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Go Dog Fun Plush Dog Toys Review [Durability Test]

Last Updated: March 10, 2022 by Lisa Melillo

10 Month Update: After 10 months of rigorous play and use, these plush toys have held up remarkably well. While they’re certainly dirty now, it’s nothing a run through the washing machine couldn’t fix! Here’s an updated shot of our 95 lb dog and his favorite dinosaur toy, 10 months from when we first received it.

godog review update

When it comes to plush toys, many dogs love to destroy them as fast as possible. What may remind you of a cute stuffed animal you had as a kid looks like pray to your pooch! It’s all fun and games until your dog tears a hole into the toy and starts pulling out the insides.

kartoffel testing toy

This is particularly dangerous for a number of reasons. The biggest concern is the damage that can be done to your dog if they ingest the insides of the toy.

Swallowing something like a plastic squeaker or spools of cotton stuffing can cause serious bowel blockages and other digestive issues within your dog. This can lead to serious injury and expensive surgery!

For awhile we avoided plush toys with our dogs – until we found the Go Dog Fun line of plush toys.

What makes Go Dog Fun plush toys different is the focus on durable, tough construction that prevents the easy destruction other plush toys see.

go dog fun toy review

Our two newest Go Dog Fun toys are a floppy pterodactyl and a sassy pink dragon! We found that our dogs really love the loose wings that hang off these toys.

godog dragon toy

What Makes Go Dog Fun Toys So Durable?

In our experience, the biggest advantage that these dog toys have are the “Chew Guard” liners inside the toys. Chew Guard is a kind of woven lining inside that toy that prevents your dog from biting through the plush fabric and tearing out the insides easily, ever when the toy gets soggy.

godog logo toy

Another big reason for the Go Dog durability is the double-stitched seams which prevent the toy from pulling apart when it’s tugged on.

kartoffel playing with dino toy

Our dogs have played tug-of-war many times with Go Dog Fun plush toys and we have never had a toy come apart which is fantastic.

sasha dragon dog toy

Over the course of over 6 months, we have had one of these plush toys get chewed into during a very intensive and aggressive chewing session, so these toys certainly aren’t indestructible. As far as plush toys go, they are much better than other competitors. They also offer a 30-day free one-time replacement if your dog destroys a plush toy quickly. If you’re concerned that your dog will blow through any plush toy, consider looking at our list of the best durable dog toys for aggressive chewers.

All things considered, we give these dog toys two paws WAY up! These will certainly be a staple of our stash of dog toys for years to come.

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