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iDogmate Ball Launcher: Enhancing Your Dog’s Fetch Game

idogmate ball launcher

Last Updated: May 7, 2024 by Lisa Melillo

It’s a bright Sunday morning, and the park is bustling with the happy barks of dogs at play. As you unleash your furry friend, they bound off with boundless energy, their tail a blur of excitement. That’s when you spot the iDogmate Ball Launcher in the corner, humming quietly amidst the joyful chaos. With a flick of a switch, the air fills with the thud of tennis balls launching, and dogs darting back and forth in exhilarating sprints.

Let me introduce you to this marvelous machine, designed not just to enhance your dog’s fetch game, but to transform it into an endless festival of fun and frolic. This isn’t just about throwing a ball; it’s about launching your dog into a world of joy and vibrant activity.

What’s an iDogmate Ball Launcher?

IDOGMATE Interactive Ball Launchers for Dogs Rechargeable, Automatic Dog Ball Launcher for Small Dogs (with 3 1.75" Mini Balls not Normal Size)

The iDogmate Ball Launcher is an automatic ball-throwing device designed for dogs to fetch. It caters to different dog sizes with models suitable for small and large breeds. The launcher uses advanced technology to offer various throwing distances, making it ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. Its purpose is to keep dogs entertained and active, promoting exercise while providing mental stimulation. This device is particularly useful for dog owners who want to ensure their pets get sufficient activity without the constant physical demand of throwing balls manually.

iDogmate Review

Curious about how the iDogmate compares with other automatic dog ball launchers? Continue reading as we delve into the unboxing and design, explore its features, and evaluate the performance of this innovative ball thrower.

Unboxing and Design

Unboxing the iDog launcher

When you purchase the iDog ball launcher online, it arrives in a box branded with the iDog logo, rather than a standard brown shipping box. The contents inside are well-protected and meticulously secured, ensuring they arrive in excellent condition.

Inside the box you will find the following components:

  • iDogmate ball launcher
  • AC power supply
  • 3 iDog tennis balls
  • Remote control
  • 3 extra screws, when need
  • User manual

The iDog ball launchers are designed to accommodate dogs of various sizes. The small dog variant, as this product below, is typically made with a smaller dimension and launches mini tennis balls suitable for little breeds, ensuring that they can easily carry and play with the ball. The medium-sized dog version is built to handle standard-sized tennis balls, suitable for larger jaws and providing a proportionate challenge and exercise level for medium-sized dog breeds. Each variant is tailored to match the size and strength of the dog it’s intended for.

All components of the iDogmate

Aesthetically speaking, iDogmate does a superb job of designing. I love the creativity and the fact that there isn’t a product on the market that even remotely compares to this automatic ball launcher. The color palette of white mixed with bright green and sleek curves combined with a solid frame deserves an A+ in design.

iDogmate design

Under the unit is this bright green ball chute that funnels the ball into the machine for launch. The ball funnel itself is wide. If you plan on teaching your dogs a game of fetch, this feature is very useful because a wider area makes it easier for your dog to return the ball to you. I compared this to SmartPult ball launcher; their ball funnel is a little tiny on top, making it harder for training to take place.

iDog ball funnel

Moving to the side you will see two green handles for moving the launcher. If you plan on using the large version, these handles come in handy because the iDogmate Midi launcher was much bigger than expected. These make it easier to move the ball launcher outdoors for a quick game of fetch and then bring it back inside for more playtime.

You’ll see two green handles on the site to make it easier to move the launcher. I say easier because the larger version was harder to carry around as it was bigger than expected. The handles are useful for moving indoor-outdoor use, which is great for a quick game of fetch outdoors, then bring it indoors for further interactive play.

carrying handle on the thrower

On the back of the device, you’ll see a power switch, where you can turn on the unit’s power. There is also an AC adapter for charging, and you have an actual on-and-off button to turn on and off when using the lithium-ion battery. Another button toggles between distance settings.

iDog launcher controls and remote

Below is an image of where the ball is placed and where the ball is launched from. The front has two spinning wheels which rotate faster and faster until it’s reached the speed and the ball is dropped in. With the revolving wheels spinning, the ball encounters the wheels and launches.

How the iDog launcher works

iDogmate Features

Discover the wonders of iDogmate, a marvel of innovation designed to delight and energize your furry friend with an array of captivating features, promoting invigorating exercise for your dog. Let’s dive into the world of iDogmate and explore its enticing offerings in detail.

Variety in Sizes

Like its counterparts, the iDogmate offers versatility with two distinct versions tailored for dogs of different sizes. Whether you opt for the Large (Midi) version, perfect for those robust companions, or the Small (Mini) version, ideal for petite pups, rest assured, the joy of fetching knows no bounds.

Customizable Distances

Elevating the game of fetch to new heights, iDogmate puts the power of distance control in your hands. With adjustable settings catering to various spaces, from snug indoor settings to expansive outdoor areas, the thrill of the chase can be tailored to suit your preferences.

Remote Control Convenience

Embrace the future of interactive play with iDogmate’s sleek mini remote control, a feature that sets it apart. With a button press, you can seamlessly adjust distance settings, reset the device, or power it on and off. For those who’ve trained their furry pals to return the ball autonomously, the remote offers a dynamic way to spice up play sessions and engage your canine companion’s keen intellect.

Ball Size Selections

Tailored to suit different breeds and preferences, iDogmate offers a choice between standard 2.5″ tennis balls for medium to large dogs and 1.5″ mini tennis balls for the smaller models. Each ball is crafted with precision and durability, ensuring endless rounds of fetching fun.

Revolutionary Rechargeable Batteries

Bid farewell to the hassle of constant battery replacements with iDogmate’s groundbreaking rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. A game-changer in the industry, these batteries boast an impressive lifespan and can launch up to 1700 balls on a single charge. Say hello to uninterrupted playtime and goodbye to the inconvenience of disposable batteries.

iDogmate Performance

I conducted hands-on testing of the iDogmate alongside several other automatic ball launchers, assessing launch distances, ball reloading speeds, and noise levels—particularly crucial for dogs sensitive to loud sounds. Here’s my comprehensive analysis of the iDogmate interactive ball launcher for detailed performance insights!

testing out the idogmate launcher


I launched three balls across each of its four settings — low, medium, high, and very high. The comprehensive outcomes are summarized in the table below:

Distance Setting Ball #1 Ball #2 Ball #3
Low 17 ft 18.4 ft 23.11 ft
Medium 25.6 ft 29.3 ft 29.8 ft
High 44.2 ft 43.11 ft 39.1 ft
Very High 50.7 ft 58.7 ft 62.4 ft

Overall, consistency prevailed across all settings, showcasing commendable variation among the different distance selections. Particularly noteworthy was the performance of the very high setting, which not only propelled the ball to impressive distances but also elicited a satisfying arch. The elevated trajectory ensured that each ball soared high into the air, offering dogs the thrilling opportunity to catch it mid-flight, rather than simply chasing after a rolling ball. Witness the impressive launch power in action in this video:

Sound Levels

Noise levels of the iDogmate launcher

I did a decibel level tests on the iDogmate ball launcher to provide reassurance for those with anxious dogs. As depicted in the accompanying image, the peak decibel reached 76dB, with an average of only 55dB—equivalent to the volume of a normal conversation, which is quite tolerable.

Essentially, the iDogmate emits a slightly higher-pitched whine as it gears up for a launch, but it’s not overly intrusive. In fact, its sound levels are comparable to those of the Doggy Fun launcher, despite the remarkable size difference between the two and the fact that iDogmate utilizes full-sized tennis balls while Doggy Fun opts for mini balls.

Unleashed: The Highs and Lows of iDogmate

What I Like

  • Versatility: The iDogmate offers versatility with two size options and adjustable distance settings, catering to dogs of various sizes and living spaces.
  • Remote Control: The inclusion of a mini remote control adds convenience and flexibility to play sessions, allowing users to adjust settings and engage in interactive play with ease.
  • Rechargeable Batteries: The use of rechargeable lithium-ion batteries sets a new standard in the industry, offering cost-effective and eco-friendly power solutions.
  • Consistent Performance: The iDogmate demonstrates consistent performance across different settings, with impressive launch distances and ball arch, enhancing the excitement of fetch games.
  • Noise Levels: With peak decibel levels akin to normal conversation, the iDogmate is suitable for nervous dogs, providing peace of mind to pet owners.

What I Don’t Like

  • Price: While the iDogmate offers innovative features, its price point may be prohibitive for some pet owners, especially considering the additional cost of purchasing larger tennis balls.
  • Size and Weight: The iDogmate’s larger size and weight may pose challenges for storage and portability, particularly in smaller living spaces or during travel.
  • Limited Ball Compatibility: Although the iDogmate uses standard-sized tennis balls, it may not be compatible with alternative ball types, limiting options for pet owners who prefer specific materials or sizes.
  • Whining Sound: While the whining sound produced during ball retrieval is tolerable, some users may find it slightly distracting or annoying, especially during prolonged use.
  • Maintenance Requirements: Regular cleaning and maintenance are necessary to ensure optimal performance and longevity of the iDogmate, which may require additional time and effort from users

FAQS Uncovering Additional Inquiries

How long does the battery last on a single charge?

The iDogmate boasts impressive rechargeable lithium-ion batteries that can last for extended play sessions. On a single charge, these batteries have the capacity to launch up to 1700 balls, ensuring ample entertainment for your furry companion. With such a robust battery life, you can enjoy uninterrupted playtime without the hassle of frequent recharging.

Is the iDogmate suitable for outdoor use in different weather conditions?

Yes, the iDogmate is designed to withstand various weather conditions, making it suitable for outdoor use year-round. Its durable construction ensures resilience against elements such as rain, sun, and even mild snow. However, it’s recommended to avoid prolonged exposure to extreme weather conditions to maintain optimal performance and longevity.

Can I use the iDogmate indoors without causing damage to furniture or walls?

Absolutely! The iDogmate is engineered with safety features to minimize the risk of damage to indoor surroundings. Its adjustable distance settings allow for tailored play sessions, ensuring that balls are launched within a controlled range. Additionally, the device is equipped with sensors to detect obstacles, preventing accidental collisions with furniture or walls.

Are replacement parts readily available for the iDogmate?

Yes, replacement parts for the iDogmate are readily available through authorized retailers or the manufacturer’s website. Whether you need to replace a worn-out ball launcher arm or a damaged remote control, you can easily find the necessary components to keep your iDogmate in top condition. This ensures long-term usability and enjoyment of the product for you and your furry friend.

Is there a warranty provided with the iDogmate?

Yes, the iDogmate typically comes with a manufacturer’s warranty to cover any defects in materials or workmanship. The duration of the warranty may vary depending on the retailer or specific model purchased. Be sure to register your product and retain proof of purchase to avail yourself of any warranty benefits in case of unforeseen issues

Final Woof on the iDogmate Ball Thrower

My assessment of this innovative ball thrower is exceedingly positive. Boasting a 100% original design accentuated by vibrant colors, the iDogmate stands out in the market. Its feature-rich configuration, encompassing various sizes and a convenient remote control, adds to its appeal. Notably, iDogmate sets a precedent in the industry by integrating a fully rechargeable lithium-ion battery for outdoor usage, a remarkable departure from the reliance on conventional C batteries.

While the large size unit may be a drawback for some users, and the associated cost of the larger model could be considered prohibitive, these are minor concerns in light of its overall performance and functionality. Positioned as a premium device, the iDogmate may exceed the budget of certain buyers. Nevertheless, for those willing to invest, the iDogmate ball launcher promises unparalleled satisfaction and enjoyment.



5 thoughts on “iDogmate Ball Launcher: Enhancing Your Dog’s Fetch Game”

  1. Great reviews thus far. Keep them coming! Looking at getting a idogmate but since there is little info available online so far about it and its high cost, I’m a little gun shy. Durability is my main concern. Are the wheels inside the unit made of rubber? I had an issue with the ifetch too where the rubber wheels wore out within weeks and had difficulty shooting out the balls after.

  2. Sara Graveline

    I bought this item with high hopes for my dog to enjoy . Within one week of purchase the ball won’t go but 5ft and then now the lever where the machine let’s it know there is a ball in there is now pushed in and stuck . It took two weeks and now the thing won’t work . Very very disappointed when I spent this much money for something that lasted two weeks . Please corporate contact me to resolve this issue .

    1. Woof Whiskers

      Hey Sara, sad to see that it didn’t last long. Ours is still chucking along nicely. If corporate isn’t answering, I’d at least send the complaint to Amazon. Often times they will work with you on obtaining a refund if the seller doesn’t respond.

      Either way, it’s not a good sign that you can’t get in contact with them.

  3. Concetta "GAIL" Gengo

    Just received this launcher. What size battery for the remote. Didn’t find this info in the instructions. Thank you

  4. Nancy Davis

    I had bought idogmate ball launcher last year and hadn’t used it since last summer, I’ve gotten it out to play with my dogs since weather has gotten better, but I put the ball in and I can hear it but the ball moves up and just sits there? Why

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