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Life’s Abundance Dog Food Review (2024): Is It Good Enough?

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Last Updated: February 21, 2024 by Lisa Melillo

We analyzed over 1500 dog food formulas and reviewed more than 120 dog food brands to understand their company values, product selection, and quality of ingredients. We did this by creating an algorithm to rate each dog food based on the nutrient content and top 10 ingredients. All dog food brands were ultimately graded based on Protein/Carb Ratio, Quality of Ingredients, and Variety.

When I first came across Life’s Abundance dog food, I was working a hectic shift at the clinic. One of my colleagues mentioned how it had made a noticeable difference in her dog’s energy levels and coat health. As someone who’s seen all kinds of dog foods pass through the clinic doors, I was naturally curious. So, I decided to delve deeper into what makes Life’s Abundance stand out.

Therefore, I’m going to break down the ingredients, nutritional value, and the overall quality to give you a comprehensive Life’s Abundance dog food review. I’ll also touch on how this brand compares to others on the market. If you’re a dog parent looking to make an informed choice about your furry friend’s diet, this is something you’ll want to read.

My Unbiased Opinion

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Life’s Abundance History in Brief

life abundance

Life’s Abundance has a story that’s pretty interesting, especially for someone like me who’s always curious about how companies in the pet industry get their start. The company was founded back in 1999. It began as a small operation with a big vision – to make healthy and safe pet products. What caught my attention was their focus on using natural ingredients, which wasn’t as common back then as it is now.

Expansion and Growth

Over the years, Life’s Abundance has grown quite a bit. They’ve expanded their product range beyond just dog food to include cat food, supplements, and even some products for pet owners. What’s really cool about them, from my perspective, is their commitment to staying ahead of the curve in terms of nutrition and safety. They’ve managed to maintain a strong reputation for quality, which, believe me, is not an easy feat in this industry.

Life’s Abundance Today

It’s still going strong, focusing on direct sales and keeping a close eye on product quality and customer satisfaction. It’s been impressive to see how they’ve evolved while sticking to their core values. As someone who’s seen many brands come and go, I think their dedication to quality and natural ingredients has played a big part in their longevity and success.

Life’s Abundance Dog Food Overview

Life’s Abundance is a multi-level marketing company that sells skincare products, cleaning products, and of course, dog and cat food. You won’t find Life’s Abundance dog food in any pet stores, they sell pet food directly to consumers and most often through one of their “direct marketers” that may have hit you up through Facebook to try to sell you on this dog food.

There are two different things to consider before buying this dog food, and that’s the MLM/business side of Life’s Abundance and the dog food itself. Let’s take a look at the actual dog food ingredients and nutrition first.


Not much is known about the quality of ingredients that Life’s Abundance uses because they don’t offer a whole lot of information and the company hasn’t been doing pet food for that long. Also, this company doesn’t make their own dog food, they outsource it and just use their own packaging.

On the dog food’s product page, they claim

“When you buy this Life’s Abundance dog food, your sweet pup will benefit from our strict inventory controls and product safety considerations that are second-to-none”

However, if you check the actual label, below the ingredients list there is some verbiage like “manufacturer exclusively for Life’s Abundance”. This statement is required by FDA law because a third-party factory is actually the one making the dog food and Life’s Abundance is simply the company distributing it.

As a result, who is actually making the dog food is not known. On the product page, they say it’s made in Ohio and New York, but that’s as much information as we get.

Product Lines

Dry Dog Food

life's all life stages

Life’s Abundance dry dog food line is something I often recommend for pet owners looking for quality kibble. Their dry food range is designed to meet the nutritional needs of dogs at different life stages. Let me break it down for you.

First off, they have a puppy formula. It’s packed with nutrients essential for growth and development. When I first came across it, I was impressed by its high-quality protein sources and the inclusion of DHA for brain development. It’s a great start for a growing pup.

Then there’s the adult dog formula. This one’s a bit more balanced for maintenance. It’s got a good mix of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates, plus a blend of vitamins and minerals. I’ve noticed that dogs on this diet tend to have a healthy coat and good energy levels.

For senior dogs, Life’s Abundance offers a formula that’s easier on the digestive system and lower in calories. This is important because older dogs are less active and need a diet that supports their aging bodies. It’s also enriched with joint-supporting nutrients, which I think is a thoughtful touch for senior pups.

Lastly, they have a weight-loss formula for dogs that need to shed a few pounds. It’s lower in fat but still nutritionally complete. I always advise pet owners to be mindful of their dog’s weight, and having a specialized formula like this can be a big help.

One of the products in this line is the Life’s Abundance All Life Stage Dog Food, a versatile product that’s designed to suit dogs of all ages, from puppies to seniors. What I like about it is how it’s formulated with high-quality proteins, like chicken and fish meal, and includes a mix of fruits and vegetables for added nutrients. It’s also got a good balance of omega fatty acids, which are great for a dog’s coat and skin health.

Canned Dog Food

life's canned

Life’s Abundance canned dog food line is something that’s caught my attention for a few reasons. It’s a great choice for pet owners who want to add a bit more moisture to their dog’s diet or for those pups who just prefer the taste and texture of wet food. What stands out to me in their canned food line is the variety of flavors and the focus on high-quality ingredients.

Life’s Abundance Instinctive Choice Premium Canned Food is one example from their canned food range. This is a product I often recommend, especially for adult dogs. It’s made with a blend of chicken and liver, and what I really like is that it includes fruits and vegetables like cranberries and carrots.

Grain-Free Dog Food

life's grain free

Ah, the grain-free line from Life’s Abundance is another aspect of their product range that’s worth discussing. This line is especially close to my heart, as I’ve encountered many dogs with grain sensitivities or allergies in my work.

The grain-free line by Life’s Abundance is tailored for dogs who do better on a diet without grains. What I appreciate about this line is their focus on using alternative carbohydrate sources that are easier on a dog’s digestive system and still provide the necessary energy and nutrients.

One of the products in this line is the Life’s Abundance Grain-Free All Life Stage Dog Food. This product is a go-to recommendation of mine for dogs with grain sensitivities. It’s made with high-quality proteins like chicken and turkey meal, and it uses carbs like peas and potatoes instead of traditional grains. I’ve seen dogs who’ve had issues with regular food do really well on this grain-free formula.

Let’s take a look at Life’s Abundance All Life Stage Grain Free Dog Food and break down the ingredient list to see what it contains, including Lactobacillus. Nevertheless, it’s price is slightly higher than the average dog food price of $2.19.

  • 26.0%


  • 16.0%


  • 5.0%


Another popular choice is the Life’s Abundance Grain-Free Pork & Venison Recipe. This one stands out because it offers a novel protein source – a mix of pork and venison. For dogs that might be allergic to more common proteins like chicken or beef, this can be a game-changer. Plus, it’s still free of grains and uses wholesome ingredients to provide balanced nutrition.

My Life’s Abundance Dog Food Review


One big advantage I’ve noticed with Life’s Abundance is the quality of their ingredients. They focus on high-quality proteins, fruits, and vegetables, which is key for a dog’s health. This emphasis on natural and wholesome ingredients means better nutrition for dogs, and I’ve seen the benefits in terms of healthier coats, better digestion, and overall vitality.

Another plus is their range of options. They offer formulas for different life stages, grain-free options, and even special formulas for weight management. This variety means that there’s likely a product that’s just right for your dog’s specific needs. I always appreciate when a brand caters to a wide range of dietary requirements.


One of the main issues with Life’s Abundance could be its availability. Since it’s primarily sold through direct sales, it’s not as readily available as some other brands that you can just pick up at any pet store. This means you need to plan ahead for your purchases.

Price is another factor. Life’s Abundance is generally priced higher than many mainstream dog foods. While you’re paying for quality, it might not fit into everyone’s budget. I’ve had to discuss budget-friendly alternatives with some of my clients who love the brand but find it a bit too pricey.

This is an interesting case to review because Life’s Abundance is not like most other dog food companies that actually focus on dog food. Life’s Abundance is an MLM company that found they could have someone else make dog food, add their own packaging, and then get others to sell it for them.

From strictly a nutrition perspective, I would feed my dog the Grain Free formula. However, the price for what you get is a bit high. You can get much better dog food from a real dog food company that makes their own food for less money. I’d suggest you check out our best dog food page to see what we recommend.

One great budget brand is Crave dog food. They offer high-quality dog food at just ~$1.86 per lb, so it’s a great option for price-conscious pet parents. Or if you want to go with fresh food, a good brand is Spot and Tango, read the full review here.

CRAVE Grain Free High Protein Adult Dry Dog Food,...
  • Contains one (1) 22 lb. bag of CRAVE Grain Free Adult Dry Dog Food with Protein from Chicken—for any...
  • CRAVE recipes are always crafted with real, high-quality animal protein, no grain, and the full meaty...
  • Made with 34% high protein, to support a strong, lean body

FAQs on Life’s Abundance Dog Food

What ingredients are used in Life’s Abundance dog food?

Life’s Abundance dog food is known for using high-quality, natural ingredients. Their recipes typically include premium proteins like chicken, turkey, or fish, and are often enriched with fruits, vegetables, and healthy grains (except in their grain-free options). They also include a blend of vitamins, minerals, and omega fatty acids for overall health.

Is Life’s Abundance dog food suitable for all life stages?

Yes, Life’s Abundance offers formulas suitable for all life stages. Their All Life Stage Dog Food is designed to meet the nutritional needs of puppies, adult dogs, and seniors. This makes it a convenient option for households with multiple dogs of different ages.

Does Life’s Abundance offer grain-free options?

Absolutely! Life’s Abundance understands that some dogs do better on a grain-free diet, so they offer grain-free formulas. These recipes use alternative carbohydrate sources like peas and potatoes, and are free from common grains like wheat, corn, and soy.

Where can I buy Life’s Abundance dog food?

Life’s Abundance dog food is primarily sold through direct sales, either via their website or through independent representatives. This means it’s not typically found in standard pet stores or supermarkets, but can be easily ordered online.

Is Life’s Abundance more expensive than other dog food brands?

Life’s Abundance is generally priced higher than many mainstream dog food brands. This is due to their focus on high-quality ingredients and nutritional value. While it might not fit every budget, many pet owners find the health benefits worth the cost.

Is Life’s Abundance dog food sold in stores?

You won’t find Life’s Abundance dog food in any pet store. As a multi-level marketing company Life’s Abundance sells directly to consumers and most often through one of their “direct marketers”.

Life’s Abundance Dog Food Price

As far as price goes, this dog food costs ~$2.38 per lb when you buy the largest 36 lb bag and $2.49 per lb when you buy an 18 lb bag. This is slightly higher than the average dog food price of $2.19.

Who Owns Life’s Abundance

Life’s Abundance is a multi-level marketing company that sells skin care products, cleaning products, and of course, dog and cat food. You won’t find Life’s Abundance dog food in any pet stores.

Final Woof

Reviewing Life’s Abundance dog food has been quite enlightening. This brand stands out with its high-quality ingredients and the variety it offers. From their All Life Stage Dog Food to the specific grain-free options, there’s something for almost every dog’s needs.

What really impresses me is their commitment to quality and natural ingredients. It’s something I always look for in pet food, and Life’s Abundance hits the mark. However, it’s important to remember that this quality comes at a higher price, and the direct sales model means you can’t just pick it up at any store.

In the end, choosing the right food for your dog is a personal decision. If high-quality ingredients and specific dietary formulas are top priorities for you, and the price and availability work with your lifestyle, then Life’s Abundance is a great option.

  • 6.7/10
    Woof Whiskers Rating - 6.7/10


Life’s Abundance does offer some decent dog food with 33.3% protein and 40.6% of carbs, but you can do better for the price. You may also be against supporting a MLM company in which case you should definitely look elsewhere.

32 thoughts on “Life’s Abundance Dog Food Review (2024): Is It Good Enough?”

  1. Debbie

    You don’t have any idea what you are talking about with Life’s Abundance! We have formulators, including a holistic veterinarian, who supply our manufacturer with the ingredients to make the food. It is our formula!! We have NEVER had a recall and we know who all our customers are! Have you checked our the business reputation in FL? This company has been in business for over 20 years now and I have been a extremely proud rep for over 12 years. Don’t knock a good, reputable product/company unless you have the facts. I am disgusted.

    1. Can we hear from anyone who is not a PAID rep that is paid by lifesA…?

      1. Jeffrey

        I have been feeding my Lab Life Abundance her entire life. I did a lot of research after feeding her one of the premium brands you had suggested in your review. The density of some of the ingredients made her quite sick and that is when I learned about the importance of Chicken meal over high moisture chicken ingredients. To be honest, I trust breeders far more than reviewers and this product was overwhelmingly endorsed. Check our Endless Labs. Lastly, I think you should be very careful recommending grain free for Labs since there has been a considerable amount of research that documents serious medical issues. Bottom line, my dog is healthy, she loves the food and her vet is very pleased with her development which I attribute to Life Abundance dog food.

  2. Kevin Keagle

    I have been using life’s abundance dog food for about two years now. The breeders we bought our pup from said it was a good product so we tried it. Our pup seems to like it and we (my wife and I) follow the recommended amount that should be fed to him. Have never had a problem so far and I have never heard of a recall on this brand of dog food. We will continue to feed it to our little guy. He is a healthy little pup according to our vet. I think this brand has a better rep than a lot of the other brands out there, especially over the name brand dog foods that have been recalled.

  3. Olive P Moochler

    We have been using Life’s Abundance for almost 6 years. The breeder we bought our lab from recommended we use it and guaranteed our dog’s health for at least 10 years. I wanted to feed my dog what the breeder fed her dogs to keep them healthy – ’nuff said!

    1. This brand has very aggressive marketing tactics and they spend quite a bit of money on brand management as opposed to quality ingredients. Read the article and all these positive experiences from “anonymous” dog owners, and interpret accordingly.

      1. Sheila

        Really? I have a beautiful golden and it was recommended I feed Life’s abundance to him….I’m not being paid…I just love my Golden!, We’ve never had a problem with his food or anything of that nature!

  4. Heather

    We just bought a puppy from a breeder that recommended this food. When she told us that we were “required” to buy one bag of this food we of course agreed, as she said switching to a new food would upset the puppies stomach. I did find it strange that she provided us with a link to purchase the food directly off her website. I immediately thought MLM and am not surprised to find out that is it in fact an MLM company. The price plus shipping is pricey and it is not likely that we will continue using it past the first bag.

  5. Courtney Vasconcellos

    My pup is three years old and lifes abundance is the only thing i have ever fed her and its the only thing i ever will feed her. She is healthy and has never had any problems! It may be pricey but id rather pay for quality food to ensure a long life for my girl!

  6. Debbi Dieter

    Hmmm…the breeders we bought our little Yorkie and Morkie both fed their puppies Life’s Abundance but neither asked us to purchase from them. We order directly from the Life’s Abundance website and we have been doing so for about 4 years. Our little dogs are happy and healthy. I know they have never had a recall.

  7. I have three chocolate labradors ages 11, 10 and 8. The food seems pricier until you realize you serve less per dog weight pound versus others because there is less filler. Here’s the benefits I see as a dog owner:
    1. Less poop because less filler which makes it less expensive
    2. Pet stores have dog food that sits on shelves for a year or so (according to someone that works at one)
    3. Delivered to my house (and with coronavirus that’s a huge blessing)
    4. Since starting about 6 years ago, my dogs have shinier coats and are leaner which means healthier
    5. My hyper pup was calmer and my older dogs had more energy
    6. My vet read and did research and immediately started telling her other clients about it.

    For me it’s a no brainer and I am not a rep!

  8. Felicia G.

    We have put a deposit down for a puppy. There is a 3 year guarantee on the dog only if we use Life Abundance. The breeder is very reputable. Any thoughts?

    1. If that “warranty” is very important to you, I recommend you stick to the plan. Next time, understand that this is a red flag regardless of how “reputable” the breeder is. Locking someone on a food brand isn’t best for the puppy, and is just another way to make more money from the puppy. There are a lot of breeders who call out their fellow breeders for this.

      If you really care about what’s best for your puppy, who is now part of your family…get pet insurance and buy it the best dog food you can afford. Forget the “warranty” because when it’s time to use it, who is to say the breeder will actually honor it?

      1. Joyce Tabor

        I am a breeder and could not agree more with your statement. I tried LA and it was ‘okay’ – my doodles did not love it. When I realized it was an MLM, I stopped being a rep because I could not embrace their ‘marketing mentality’. I NEVER require my customers to only feed a certain brand of food and especially not one that provides me with an additional income! I make strong suggestions about food sources though – they ultimately make the choice.

        Yes, responsible breeders have a two year health warranty that should NOT be based on the food their pup eats but rather on making good decisions for their overall health – such as minimal vaccines, keeping a strong immune system and being VERY careful about what flea and tick products you use. My preference is to feed as close to raw as possible or your comfort level. There are many quality foods available for your canine pet if you research.

      2. Cristina

        “Don’t be stupid”? Wow, that’s the best you can do when you can’t face the facts and the comments you’re receiving? Pretty low to get offensive.

        A few years ago I had a wonderful shih tzu named Maggie. She lived a healthy long life of 16 years. She ate Lifes Abundance for most of those years. The food is great, she loved it and so are their treats which she also loved. I am considering getting another dog…he or she will eat Lifes Abundance. And how did I get To this blog? I am researching dog foods to ensure there is nothing better. Not too stupid to do that!

        If I go to a reputable breeder, what’s wrong with listening to his recommendations? I am sure no one minds receiving advice on such an important topic. So what that it’s an MLM and we pay a little more???!! They are here in the USA!!! And since we are not STUPID and can research on our own…we can ultimately make the final decision.

  9. We used Life’s Abundance for over 14 years until our dog passed away. My other dog that I had prior lived only 7 years from that “good” name brand crap that was made in China. We just got another dog yesterday and will ordering again soon. No, I have no financial interest in the company except being a customer. When I cancelled my order, they sent a very nice sympathy card signed by numerous people. Try getting that from most companies, especially the big name brands..

  10. Mercedes

    I am surprised by the relatively low rating. I have been using life abundance all stages for my two Sammie‘s since they were puppies proximately six years ago per the breeder’s contract. My dogs love it . Every time I give it to them you would think I served them steak. I have had dogs all my life and after a few bags of other kibble you have to switch because they get bored not so with this brand. Healthy happy dogs.None of the digestive and skin problems you see with other brands. ….and no I do not have a financial interest other than saving on my vet bill and enjoying my pet longer.

  11. Funny how you highlighted NATURAL FLAVORS as the only thing bad and to be avoided in Life’s Abundance, but then recommended CRAVE which also contains NATURAL FLAVORS! Chicken and Turkey Meal is dehydrated meat. The first ingredient in Crave is Lamb meat, which is mostly water and is lost in the cooking process, so which food has more vegetable protein in it… The Crave does. People need to become educated and not rely on opinions and NON-facts from people like you. My 16 year old Pitbull has benefitted so much from this food and all of my pets are on it. LOVE the results.

  12. This article is very informative and explains many of the things I suspected:

    The company is spending more money marketing to breeders and social media than on quality of ingredients.

    Don’t you all find it suspicious that breeders are forcing you to buy this dog food in order to get the “warranty”. The breeder obviously just wants to profit more from the dog than actually giving owners the freedom to buy even better food. That should be a red flag. Choose another breeder.

    This article isn’t saying the dog food is bad, or won’t give you a healthy puppy. You can have a healthy dog feeding it IAMs or basic dog food. All it is saying is that it’s overpriced and there are better options. Which are both true statements.

    Please don’t be stupid. Your dog deserves better.

  13. Dawn Roddy

    We have used Life Abundance from day one for our 2 ALD. Our breeder used it and recommended it. We order from their website so to say the breeder gets “brownie points “ so to say, is ridiculous. We have never had ANY issues and our Piper and Sawyer absolutely love it. It’s very interesting how the people who ACTUALLY USE the dog food love it, compared to people like you, who simply have your own objectives. We HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT.

  14. Laurie

    The rating is bogus. My dogs and cat love Life’s Abundance. I have been a breeder of Goldens for over 10 years and I finally found a dog food and treats I can trust. I would much rather give a little extra money to my rep than pay huge corporations for sub-par dog food with recall problems and very unhealthy ingredients just so they last longer on the shelf. The MLM is a plus in this instance. Wouldn’t you rather help a local company or person then a huge corporation that doesn’t care about your pet? Why would I buy pet food from Colgate, Proctor & Gamble and Mars? My pets are so much healthier than on all the other premium foods we tried over the years. That’s what should speak volumes.

  15. Ashley

    We got a labradoodle from a breeder that was heavy in support of this brand of dog food. To the point where our “goody bag” was basically filled with life’s abundance treats. I was a little hesitant about the food because it isn’t carried in any pet store I’ve been in, and I live in DC where there are many options, it seems very expensive to me, and my vet hadn’t heard of it. The enthusiastic endorsement from the breeder honestly made me think it isn’t so much MLM, but rather that the Life’s Abundance folks are giving the breeders free food to promote their product. Nothing wrong with that if it is the case, but they should disclose it if that is what is going on.

    Either way, a few weeks in our labradoodle got sick and the vet told us to give him boiled chicken and rice for a few days. After that it has been like pulling teeth to get him to eat the Life’s Abundance food. I’ve been adding a few tablespoons of wet food (trying out different types) since that is the only way he will eat the kibble now. Not sure what to do at this point.

  16. I have used Life’s Abundance since day one. My vet who had never heard of it thought it was pretty good and approved. She suggested staying on the large breed puppy a little longer based on my dog’s development.

    Why is anyone so concerned with the fact that it is a MLM distribution network. Others will complain about greedy corporations or unscrupulous retailers. Everyone has their preferences.

    Let the ingredients speak for themselves. Regardless of their marketing.

    Speak with your vet. After all you’re trusting them with your pet’s health already.

    I’m considering going from a dry food to something else because my dog is finicky.

  17. Whitney

    LA was suggested to us when my other Golden had allergies. It helped plus always wiping my Nugget down. I now have a English Platinum Golden. He is over 11 and loves his food. M y Breeder uses this food. I have nothing but kudos for this company. When in Florida I pick the food up from Jupiter., but in Colorado the delivery and ordering has been perfect. Give this company a 10. As long as I have a golden I’ll continue using these products. Have been using LA for 15 + years.

  18. R Schlager

    I found life abundance while looking for a food without selenite. Most dog foods have it. It is known toxin to dogs. Life abundance has selenium which is needed mineral. I haven’t used life abundance yet. If you can give me name of another dog food that doesn’t selenite I’d be happy look at it.

  19. Stacy Fisher

    I had 3 of my Siberan Huskies live most of their lives on Life’s Abundance. And they all ended up living long lives. All 3 of my Huskies lived over 15 years old. Thanks to Life Abundance.

    1. Stephen Yocum

      We have been using it on our 3 airedale puppies and have been thrilled with the results. We are not ordering thru the breed but we order it directly from life’s abundance. We have had 10 other airedales and 2 wolf hounds along with other breeds and it does compare price wise with other top notch brands.

  20. Stephen Yocum

    We have been using it on our 3 airedale puppies and have been thrilled with the results. We are not ordering thru the breed but we order it directly from life’s abundance. We have had 10 other airedales and 2 wolf hounds along with other breeds and it does compare price wise with other top notch brands.

  21. We are using LA for our pug puppy based on breeder recommendation. I buy through the website not the breeder, altho as our breeder never asked us to do otherwise. Our pup seems healthy and I am going to start my other two dogs on Life Stages. We have researched the ingredients and this food seems as good or better than sImilar high quality brands. We have tried several brands over the years and having lost two dogs prematurely to various illness, including allergies, diabetes and pancreatitis, we are very conscious of the relationship of quality food to good health and are anxious to find the best food that we can afford. I am encouraged to hear positive remarks from long term users of LA. I want my dogs to not only live long healthy lives but to live quality lives free of distress from allergies and illness.

  22. I have used three breeders over my lifetime of having dogs. The first one recommended Royal Canin food (available at stores and; the second one, Nulo dog food (also at stores and, and the third one, Life’s Abundance dog food (the breeder is notified of your purchases from the manufacturer which allows you to have their 6 year health warrantee (without it, 2 year).
    Still deciding. At the moment I am feeding my 6 month old boy Fromm’s Gold puppy food which the breeder send home with me with the recommendation to transition him to the less fattening Life’s Abundance. I mix it with Stella and Chewy’s lamb dry food. To be continued…

  23. All of the positive comments here are from breeders engaged in this MLM scam. Dogs HATE this food. My dog refuses to eat this food unless starving. I tried multiple other brands and did not experience the same eating problems. I also tried this food with another dog and saw this same issues. Don’t buy this food, they won’t give you a refund when you dog inevitably won’t eat it.

  24. Feeling Manipulated!

    After making a down payment for a new pup, the breeder announced we would be REQUIRED to buy LA for the warranty to be valid. That, of course, was a HUGE red flag. I guessed they were making money off forcing us to buy LA – assumption confirmed!!! Very disappointed with the integrity of the breeder! Makes me question everything about them! Recommending is one thing but requiring dogfood that you profit from just smells like…dog poo! I feel very manipulated. Like all of you, I want what is best for my new pup. Overly processed super-heated dry food will not be the only food they receive, if at all. There are so many better choices! The wrong food is very linked to cancer. Dog food is serious.

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