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Milk-Bone Original Biscuit Dog Treats Review – A 2023 Deep Dive

milk bone dog treats review

milk bone dog treats review

Milk-Bone has been a dog’s best friend since 1908, starting out in New York City. The company began marketing on the silver screen, started introducing more sizes and flavors, and is now the reputable company it is today. 

This brand is so popular that you’ll notice that it’s sold out or close to it when visiting stores like PetSmart or Petco. There’s a reason that dogs and dog owners love these biscuits so much, and will discuss that a little later in our Milk-Bone dog treats to review.

Milk-Bone Original Biscuit Dog Treats come in four sizes: small, medium, large, and a size for puppies. So whether you have a toy Chihuahua or a Great Pyrenees, your dog can enjoy all the beefy goodness packed into these crunchy treats.

Additionally, the packaging range is HUGE. You can keep it small and portable and get a 16 oz bag. This size is perfect for going on walks or training your dog.  

Or you can get a huge bag that’s about 10 pounds. This one is better for being stationary in your home or veterinarian’s office. The size in between these two is 24 oz. 

Who’s It For?  

  • The pup you keep asking, “Who’s a good dog?! Who’s a good dog?!”
  • Dogs who need help keeping their teeth clean
  • Dogs with a chicken allergy

Who It Isn’t For?

  • Dogs who are lactose intolerant 
  • Pups with digestive issues 
  • Dogs sensitive to wheat

If you’re looking for a dog treat that will make your pup’s mouth water, you should consider Milk-Bone Original Biscuit Dog Treats. There are tons of fancy flavors and variations, but sometimes nothing is better than the original!

Dog’s love these treats so much, you’ll often find them at the receptionist’s desk in a veterinary clinic or at the cash registers in a pet shop. They are universally admired by pups without chicken allergies and pet parents who want to keep their dog’s teeth healthy.  

What We Like About Milk-Bone Original Biscuit Dog Treats

We really like that Milk-Bone Original Biscuit Dog Treats are fortified with 12 vitamins and minerals to help provide complete nutrition. Your pup gets to have a tasty treat while still getting in some nutrients. 

We think this is also helpful for dogs who are picky eaters. Of course, you shouldn’t substitute dog food for treats long term, but in the interim of finding a dog food that works, these treats can help prevent your dog from becoming malnourished. 

One of these essential vitamins that stands out to us is the B vitamins in this dog treat. B vitamins help the nervous system function and aid in energy metabolism. This helps your pooch stay healthy and be able to play all day. 

We also really like that this treat is free of chicken and chicken by-products. A lot of treats contain chicken, and many dogs have a chicken allergy. They deserve treats too! We love that Milk-Bone thought about these pups and omitted the poultry. 

Lastly, these original biscuit dog treats are great for your dog’s teeth. Dental hygiene is just as important for dogs as it is for us humans. Your dog can keep their teeth nice and healthy while chomping on a yummy snack. 

This is especially important for older adult dogs who aren’t quite seniors yet. If you want them to keep as many teeth as possible as they get older, taking care of their teeth is crucial. This can be a simple way for you to do it. 

Crunchy dog treats can also help freshen your dog’s breath, so if Fido’s breath is fiery, Milk-Bone biscuits may be able to tone it down. 

What We Don’t Like About Milk-Bone Original Biscuit Dog Treats

Milk-Bone missed the grain-free mark with these treats. Many dogs find grains hard to digest and can make them gassy. There has also been a link between grains and skin issues.

So, if your pup suffers from certain skin conditions that have been improving by following a grain-free diet, these might not be the best choice for them. 

We’re also disappointed that these contain milk. Milk isn’t toxic to dogs, but it can be difficult for them to digest. In fact, some dogs can even be lactose intolerant. What does this mean for your dog? Even if they aren’t lactose intolerant, this could cause them to have some smelly toots.

This is due to your dog not being able to produce enough of the enzyme, lactase, to break down the lactose. Excess lactose makes its way to the large intestine, bacteria feed on it, and your dog is left with stinky gas. Not fun. 

We also don’t like how hard these treats are. They’re fine for most dogs, but for older dogs, they might be hard to chew. And our senior pets deserve treats too. 

Lastly, these treats contain artificial preservatives. Just as preservatives in human food have been linked with certain cancers, so are preservatives in dog food. But just keep in mind that these studies were done on laboratory animals and haven’t been proven in dogs or people yet.


  • Fortified with essential vitamins and minerals
  • Helps clean plaque off their teeth
  • Good for dogs with chicken sensitivities
  • Majority of ingredients sourced from the U.S


  • Contains milk
  • Too hard to chew for some dogs
  • Contains two artificial preservatives

What’s Included?   

When you and your pup open this box, they’ll be drooling at the beef-flavored, bone-shaped treats. You will get 100+ crunchy, tasty treats that are hardly ever broken in the box.  

The ingredients and feeding instructions are also listed on the box if you need some help figuring out how many treats your pup can eat. Because they’ll eat the whole box if you let them. 

Overview of Features  

  • Crunchy texture benefits dental health 
  • 12 vitamins and minerals for complete nutrition 
  • Free of chicken and chicken by-products  

Crunchy Texture and Dental Health

As previously mentioned, the crunchy texture helps your pup clean their teeth. How does that work?  

The crunchy edges of these treats help reduce plaque and tartar by acting like a toothbrush and “brushing” it away. It rubs against your dog’s teeth and gum line. It’ll also help improve your dog’s breath because the crunchiness from these treats also acts as a tongue scraper.   

While you’re brushing and flossing during your nighttime routine, your dog is too when eating these treats. 

Dental health is extremely important for your pooch. The buildup of tartar can cause gingivitis, which, if left untreated, can cause tooth loss. These can make it difficult for your dog to eat (especially Milk-Bone treats), and it can also be quite painful.

Incorporating crunchy treats into your pup’s diet can definitely help ward off tooth loss due to gingivitis. 

12 Essential Vitamins and Minerals

There are 12 essential vitamins and minerals, along with other added vitamins and minerals. When added to your pup’s diet, they can help supplement where they might be lacking, especially if your dog is a picky eater. 

These vitamins and minerals are called “essential” because dogs need them in order to function properly and be healthy. Some of them are quite difficult to get naturally, so eating foods and treats fortified with these minerals and vitamins will ensure your pup is getting adequate nutrition.  

The minerals that are included in these treats are manganous oxide, copper sulfate, zinc oxide, and ferrous sulfate.  

Manganous oxide. Needed for bone growth and proper thyroid function, this mineral also helps pets digest and absorb protein and carbohydrates. It also helps with the activation of the enzymes that aid your pup by using fatty acids.

Manganous oxide is a great addition to treats since it can help digestion. This prevents bloating and smelly gas. 

Copper sulfate. These treats contain minuscule amounts of copper sulfate, so there’s no need to worry about copper toxicity. Copper is essential for maintaining healthy bones and a healthy metabolism. It also ensures that your dog’s nervous system is running properly. 

So, biscuits containing copper sulfate keep your dog from breaking any bones while they’re out exploring their curiosity. It also helps them manage their weight. 

Zinc Oxide. This is a powerful antioxidant that helps in a variety of metabolic processes, including support for the immune system and thyroid function. Chronic digestive issues have been known to be caused by a zinc deficiency. 

By adding Zinc Oxide to the ingredients list, Milk-Bone is helping dogs with gut problems due to zinc and making sure they stay healthy with regulated hormones.

Ferrous sulfate. Ferrous sulfate helps prevent and treat iron-deficiency anemia and can be used as an iron supplement. Iron helps to keep your pup’s red blood cells healthy as well as aid in digestion and protect their immune system. 

Anemia can cause tiredness in dogs, so these treats may give your anemic dog a small boost to get through their day of play.

Now, on to the vitamins.

The vitamins included in Milk-Bone biscuits are Vitamin E, Vitamin A, Vitamin D3, Riboflavin, Folic Acid, Vitamin B6, and B12. 

Vitamin E. Vitamin E is an antioxidant that helps protect your pup’s body from free radicals. It’s also helpful for supporting a healthy immune system, heart, liver, and skin and coat. Vitamin E can be used as a natural preservative as well to keep dog treats staying fresh. 

Vitamin A. Responsible for healthy vision, this vitamin also aids in cell and immune function. It aids in growth and fetal development as well. Adding Vitamin A to these crunchy snacks will help your dog continue to see you reaching in the Milk-Bone box.  

Vitamin D3. Vitamin D3 is a fat-soluble vitamin that is essential for your furry friend. Dogs with thick coats might have some trouble absorbing vitamin D from the sunshine with all that fur. Vitamin D also helps pups absorb more calcium, which prevents rickets. 

Folic Acid (B9). Folic acid is an essential water-soluble vitamin that helps with metabolic functions like DNA synthesis and the production of red blood cells. Having enough folic acid can also be responsible for preventing anemia in your dog. 

Riboflavin (B2). This vitamin helps keep your dog’s skin nice and healthy. It also helps them turn fat into energy. This is especially important for the dog that is as active as their owner and likes things like hiking and running. 

Vitamin B6. Vitamin B6 helps maintain electrolyte balance as well as promotes a healthy brain and red blood cell production. This vitamin can also trigger the release of hormones that play a part in your dog’s overall mood.  If your Shibu is a little sassy, they might be lacking vitamin B6.

Vitamin B12. B12 helps your pup’s nervous system and brain function properly. It also promotes the growth of blood cells and helps maintain a healthy digestive system. Treats that have additional digestive support are an ideal choice to prevent stomach issues.

Free of Chicken and Chicken By-products

Did you know that chicken is the third most common food to cause allergic reactions in dogs? 

These allergic reactions can be quite uncomfortable for your dog. They may experience intense itching that can have them scratching for hours. This can eventually lead to fur loss because they’re pulling out fur as they constantly scratch. 

If they scratch themselves until they’re bleeding, they are more susceptible to skin infections. This is due to bacteria being underneath their nails that can get into the cut. Skin infections can lead to even more scratching.

Other than the skin reactions to chicken and chicken by-products, some dogs can experience chronic diarrhea and vomiting. This can lead to electrolyte imbalance and can be dangerous for your dog’s health. Not to mention, it’s extremely troubling for them. 

With such severe and painful reactions, we like that Milk-Bone has kept chicken and chicken by-products out of their treats. They might still contain other allergens, but they took the third most common allergen into account. 

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Milk-Bone Dog Treats Review Summary 

Overall, Milk-Bone Original Biscuit Dog Treats are similar to children’s breakfast cereals. They’re fortified with vitamins and minerals while still being tasty. They’re not exactly the healthiest, but they definitely offer some nutrition and are yummy for your pup. 

They’re great for most dogs’ teeth and gum health unless your pooch has trouble with hard foods. They’re so hard that they don’t break in the box, so you won’t have to worry about opening the box and seeing everything crumble.

Dogs with wheat and dairy allergies shouldn’t consume these biscuits. If your pup has any sensitives to beef or artificial preservatives, you’ll also need to avoid these treats as they contain both of these ingredients.


Are these considered high-calorie treats? 

The short answer is no. They’re within the normal calorie range. Now, let’s look at the math. 

A dog’s daily caloric intake should be about 30 calories per pound. This means that a large dog weighs roughly 50 pounds would need about 1,500 calories. 

As a general rule of thumb, dog treats should be no more than 10 percent of their daily calories. In the case of a dog needing 1,500 calories a day, they can eat up to 150 calories of treats.  

Milk-Bone Official Biscuit Dog Treats are only 125 calories, a little less than 10 percent of 1,500 calories, which means they aren’t high in calories.  

How many treats can you give your dog a day?  

You can give your pup 1-3 biscuits per day. The general guideline is one treat per every 33 pounds. So, if you have a Basset Hound, they might be able to eat up to two treats a day if they’re on the heavier end of their weight class (65 pounds).  

How big are these treats? 

Milk-Bone biscuits are about 4 x 1.5 x .75in. If you want to put one of these under your Christmas tree for your pup, it can definitely fit in a small box.  

Are these treats grain-free?

Unfortunately, these specific treats are not grain-free. Milk-Bone does make other grain-free treats, though.

Where do I find the expiration date? 

You should be able to find the expiration date on the back of the box or the bottom of the box. 

How many treats are in each box? 

In a 10-pound box you can expect 100+ treats, in a 4-pound box you’ll get about 40+ treats, and in a 24-ounce box, you’ll get 10+ treats. If you’ll be giving these to your pup daily or if you’ll be giving them to multiple dogs, the 10-pound box might be your best option.

Why aren’t all ingredients from the U.S? Why only a majority? 

A large part of Milk-Bone Original Biscuit dog treats is indeed sourced from the U.S. but the manufacturer chooses to source just a few minor ingredients that can include nutritional supplements or the preservatives used. 

These ingredients can be limited in the U.S so the manufacturer searches elsewhere. Be advised that the treats are still made using strict U.S. quality standards. Those still apply to all ingredients regardless of where they came from.

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  1. My standard poodle had free access to a large box of milk bones for 17 years and 9 months. They were not grain free but I’ve read many posts from my poodle group that their dogs got ill and even died due to grain free diets. She died at 17y9m with all her teeth in perfect condition and white as puppy teeth. Her kidney failure was due to age, not diet.

    I’m glad your pro list is longer than your con list, mine certainly is. My new poodle is a 4 yo rehome. There is an open box of milk bones sitting on the floor next to the kitchen cabinet.

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