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Himalayan Dog Chew Review: From Yak Milk to Your Dog’s Delight

Himalayan Dog Chew Review

Last Updated: May 22, 2024 by Lisa Melillo

Dogs love to chew, and finding the perfect treat can be a game-changer.

Have you ever found something that keeps your pup entertained and is healthy at the same time? In this Himalayan Dog Chew review, I’ll share my personal experiences and insights into why these chews might be just what your furry friend needs.

I remember the first time I stumbled upon Himalayan Dog Chews. They were unlike anything I’d seen before—made from yak and cow milk, based on an ancient recipe from the Himalayas. I was intrigued by their all-natural ingredients and the promise of a long-lasting, protein-packed treat.

In this Himalayan Dog Chew review, I’ll dive into the specifics: the ingredients, the benefits, and most importantly, how my own dogs reacted to them. Let’s explore if these chews live up to the hype!

About Himalayan Dog Chew

himalayan dog chew logo

Himalayan Dog Chew, from Himalayan Pet Supply, began with a serendipitous discovery in 2003 when co-founders Nishes Shrestha and Suman Shrestha met for dinner. Suman noticed Nishes’ dog chewing on a piece of Churpi, a traditional hard cheese from Nepal. This inspired them to create a similar chew for dogs using ancient techniques.



After four years of research and perfecting the process to remove lactose and achieve the desired texture, they launched their product at a pet fair in 2007, where it quickly sold out. Today, Himalayan Dog Chews are available in over 5,000 retailers worldwide.


The philosophy of Himalayan Dog Chew is to provide dogs with healthy, natural treats that are both enjoyable and beneficial. They focus on using minimal, wholesome ingredients and traditional methods to craft high-quality products. The company is committed to sustainability and ethical sourcing, working with small family farms in Nepal to support the local economy.

What Sets It Apart

Himalayan Dog Chews stand out due to their unique origin and ingredients. Made from yak and cow milk, these chews are free from artificial preservatives and additives. The traditional production method ensures the chews are long-lasting and rich in protein.

The company’s dedication to quality, authenticity, and social responsibility makes their products exceptional in the pet treat market.

Himalayan Dog Chew Product Line

Himalayan Dog Chew offers a diverse range of treats, each designed to cater to different chewing preferences and health needs of dogs. From hard, long-lasting chews to softer, easily digestible options, there is something for every dog to enjoy. Let’s dive into the various products they offer.


Himalayan Dog Chew Original Yak Cheese Dog Chews, 100% Natural, Long Lasting, Gluten Free, Healthy & Safe Dog Treats, Lactose & Grain Free, Protein Rich, Mixed Sizes, Dogs 65 Lbs & Smaller

Yak chews are the original hard chews made from yak and cow milk. These long-lasting treats are perfect for dogs who love to gnaw. They help clean teeth and provide a satisfying chewing experience, making them a favorite among strong chewers.

Among others, one of the most popular within this product line is The Himalayan Dog Chew The Original Cheese. It’s a high-protein treat that is also lactose-intolerant. The latter makes it a great option for dogs prone to digestive issues.


yaky Yum Himalaya Cheese Treats | Lactose Free | Gluten Free | Grain Free | USA MADE | For All Breeds | Peanut Butter Cheese Chew

Yum chews are softer and easier to chew, ideal for dogs with dental issues or those who prefer a more tender treat. Despite their softer texture, they still offer the same nutritional benefits as the original yak chews, ensuring your dog enjoys a healthy snack.

Himalayan Dog Chew Yum with Peanut Butter is 100% natural and perfect for dogs of all sizes. Like Yak, you’ll find it in different densities and sizes.


Himalayan Pet Supply Dog Chew Bone - Medium | Long Lasting, Stain Free, Protein Rich, Low Odor | 100% Natural, Healthy & Safe | No Lactose, Gluten, Soy or Grains | for Dogs 45 lbs and Under, Cheese

Bone chews resemble natural bones but are crafted from the same yak and cow milk recipe. These durable chews are perfect for dogs who enjoy the shape and feel of a traditional bone, while also benefiting from the nutritional content of Himalayan Dog Chews.

It’s available in different flavors, including the Himalayan Dog Chew Bone Cheese. Different chew densities are also available, so you can pick one most suitable for your pup.


yaky CHURRO Himalaya Cheese Treats | Lactose Free | Gluten Free | Grain Free | USA MADE | for All Breeds | 4 CHURROs per Pouch | Original Cheese Flavor

Churro chews have a unique, ridged shape that helps clean teeth and massage gums. Made from the same wholesome ingredients, they offer a different texture and chewing experience. This variety keeps dogs engaged and supports their dental health.

As you probably know by now, you’ll also find this in various densities and flavors. My dogs loved the Himalayan Dog Chew Churro Cheese. It has a unique shape that can help in plaque reduction and promote overall oral health.

Other Products

Yogurt Sticks | Prebiotic & Probiotics | Protein Rich - Lactose Free - Gluten Free - Corn Free - Grain Free | USA Made | for All Breeds | 5 pieces of Droolicious Yogurt Sticks | Yogurt Flavor

Himalayan Yogurt Sticks are a tasty and nutritious option for dogs. Made with real yogurt, these sticks provide probiotics that support digestive health. They are a great treat for dogs who enjoy a creamy, flavorful snack while boosting their gut health.

Meanwhile, Unhide chews are designed as a healthier alternative to rawhide. Made from natural ingredients, they are easily digestible and safe for dogs to chew on. They offer the benefits of traditional chews without the risks associated with rawhide, making them a safer choice for your pet.

Himalayan Dog Chew Review: Sharing My Experience 

When I first heard about Himalayan Dog Chews, I was curious but skeptical. Could these natural, yak milk-based treats really live up to the hype? To find out, I decided to try them with my dogs. As a vet tech, I also recommended it to some of my clients, but a lot of them are unfamiliar with what it was.

To start, I tried the Himalayan Dog Chew Original Yak Cheese Dog Chews with my dogs. The chews looked unique and had a firm texture, which immediately intrigued my furry friends. They took to these chews with enthusiasm, and I noticed how long-lasting they were compared to other treats.

Quality of Ingredients 

One thing that truly impressed me about the Himalayan Dog Chew is the quality of its ingredients. These chews are made from yak and cow milk, sourced from small family farms in Nepal. The traditional cheese-making methods they use ensure a product that’s natural and wholesome. No artificial preservatives or additives here—just pure, simple ingredients.

Knowing exactly what I’m giving my dogs gives me peace of mind, especially since they have sensitive stomachs. The simplicity and purity of these chews made me feel confident I was offering a healthy and safe treat.

  • 69%

    Crude Protein

  • 1%

    Crude Fat

  • 1%

    Crude Fiber

Taste Test

As soon as I opened the pack of Himalayan Dog Chew Original Yak Cheese Dog Chews, their noses went into overdrive. The distinct, mild cheese scent immediately caught their attention.

I handed the chews to my dogs, and they eagerly took them, settling down in their favorite spots to enjoy their new treats. The look of pure delight on their faces was priceless. They gnawed and chewed with enthusiasm, clearly relishing the unique flavor and hard texture. I noticed they took their time, savoring every bite, which was a pleasant change from the usual quick devouring of other treats.

What stood out to me was how these chews didn’t just disappear within minutes. They provided a long-lasting chew session that kept my dogs happily occupied. Even my picky eater, who usually snubs new treats, couldn’t resist. It was clear that the Himalayan Dog Chews were a hit, offering not just a delicious taste but also a satisfying chewing experience.

Himalayan Dog Chew Review: Pros and Cons 

Like other products my dogs tried, this isn’t perfect. There are benefits and drawbacks. You must be familiar with them to help you decide.

The Good

  • High-Quality Ingredients: Made from yak and cow milk, sourced from small family farms in Nepal. These ingredients are natural and minimally processed, ensuring a healthy treat.
  • Natural and Safe: No artificial preservatives, additives, or chemicals. You can feel confident that you’re giving your dog a wholesome product.
  • Long-Lasting: These chews keep dogs engaged for extended periods, making them ideal for strong chewers and providing hours of entertainment.
  • Nutritional Benefits: Rich in protein and free from lactose, promoting healthy digestion and supporting overall well-being.
  • Dental Health: Helps clean teeth and reduce plaque and tartar buildup, contributing to better oral hygiene.
  • Variety: Available in different sizes and flavors to cater to various preferences and chewing habits, ensuring there’s something for every dog.

The Bad

  • Price: Higher cost compared to some other dog treats on the market. The premium quality comes with a premium price tag.
  • Hardness: Can be too tough for dogs with dental issues or very young puppies, potentially causing discomfort or difficulty in chewing.
  • Messiness: As dogs chew, small pieces may break off, requiring cleanup. This can be inconvenient, especially indoors.
  • Availability: Not always easy to find in all pet stores; may require online ordering, which can be less convenient for some pet owners.
  • Initial Skepticism: Some dogs might take time to get used to the unique flavor and texture, especially if they are accustomed to softer or more familiar treats.

Where to Buy Himalayan Dog Chew

Himalayan Dog Chews are widely available, making it easy to find a convenient purchasing option for you. Here are some popular places where you can buy these chews:

  • Online Retailers: Amazon, Chewy, and the official Himalayan Pet Supply website offer a full range of products with the convenience of home delivery.
  • Pet Stores: Major pet store chains like Petco and PetSmart carry Himalayan Dog Chews in various sizes and flavors.
  • Local Pet Shops: Many local pet shops also stock these popular chews, supporting small businesses while providing easy access to quality treats.

Himalayan Dog Chew Alternatives

While Himalayan Dog Chews are fantastic, it’s always good to know what other options are out there. I’ve explored several brands that offer excellent alternatives, each with its unique benefits. Here’s a look at some of my favorites and what they bring to the table.

Redbarn Bully Sticks

Redbarn offers high-quality bully sticks made from natural beef muscle. These chews are long-lasting and help promote dental health by reducing plaque and tartar buildup. I’ve found that dogs love their rich, meaty flavor, and they provide a great outlet for strong chewers. The simplicity and natural sourcing of these chews make them a reliable choice for pet owners looking for a wholesome treat.

USA Bones & Chews Antler Chews

For dogs that love a good challenge, USA Bones & Chews provides naturally shed deer and elk antlers. These chews are incredibly durable and packed with beneficial minerals. They’re perfect for aggressive chewers who need something tough to keep them occupied. My dogs are always excited to gnaw on these antlers, and I appreciate that they are a natural, sustainable option.

Sam’s Yams Sweet Potato Chews

Sam’s Yams offers a vegetarian alternative with their sweet potato chews. Made from dehydrated sweet potatoes, these chews are a healthy, low-fat option rich in vitamins and fiber. They’re great for dogs with meat allergies or sensitivities. My dogs enjoy the sweet flavor and chewy texture, and I love that they are both nutritious and digestible.

Earth Animal No-Hide Chews

Earth Animal’s No-Hide Chews are a fantastic alternative to traditional rawhide. Made with natural ingredients, these chews are easily digestible and safe for dogs to enjoy. They come in various flavors like chicken and peanut butter, which my dogs find irresistible. These chews offer a satisfying texture that helps clean teeth without the risks associated with rawhide.

Greenies Dental Treats

Greenies Dental Treats are well-known for their ability to clean teeth and freshen breath. These chews are designed to be both tasty and beneficial for oral health. They come in different sizes to suit all breeds, and my dogs eagerly look forward to their daily Greenie. The dual benefit of a treat and a dental aid makes Greenies a staple in my treat cabinet.

FAQ More to Know About Himalayan Dog Chew

What are Himalayan Dog Chews made from?

Himalayan Dog Chews are made from yak and cow milk, following a traditional recipe from Nepal. The milk is turned into hard cheese through a process that includes boiling and drying. These chews are free from artificial preservatives, additives, and chemicals, making them a natural and healthy option for dogs.

Are Himalayan Dog Chews safe for all dogs?

Yes, Himalayan Dog Chews are generally safe for all dogs. However, their hardness can be an issue for very young puppies or older dogs with dental problems. Always supervise your dog while chewing to ensure they do not swallow large pieces and provide the appropriate size for your dog’s breed and chewing strength.

How long do Himalayan Dog Chews last?

Himalayan Dog Chews are known for being long-lasting. Depending on your dog’s chewing habits and strength, a single chew can last anywhere from a few hours to several days. The durability makes them an excellent choice for strong chewers who need a long-lasting treat.

How should I store Himalayan Dog Chews?

Himalayan Dog Chews should be stored in a cool, dry place. Keep them in an airtight dog food container to maintain their freshness and prevent them from becoming too hard. Proper storage will ensure that the chews stay safe and enjoyable for your dog over time.

Are there any potential risks with Himalayan Dog Chews?

The main potential risk with Himalayan Dog Chews is their hardness, which could cause dental fractures in dogs with weaker teeth. Additionally, there’s a risk of choking if a dog tries to swallow large pieces. Always supervise your dog while they are enjoying these chews to mitigate these risks.

Can Himalayan Dog Chews be microwaved?

Yes, small leftover pieces of Himalayan Dog Chews can be microwaved to create a crunchy, puffed treat. Place the piece in the microwave on high for about 45 seconds, then let it cool before giving it to your dog. This can help prevent waste and offer a different texture for your dog to enjoy.

Final Woof Wrapping Up the Himalayan Dog Chew Review

Himalayan Dog Chews have truly impressed me with their quality and effectiveness. The chews are long-lasting, promote dental health, and come in various forms to cater to different chewing preferences. My dogs loved them, and I felt good knowing they were enjoying a safe and healthy snack.

We’ve explored what makes these chews stand out: their natural ingredients, durability, and the benefits they provide. If you’re looking for a high-quality chew that will keep your dog happy and healthy, Himalayan Dog Chews are worth trying. Your furry friend will thank you!


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