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Hot New Smart Collars Coming in 2017 – Woof!

hot new pet wearables 2017

Every year it seems more and more crazy pet gadgets hit the market, and 2017 is no exception.

It also seems that every year, a major trend emerges as to what the industry is focused on. This year, the trend is undoubtedly “smart collars“.


What Are Smart Collars?

Smart collars are wearable technology device for pets. Currently, the focus is specifically on smart collars for dogs, though we expect they will eventually make their way to smaller pets like cats and rabbits.

The purpose of smart collars is to get pet owners more detailed information about the action and activity of your pets. They can do this through a variety of sensors built into the collar such as temperature monitoring and sensors that detect specific motions.

Another big selling feature of smart collars are GPS tracking capabilities. If your pooch were to ever get loose and lost, most of these collars will allow you to track them down with a GPS app!

Since these devices need to communicate wirelessly, most use a cell network. This means they often come with a monthly subscription fee!


New Smart Collars of 2017

Kyon Pet Tracker

kyon pet tracker red

Price: $250 plus $5 a month

The Kyon Pet Tracker is a new device launching at the beginning of Q2 2017 that’s super sleek! It looks like a real, regular dog collar and has no big bumps or modules that extrude from the collar itself.

It has a loop that a leash can clip into so it can replace your regular collar, though we aren’t sure yet how it will hold up to a bigger dog that wants to pull.

The Kyon has a charging base that you put in your house that serves a couple purposes. The first is that it charges the battery on the collar. Once fully charged, the charge will last up to 30 days. The other main feature of the Kyon base is that it will detect if your pet leaves a 300 foot radius, and if so it will send your phone a text to alert you that your dog may have escaped!

That will enable the GPS module on the dog’s collar and allow you to track it through the Kyon app.

The Kyon app also gives you other insights into how your dog is feeling based on their movement. For example, it might tell you your dog is happy, moody, overheated or cold.

There are a slew of other interesting features on this app, like a “stop barking” feature that will emit a frequency that only dogs can hear that should stop your pooch from barking.

kyon app dogs

Check out the Kyon website today where you can pre-order their collar in 7 different colors.


Link AKC

link akc smart collar

Price: $150 (pre-order discount) plus a service fee of $7-10 a month.

The Link AKC was a CES 2017 “Best of Innovation” winner, and similar to the Kyon it packs a lot of features into a smart collar.

This smart collar actually slides on to any 1″ collar, and sits on the front of the collar wrather than wrapping all the way around. On a single charge, the battery should last about 5 days which might be too much recharging for some pet owners.

The┬áLink AKC has GPS tracking via AT&T, so you will always know where your dog is. You can also set up “safe zones”, and you will be notified if your dog wanders outside of them via text message.

This collar and app can track your vet records and remind you of appointments, and even lets you log your adventures with your dog on the app! You can save photos to your “virtual scrapbook” and the collar will log a map of your travels.

One unique feature of this smart collar is it has an LED light you can turn on to keep track of your dog at night, or maybe allow others to see your dog so they don’t accidentally run into it if it gets loose on a walk in the city.

It also has a sound feature which can emit a sound when the dog does something good (as controlled by you via the app) as a positive reinforcement method of training. You can read more about the benefits of GPS dog collars here.


Tractive GPS 2

tractive gps2 pet tracker

Price: $100 + $5-10 a month (depending on service plan)

Tractive GPS 2 is a new version of a pet tracking GPS device that has a lot of great features, if tracking is your number one priority.

The Tractive features real-time pet tracking, and the device clips on to any collar for pets 9lbs and up. It’s currently the smallest and lightest pet tracker on the market.

It can detect if it falls off your pets collar and will alert you when it happens. It can monitor for situations where your pet is too hot, and can track your pets activity levels to a special app.

An intregrated LED light in the unit will let you see your dog better at night, and the unit is 100% waterproof, perfect for the dogs that love a good swim!

tractive gps2

You can track your pooch’s movement for the past 24 hours on their Basic subscription plan, or unlimited if you go for the Premium plan.

The Tractive app will let you track multiple dogs at a time, and you can always check in on the battery levels to see if the GPS needs to be recharged.


Jagger & Lewis

jagger lewis smart dog collar

A new smart collar coming to Kickstarter soon, the Jagger & Lewis is supposed to give you a great insight into how your dog is actually feeling and help with specific medical conditions.

Since it hasn’t launched yet we don’t know a ton about the features, but there is a lot of information on their website.

This tracker will clip on to an existing collar, and will not have a monthly fee. This likely means it will not be a tracker and will typically communicate over Wifi or Bluetooth to a paired smartphone app.

The battery is rated to last for 3-5 days, and the unit is completely waterproof. Looking at the design of this tracker, it looks to be a bit bulkier than others on the market.

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