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Nulo Mix-it-Meal Review

Mix-It-Meal review

Last Updated: March 8, 2022 by Lisa Melillo

If you’ve followed our dog food reviews journey, you’ll know Nulo is a familiar face. In fact, they landed on our top 10 list of best dry dog foods. Having achieved sustaining success in the premium kibble market, Nulo recently expanded its reach into a new corner of the growing dog food industry: healthy and flavorful toppers.

The industry is currently witnessing a shift as dog owners continue to search for the best and most nutritious dietary solution. Fresh dog food delivery is at the forefront of this change, delivering fresh, portion-sized, human-grade dog food right to your doorstep. However, this is a big change for any dog’s diet, and takes time to transition. But further than that, there lies a market between kibble and homemade/fresh food where owners want to provide healthy additions to their current diet – after all, variety is the spice of life!

Nulo’s Mix-It-Meals hits this middle market by combining a wide range of current trends in dog food, including raw freeze dried proteins, bone broth and meat for savory flavor, and premium kibble. You can select which type of topper you want and add it on top of your dog’s current kibble – even if you are not currently using Nulo.

Mix-It-Meals provide a taste bud explosion for your pup.

Recipes and flavors

There are a ton of different combinations of food available from Nulo. The ones highlighted bold below are the types often used in their Mix-It-Meal recipes.

  • Limited ingredient kibble: grain-free limited ingredient recipes for dogs
  • Freeze-dried raw: alternative to fresh and frozen forms of raw food for dogs
  • Pouches for dogs: grain-free shredded & minced recipes in 2.8 oz pouches
  • Freestyle bone broth: grass-fed bone broths in pouches
  • Paté recipes: grain-free recipes for dogs, in 13 oz & 6 oz cans
  • Protein sticks: grab ‘n go treats for dogs
  • Jerky strips: soft & meaty jerky treats for dogs
  • Training treats: healthy training treats for dogs

Nulo has a wide range of tasty recipes to make with these, including:

  • Salmon & peas kibble with freeze dried turkey & cranberries hydrated with organic chicken bone broth and topped with lamb, wild saba and kelp
  • Lamb & chickpea kibble with freeze dried duck & pears hydrated with wild salmon bone broth and topped with chicken, salmon and carrots
  • Turkey & sweet potato kibble with freeze dried lamb & raspberries hydrated with grass-fed beef bone broth and topped with wild mackerel, chicken & mussel

You can find many more listed on their website, all of which are inspired by athletes, chefs, or vets!

The bone broth will really make your dog drool…

Did Sasha like them?

Ohhhhhhhhhhhh yes. Crazy enough, I think she liked this concoction more than the pricey human-grade fresh dog food. I believe it’s the natural chicken bone broth that makes this so tasty for her, although I’m sure she doesn’t mind the meaty bites from the Freestyle pouches.

The recipe I crafted for Sasha included the following:

  • Kibble: Nulo Limited+ Salmon recipe
  • Freeze-Dried Raw: Duck recipe
  • Freestyle Pouch: Mackerel, Chicken, & Mussel in broth
  • Broth: Organic Chicken

I absolutely plan on getting more of these small pouches for Sasha to supplement her current diet. 

Sasha chowing down, sporting her Christmas collar.

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