing this food to dry food is appropriate, but comparing to canned food is more reasonable. I have fed my dogs a combination of kibble and canned food and this replaces the canned options. I am definitely going to try some of the other fresh, delivered products because FreshPet is expensive, and means I have to go to the store more often. To note, the packaging does say that freezing is not recommended. I don’t plan on feeding it regularly to the bigger dogs, but if it means Moose is willing to get out of bed for breakfast and snarf down a meal with pills hidden in it – it is SO worth it!

  23. I bought Freshpet Small Dog Bite Sized Chicken Morsels at a local Metro for my 2 year old dog. He sniffed and ate it the first time but has since rejected it. He’s just not liking it. He’s not a picky eater and I’ve tried other dried treats that he loves but thought I’d try a fresh treat. Rejected!

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