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Hyper Pet K9 Kannon Hands-On Review


Last Updated: September 5, 2023 by Lisa Melillo

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The K-9 Kannon is a good looking dog ball thrower, but not the best in this category. The BazooK-9 can throw balls farther and holds 2 tennis balls instead of 1, so it may be worth considering instead.

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When we set out to review all of the best dog ball throwers, we knew we had to review some Hyper Pet products. Hyper Pet is known for making pretty unique dog toys, though the K9 Kannon isn’t particularly unique from other similar products like the OxGord Bazook-9.

We took the K9 Kannon out to the field and tested it with our dogs – here’s what we found!

Hyper Pet K9 Kannon Unboxing and Design

The K-9 Kannon comes in pretty simple packaging, but removing it is a bit of a hassle! There are 4 zip-ties that need to be cut, and a black plastic ring holding the ball in that is a pain to remove. After a few minutes of struggling though, we were all set to play!

hyper pet k9 kannon review

The K-9 Kannon comes with one full-sized tennis ball and works with any standard sized tennis balls you may have.

In order to launch the ball, you load it into the front of the launcher. A nice feature of the K-9 Kannon is the ability to pick up a ball directly from the ground without having to get your hands dirty!

hyper pet kannon front review

Once the ball has been loaded, you can pull back on the handle which draws back the black striking-arm seen above to launch the ball.

K-9 Kannon Dog Ball Thrower Features

hyper pet k9 kannon loaded

Other than the ability to pick up a ball hands-free, the K-9 Kannon has a few other features worth mentioning.

One is the ability to store a tennis ball on the launcher itself. This is great for when you’re traveling with the thrower and makes it impossible to forget a ball.

Another feature is the different power levels indicated on the rear plunger that you pull to prime the launcher.

hyper pet kannon power

This gives you the ability to manage the power of each throw, making the K9 Kannon a great choice for indoor or outdoor play, as the range in power is very wide.

Hyper Pet K9 Kannon Performance


While testing this launcher, we found that at max power it averaged just over 60 feet in distance.

hyper pet kannon launcher

This is about average for most similar launchers such as the Nerf Dog Ball Blaster and the HurriK9. If you’re looking for something with more throwing power, check out our Max Launcher review.

Who is the Hyper Pet K-9 Kannon Best For?

The K-9 Kannon is a good option for anyone looking for a dog ball thrower that works for both indoor and outdoor play.

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