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Nom Nom Dog Food Review 2024: A Fresh Take on Canine Nutrition

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Nom Nom (previously known as NomNomNow) is one of our favorite options for fresh dog food. Portion-sized resealable bags, excellent variety in recipes, high quality ingredients and freshness, and competitive pricing. What else can you ask for?

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Last Updated: February 26, 2024 by Lisa Melillo

Nom Nom swoops into the dog food scene like a superhero in a cape, promising to rescue our furry friends from the monotony of kibble and the dubiousness of canned food.

As someone who spends their days amidst a chorus of barks and purrs, weaving through the intricacies of animal health, I’ve seen my fair share of ‘next big things’ in pet nutrition. But Nom Nom? It’s got that extra sizzle that makes you pause and think, “Could this be the gourmet feast my dog has been dreaming of?”

In a world where “fresh” and “tailored” are tossed around like tennis balls at the dog park, Nom Nom pledges to deliver just that—meticulously crafted meals that could very well make your dog’s dinner the envy of the neighborhood. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

So, buckle up, and let’s take a tantalizing tour through the world of Nom Nom. Is it just another meal, or is it the doggy-dining revolution we’ve been waiting for?

What is NomNom? 


The premise is simple yet revolutionary: every pet deserves food that’s as nutritious as it is delicious, prepared with the same care and quality you’d want for any member of your family.

NomNom is a subscription dog food delivery service that not only focuses on delivering fully customizable meals directly to your door but also promises to provide human-grade, restaurant-quality ingredients in every meal.

Like many other subscription services on the market, Nom Nom (recently rebranded from what used to be NomNomNow) offers users the ability to have a say in the ingredients that go into every bag of food, but with the bonus of a trained veterinarian helping to make your decisions with you.

Trial offer: Nom Nom is offering Woof Whiskers readers 50% off your first order when you order through this link or the button below! The discount is automatically added during checkout.

1% of all sales also goes directly into pet nutrition research, so you can rest assured that at least a portion of your bill goes into helping pets live longer, happier, healthier lives in the future.


A Look at the Past 

The story of Nom Nom is as heartwarming as it is inspiring, deeply rooted in love, concern, and the relentless pursuit of better health for pets. The journey began with a dog named Harlee—a spirited Miniature Schnauzer struggling with various health issues that significantly affected her quality of life. Her owners, distressed by her suffering, embarked on a mission to find a solution, focusing on the potential impact of nutrition on Harlee’s health.

The transformation Harlee experienced after switching to a diet of fresh, whole foods was astonishing. Her health improved dramatically, and her vitality returned, inspiring her owners to share this revelation with other pet parents. This led to the birth of Nom Nom, initially known as NomNomNow, driven by a passion to improve pet health through nutrition.

Nom Nom’s origin story, centered around Harlee’s turnaround, shapes the company’s ethos to this day. They are dedicated to providing pets with meals that mirror the quality and nutritional integrity of the diet that so positively affected Harlee’s life. Now simply known as Nom Nom, the company continues to be motivated by the transformative power of proper nutrition, underscored by a story of recovery, love, and the profound impact of a thoughtful diet.

How Nom Nom Works

Nom Nom takes the guesswork out of feeding your dog with a process that’s as straightforward as it is sophisticated. Here’s how it unfolds:

  • Personalization at Its Core: It all begins with understanding your dog. Nom Nom’s approach tailors meals to your pet’s specific dietary needs, factoring in age, weight, activity level, and any health issues. This personalization ensures that every meal is not just food but nourishment that speaks directly to your dog’s unique requirements.

  • Nutritionist-Crafted Recipes: Behind every Nom Nom meal is a team of expert nutritionists who meticulously craft recipes that meet the highest standards. Using only whole, restaurant-quality ingredients, these meals provide complete nutrition. Your dog gets all the necessary vitamins, minerals, and macronutrients in every bite. 

  • Convenience Meets Quality: Nom Nom delivers these freshly prepared meals straight to your door, pre-portioned and ready to serve. This seamless blend of convenience and quality means you can provide your dog with the best possible diet without the hassle of meal prep.

  • Ongoing Support: Nom Nom’s commitment doesn’t end with delivery. They offer ongoing support to ensure your dog thrives on their diet, adapting and tweaking meals to align with changing health needs and preferences.

Nom Nom Recipes

Nom Nom’s culinary repertoire for dogs is a testament to their commitment to quality, nutrition, and taste. Each recipe is crafted under the watchful eyes of veterinary nutritionists, ensuring that every meal is not just a feast for the taste buds but also a comprehensive nourishment package for your furry friend.

Let’s delve into the heart of Nom Nom’s menu, exploring the delectable and nutritious recipes they offer.

Beef Mash

NomNom Beef Mash

A classic favorite, the Beef Mash is a hearty blend of ground beef, potatoes, carrots, peas, and eggs, supplemented with Nom Nom’s special nutrient mix. This recipe is a powerhouse of protein, essential for muscle maintenance and repair, while the inclusion of easily digestible carbohydrates provides ample energy for your dog’s daily adventures. The colorful mix of vegetables ensures a healthy dose of fiber, vitamins, and antioxidants, supporting everything from digestion to immune health.

  • Ingredients: Ground beef, russet potatoes, eggs, carrots, peas, dicalcium phosphate, potassium chloride, salt, natural flavor, citric acid, vinegar, calcium carbonate, taurine, fish oil, sunflower oil, choline bitartrate, vitamin E supplement, water sufficient for processing, iron amino acid chelate, zinc gluconate, copper gluconate, niacin (vitamin B3), manganese gluconate, vitamin A supplement, thiamine mononitrate (vitamin B1), pyridoxine hydrochloride (vitamin B6), riboflavin (vitamin B2), cholecalciferol (source of vitamin D3), potassium iodide, folic acid, vitamin B12 supplement.
  • 8%

    Crude Protein

  • 4%

    Crude Fat

  • 1%

    Crude Fiber

Chicken Cuisine

NomNom Chicken Cuisine

The Chicken Cuisine is a light, yet satisfying option, featuring diced chicken, sweet potatoes, yellow squash, and spinach, all rounded off with the Nom Nom nutrient mix. This recipe is perfect for dogs who thrive on lean protein and offers a balanced spectrum of nutrients. Sweet potatoes are a fantastic source of beta-carotene and fiber, aiding in digestive health and immune function, while leafy greens contribute essential vitamins and minerals.

  • Ingredients: Chicken, sweet potatoes, squash, water sufficient for processing, spinach, sunflower oil, canola oil, natural flavor, vinegar, dicalcium phosphate, citric acid, calcium carbonate, fish oil, salt, choline bitartrate, taurine, vitamin E supplement, iron amino acid chelate, zinc gluconate, copper gluconate, niacin (vitamin B3), manganese gluconate, vitamin A supplement, thiamine mononitrate (vitamin B1), pyridoxine hydrochloride (vitamin B6), riboflavin (vitamin B2), cholecalciferol (source of vitamin D3), potassium iodide, folic acid, vitamin B12 supplement.
  • 8.5%

    Crude Protein

  • 6%

    Crude Fat

  • 1%

    Crude Fiber

Pork Potluck

Nom Nom Freshly-Made Frozen Grain-Free Pork Potluck Dog

For dogs with a taste for the unconventional, the Pork Potluck offers a tantalizing mix of ground pork, potatoes, green beans, yellow squash, and kale, complemented by the essential Nom Nom nutrient mix. Pork is a highly digestible protein source, rich in amino acids, while the diverse selection of vegetables ensures a broad range of vitamins and antioxidants, promoting overall wellness and vitality.

  • Ingredients: Ground pork, russet potatoes, green beans, squash, kale, cremini mushrooms, dicalcium phosphate, potassium chloride, salt, natural flavor, vinegar, citric acid, fish oil, taurine, choline bitartrate, vitamin E supplement, iron amino acid chelate, zinc gluconate, copper gluconate, niacin (vitamin B3), manganese gluconate, vitamin A supplement, thiamine mononitrate (vitamin B1), pyridoxine hydrochloride (vitamin B6), riboflavin (vitamin B2), cholecalciferol (source of vitamin D3), potassium iodide, folic acid, vitamin B12 supplement.
  • 7%

    Crude Protein

  • 5%

    Crude Fat

  • 2%

    Crude Fiber

Turkey Fare

Nom Nom Freshly-Made Frozen Turkey Fare Dog Food

The Turkey Fare is a gentle, easily digestible recipe ideal for sensitive stomachs. It combines ground turkey, brown rice, carrots, spinach, and eggs, with the Nom Nom nutrient blend for a balanced meal. This recipe is particularly beneficial for dogs needing a lower-fat diet or those with gastrointestinal sensitivities. The inclusion of brown rice provides a soothing source of fiber, aiding in digestive health. Meanwhile, eggs offer high-quality protein and a wealth of vitamins.

  • Ingredients: Turkey, brown rice, eggs, carrots, spinach, dicalcium phosphate, potassium chloride, beef fat, citric acid, salt, vinegar, calcium carbonate, water, fish oil, choline bitartrate, iron amino acid chelate, vitamin e supplement, taurine, natural flavor, zinc gluconate, copper gluconate, niacin (vitamin B3), manganese gluconate, vitamin A supplement, thiamine mononitrate (vitamin B1), pyridoxine hydrochloride (vitamin B6), riboflavin (vitamin B2), cholecalciferol (source of vitamin D3), potassium iodide, folic acid, vitamin B12 supplement.
  • 10%

    Crude Protein

  • 5%

    Crude Fat

  • 1%

    Crude Fiber

Unboxing Nom Nom Deliver: First Impression 

An excited dog watching over a pack of Nom Nom Dog Food 

Unboxing my first Nom Nom delivery was an experience filled with anticipation and curiosity. As someone deeply entrenched in the world of canine health and nutrition, I was eager to see if Nom Nom lived up to the hype, not just in nutritional quality but in the entire customer experience.

The shipment arrived in a sturdy brown box, prominently featuring the Nom Nom logo and clear instructions to refrigerate the contents promptly—a crucial detail for fresh pet food. The company’s attention to detail was evident from the get-go, reassuring me of the care and thought put into every aspect of their service.

Upon opening the box, I was greeted by two large, reusable gel ice packs, sandwiching the pre-portioned packs of dog food. Despite the journey from San Francisco to my doorstep in Pennsylvania, during the peak of summer no less, each pack was impressively cold to the touch. This level of cold chain integrity is paramount for fresh food delivery, and Nom Nom certainly delivered on that front.

The trial order included all four of Nom Nom’s signature recipes, giving a comprehensive taste of their culinary offerings. Each pack was clearly labeled and sealed, ensuring freshness and ease of use. The reminder on the packaging to use or freeze the meals within 8 days was a helpful touch, emphasizing the importance of freshness. For those of us managing a mixed diet for our pets or ordering in bulk, the option to freeze the packs, extending their shelf life to 6 months, is incredibly convenient.

Nom Nom Dog Food Review: Quality And Ingredients

When it comes to evaluating dog food, the proof is always in the pudding—or, in this case, the meticulously prepared, nutritionist-designed meals that Nom Nom delivers. As a veterinary technician, I scrutinize pet food with an eagle eye, understanding that quality and ingredients are not just buzzwords but the very foundation of our pets’ health and longevity.

Quality: A Cut Above

Nom Nom sets a high bar for quality, starting with the choice of ingredients. Each recipe is crafted with whole, restaurant-quality components, a rarity in the pet food world where fillers and by-products often dominate. This commitment to quality is evident in every bite, promising meals that are as wholesome as they are delicious.

The preparation process further underscores their dedication to excellence. Meals are prepared in Nom Nom’s own kitchens, allowing for strict quality control and transparency. This farm-to-bowl approach ensures that every batch meets their high standards, providing peace of mind for pet parents who want nothing but the best for their furry family members.

Ingredients: Freshness Front and Center

Delving into the ingredients, Nom Nom’s recipes read more like a gourmet menu than a typical dog food label. The Beef Mash, for instance, combines ground beef with potatoes, carrots, and peas, offering a rich source of protein, vitamins, and minerals. The Chicken Cuisine, with its blend of chicken, sweet potatoes, and spinach, provides lean protein and essential nutrients, catering to a wide range of dietary needs.

As highlighted in many other Nom Nom Dog Food reviews, what sets it apart is not just the caliber of ingredients but its approach to formulation. Each recipe is backed by science, formulated under the guidance of veterinary nutritionists to ensure a balanced diet. This means that beyond the primary ingredients, Nom Nom meals include a custom blend of vitamins and minerals tailored to meet the specific nutritional requirements of dogs at all life stages.

The Nom Nom Difference

The difference in quality and ingredients between Nom Nom and the average dog food is palpable. From the freshness of the produce to the absence of artificial additives, every aspect of Nom Nom’s offerings is designed with your dog’s health in mind. This level of care and attention to detail is what makes Nom Nom more than just a meal. It’s a commitment to enhancing the well-being of pets through superior nutrition.

Taste Test

Sasha eating NomNomNow dog food
Bowl-licking good!

When it came time for the ultimate taste test, my furry sidekick Sasha was more than ready to volunteer. Known for her robust appetite, Sasha isn’t the type to turn her nose up at much. However, there’s a distinct difference in her enthusiasm when something truly tantalizing is on the menu. From the moment the Nom Nom box crossed our threshold, her excitement was palpable, her keen nose twitching in anticipation.

As I prepared her bowl, Sasha’s anticipation reached a fever pitch. The food required a bit of finesse with a fork to make it ready for consumption. The texture was rich and hearty, a far cry from the desiccated kibble that so often passes for dog food. Each ingredient was recognizable, a testament to Nom Nom’s promise of fresh, whole foods.

It’s worth noting that Sasha, a seasoned connoisseur of fresh dog food brands like The Farmer’s Dog, Ollie, and Pet Plate, transitioned to Nom Nom with ease. This seamless switch is a testament to Nom Nom’s thoughtful approach to feeding, particularly for pets moving from a kibble-based diet to fresh food. The brand’s attention to a gradual transition, offering smaller portions to mix with kibble initially, showcases their commitment to pet health and digestive comfort.

Placing your First Order

Placing your first order with Nom Nom is a journey that begins with excitement and ends with the promise of healthier, happier meal times for your furry companion. As other Nom Nom reviews highlight, the process is easy with personalization in mind. 

Step 1: The Profile Creation

Nom Nom Dog Food Review

Your Nom Nom experience starts with creating a profile for your pooch. This isn’t just any profile; it’s a comprehensive overview of your dog’s age, weight, breed, activity level, and any specific health issues or dietary restrictions. Nom Nom takes this information seriously, using it to tailor meal plans that fit your dog’s unique nutritional requirements to a T.

Step 2: Selecting the Menu

Once your dog’s profile is set, the next step is the fun part: choosing the menu. Nom Nom offers a variety of recipes, each crafted by veterinary nutritionists to ensure they’re not only delicious but also balanced and healthy. Whether your dog is a fan of beef, chicken, turkey, or pork, there’s a recipe that’s sure to tantalize their taste buds. And if you’re unsure which one to pick, Nom Nom provides the option to try a variety pack, allowing your dog to sample each of their delectable dishes.

Step 3: Customizing the Portion Size

Nom Nom understands that every dog is unique, and so are their appetites and nutritional needs. That’s why they offer customized portion sizes, ensuring your dog gets the exact amount of food they need to thrive, based on the detailed profile you’ve provided. No more guesswork or measuring cups; each meal is pre-portioned, making feeding time a breeze.

Step 4: Scheduling and Delivery

With the menu selected and portion sizes customized, the final step is setting up your delivery schedule. Nom Nom’s flexible delivery options mean you can choose how often you receive shipments, ensuring your dog never runs out of their new favorite meals. The food arrives at your doorstep, packed with care to maintain freshness from their kitchen to your dog’s bowl.

Step 5: Transitioning to Nom Nom

For those making the switch from kibble or another brand of dog food, Nom Nom makes the transition smooth and gentle on your dog’s digestive system. They recommend gradually mixing Nom Nom meals with your dog’s current food, slowly increasing the proportion over time. This careful approach helps acclimate your dog to their new diet, minimizing any potential digestive upset.

The Trial Offer

Nom Nom’s trial offer is an excellent way for you and your dog to experience the benefits of their fresh, tailored meals without a long-term commitment upfront. For my dog’s free trial, covering 100% of his diet for 2 weeks, the cost is $91.98.

However, Nom Nom makes this decision easier with a generous 50% discount on your first order, bringing the Nom Nom dog food cost down to $45.99. This price includes free shipping, ensuring the transition to Nom Nom is as smooth and stress-free as possible. After adding the applicable sales tax of $3.22, the total for the two-week trial comes to $49.21.

Nom Nom 50% Off Trial

Beyond Dog Food: Nom Nom Supplements 

Nom Nom has taken a significant leap beyond their renowned fresh dog food, venturing into the realm of health supplements to offer a more holistic approach to your dog’s wellness. Their carefully curated supplement line is a testament to their commitment to supporting every facet of your pet’s health, from digestive support to immune system enhancement.

Full Spectrum Probiotics for Dogs

Nom Nom Dog Full Spectrum Probiotic Support Prebiotic Fiber and Inulin Powder Blend - Dog Probiotic for Digestive, Immune, and Dog Allergy Health Preferences

Understanding the pivotal role gut health plays in overall vitality, Nom Nom Full Spectrum Probiotics for Dogs. This blend is packed with a diverse array of probiotic strains, specifically chosen for their benefits to canine gut flora. Regular use of this supplement can aid in digestion, bolster the immune system, and promote a balanced intestinal environment, making it a cornerstone for maintaining your dog’s health from the inside out.

GI Targeted Probiotics for Dogs

Nom Nom Dog GI-Targeted Probiotic Support - with Prebiotic Fiber, Inulin, and Saccharomyces boulardii - Gut Health Dog Probiotics for Gastrointestinal and Stomach Relief (GI Powder)

For dogs with more specific gastrointestinal needs, Nom Nom’s GI Targeted Probiotics for Dogs provides a focused approach to gut health. This formula is especially beneficial for pets with sensitive stomachs, digestive irregularities, or those recovering from antibiotic treatments. By targeting the GI tract, this supplement helps to soothe and stabilize the digestive system, ensuring optimal nutrient absorption and overall comfort.

Nom Nom Dog Food Reviews 

Although Nom Nom may sound like a new dog food brand, they were previously known by another name. For a better understanding of Nom Nom. let’s take a look at the experiences shared by other people. 

What Other People Say 

Upon reviewing customer comments regarding Nom Nom pet food, they appear to be incredibly positive. Here are some of the recurring comments from customers:

  • Nom Nom is a convenient service 
  • Dogs love the flavors 
  • High-quality product 
  • The subscription is hard to cancel
Nom Nom Coupon - 50% Off

Frequently Asked Questions: More About Nom Nom 

What sets Nom Nom apart from other pet food brands?

Nom Nom distinguishes itself by offering fresh, high-quality meals from veterinary nutritionists. Each meal uses whole, restaurant-quality ingredients to meet the unique nutritional needs of your pet. Nom Nom focuses on freshness, quality, and nutrition. 

How does Nom Nom ensure the freshness of their meals?

Nom Nom prepares meals in their own kitchens. There, they can maintain strict control over the quality and freshness of ingredients. Meals are then quickly frozen to lock in freshness. They are shipped in insulated packaging with ice packs to ensure they remain cold during transit. Upon arrival, store meals in the refrigerator or freezer to preserve their freshness until feeding time.

Can Nom Nom meals accommodate specific dietary needs or allergies?

Yes, Nom Nom offers a degree of customization to cater to pets with specific dietary requirements or allergies. When setting up your pet’s profile, you can specify any allergies or sensitivities. Nom Nom will recommend the best meal options to suit your pet’s needs. Consult with your veterinarian when making significant changes to your pet’s diet, especially if they have health concerns.

How do I transition my pet to Nom Nom meals?

Gradually transition your dogs to Nom Nom meals to avoid digestive upset. Nom Nom recommends starting mixing a small amount of their food with your pet’s current food. Gradually increase the proportion of Nom Nom over a week or so. This slow transition allows your pet’s digestive system to adjust to the new diet smoothly.

What is Nom Nom’s policy on sustainability and eco-friendliness?

Nom Nom has an impressive commitment to sustainability, from sourcing ingredients responsibly to minimizing waste in their packaging. Their meal packs are recyclable. They continuously seek ways to reduce their environmental impact while maintaining the high quality and safety standards of their meals.

How do I manage my Nom Nom subscription?

Managing your Nom Nom subscription is straightforward via their website. You can adjust delivery frequencies, pause or cancel your subscription, and make changes to your pet’s meal plan as needed. Nom Nom’s customer service team is also available to assist with any account adjustments or questions you may have.

How do you store Nom Nom Dog Food? 

To store Nom Nom dog food, immediately refrigerate meals upon arrival for consumption within a week. For longer storage, freeze the meals. Keep them up to 6 months. Thaw frozen meals in the refrigerator 24-48 hours before feeding. Ensure consistent, cold storage to maintain freshness and quality.

Final Woof: The Last Bark on Nom Nom

Navigating through the ins and outs of Nom Nom has been an enlightening experience. It blends the precision of nutritional science with the warmth of genuine care for our canine companions.

From positive Nom Nom dog food reviews, it’s clear this brand has struck a chord with pet parents seeking more than just sustenance for their pets. They’re looking for a meal that promises health, vitality, and enjoyment. The thoughtful approach to ingredients showcases Nom Nom’s commitment to the overall well-being of dogs.

As we conclude this review, it’s evident that Nom Nom stands out as a beacon of quality and care in the pet food landscape. It makes mealtime a moment of joy and nourishment for our beloved four-legged friends.


13 thoughts on “Nom Nom Dog Food Review 2024: A Fresh Take on Canine Nutrition”

  1. Your 30% off link goes to a 20% off offer on their site. Do you receive any benefits from this company?

  2. The Woof Whiskers Staff

    Thanks for the comment, we looked into it and the links should work as stated now with the intended 30% offer. Yes we may receive benefit from the majority of products written about through referral sales (Amazon or other), it’s how we can afford to operate and the only source of income since we do not accept payment for direct manufacturer advertising.

    We pride ourselves in creating genuine reviews regardless of referrals.

  3. Darlene

    Can I put a pause (hold) on a subscription?
    How much is the probiotic, not what you called it, but the testing of gut health? Is it necessary if already on a different fresh food?
    Can NomNomNow be reached by phone if necessary?

    1. The Woof Whiskers Staff

      Hi Darlene, yes subscriptions can be put on hold. I’ve done so in the past with a quick email. Also, if your dog is already on fresh food and is doing well on it, I personally wouldn’t worry about the gut health test…

  4. We rescued a German Shepard in July and noticed he is scratching now. It seems more so now since October no fleas we think it’s sensitive skin. Do you have a recipe to help with this issue? He doesn’t tear the skin and no visible scans or bumps. We have tried different foods also we give him salmon oil every morning. Thank you

    1. Deanna

      If you are currently feeding a commercial dry or wet food nomnomnow might work for your pet because the quality of the food and the added fish oil and supplements they use improve skin and coat significantly. If you go to the website and read the other reviews you will be able to see other dogs it has helped with similar problems. Also commercial foods are overprocessed with contaminants and additives that could contribute to your pets skin itching. Also, even though u have not seen active fleas on your pet, they may have bitten him and then hopped off leaving your pet itchy. Best to give nexgard for flea prevention just in case.

  5. Krista McCook

    Are the ingredients organic or non-GMO? Thank you!

  6. Deanna Miles

    I love Nomnomnow. I have 2 dachschunds that love it. Their breath is better since being on this food and their coats are soft and shiny. I wanted to share a recycling tip for the plastic bags the food comes in…my husband didnt want to rinse the bags in the sink in case it clogged the drains so i cut open the bags to lay flat and the dogs lick them clean than i rinse them after so they are clean but no food gets in drain. Than when they are dry i bring them with me to the grocery store and recycle them with the plastic grocery bags.

  7. Diana C

    I have used Nomnomnow for months and my dog seemed to enjoy it but the past few months, I have noticed issues with packaging, the food doesn’t seem as fresh and so many potatoes, I also noticed a lot of fat, almost looks like gel like glue holding it together. Really gross. I need a scissor to open some of the packs because it is not consistent every week, I’ve received orders that were room temperature, which doesn’t tell me how long it has been like that, food spoils quickly, I have opened packs not sealed properly and smelled spoiled and my dog wouldn’t even eat it. I have complained numerous times,customer service is ok, but will try to justify the issue. Paying what I pay weekly i should have minimal issues. I do not like that you have to make changes a week in advance or you do not get your order for the week. I’ve given it months to correct itself but seems since i started delivery it has changed over the last few months. I now changed to Just for Dogs, in comparison more beef and veggies in package less potatoes, my dog seems to love it. I can auto deliver it, it is less money, same if not better quality. I will see what my dog thinks since he has the final say but so far Just for Dogs may be the better choice right now. Don’t settle for less with this company, speak up so they are aware of the issues going on!

  8. Hattie Parker

    I had not received my order.can you tell me the problem? Hattie Parker

  9. The last 3 out 5 orders have been incomplete. In addition, my latest order is delayed and still hasnt arrived. This is FRESH FOOD and is supposed to be delivered on time at the risk of spoiling. Customer service said there is nothing they can do and wont be able to ship another order out until the following week. Really?? What are my dogs supposed to eat? Their suggestion was to cook the food myself. If something defines POOR customer service this is it. I highly discourage anyone from ordering from NomNomNow because they have ZERO customer service. There are other fresh food pet delivery options and I suggest going with them instead.

  10. Warren

    You really should be rating on packaging and delivery too. I agree that the food is great and my dog loves it, but Nom Nom has a real issue at the moment with their packaging and delivery. I continue to to get shipments missing items and bad deliveries where the food arrives completely warm.
    While I like having each meal in a separate bag, the weight of the bags fluctuate wildly which is a real problem when you are trying to control pets weight. I order 90g bags and they typically vary between 170g and 38g.

  11. Christine Rushworth

    Hope to Start 🐶

    I have a GWP, she’s 14yrs young, still gets around but slowly and struggling at times.
    I took Abby off of Chicken, she enjoyed the dehydrated chicken strips for years, although it gave her atrocious gas, I only imagined how her poor belly felt.
    Which brings me to my question:
    What came first, the Chicken or the Egg? 🫣 Lol!
    So I stopped giving her eggs & Chicken, her gas was nearly eliminated.
    Brings me to my question:
    Do you ever substitute in your recipes for certain allergies some dogs have?
    This is the only thing holding me back from starting up w “NomNom”?

    Abby’s anxious to begin w/ NomNom and to eat fresh food where we can actually see the ingredients!

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Thanks so much,

    Christine & Richard Rushworth
    425-422-5532 texts are also fine.

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