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PetPlate Review: Amazing Quality and Cute 100% Recyclable Bowls

PetPlate Review
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While there’s only three recipes to choose from, PetPlate’s high quality ingredients and ready-to-eat containers steal the show.

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About PetPlate

PetPlate.com is a quality subscription dog food delivery service that focuses on creating customized meals for your dog. Each meal is tailor-made based on the specifications that your yourself provide about your pet, and then delivered straight to your door eliminating the need for the constant pet shop runs many of us have grown accustomed to. PetPlate was founded by Renaldo Webb, a consultant in the pet food industry who immediately noticed the inferior ingredients and substandard processes used to make mass-market pet food.

PetPlate Quality and Ingredients

PetPlate Ingredients

One of PetPlate’s best features is the fact that pet owners are fully aware of every single ingredient that is going into their pet’s meal, removing any concern about those mystery products on the labels of the bigger name brands in the market today. And not just that, but because each meal is pre-portioned by the company, pet parents can rest assured that they won’t be overfeeding their pup.

And for those curious about where PetPlate gets its food, it is entirely American made and packaged at a human grade, USDA inspected facility in upstate New York. The company also promises that no by-products ever find their way into their products, and every recipe and formula is specially designed by a team of veterinarians and nutritionists and then cooked in small batches by trained pet chefs to conform with rigid company standards. These exact standards are how we reviewed and rated dry dog food manufacturers to find the list of best dog food, so it’s great to see PetPlate’s delivery service matching that high level of quality.

How to Get Started

how PetPlate works

While the company doesn’t offer any samples at the moment, they do offer a $20 trial box for curious pet parents to test out that comes with two week’s worth of food. For those who do decide to make the move and start ordering, there is no set, standard price for the program and it all depends on the animal’s size and the ingredients chosen. The website does state, however, that meals can be purchased for as low as three dollars per day, and the price seems to go up from there.

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Once you decide to start customizing your box, the process is pretty straightforward. The website first asks for your pets name and if it is a puppy or not, before moving on to asking about the dog’s weight.  Once this information is entered into the system, users can then select either a turkey, half turkey/half beef, or all beef based meal, and chooses whether they want them to arrive every two weeks, or on a monthly basis. Interested pet parents can also click on each of the three formulas for more information, and can then simply click on the option selected and head to the checkout screen. Simple as that!

We give PetPlate two paws up!

dog with PetPlate meals

2 thoughts on “PetPlate Review: Amazing Quality and Cute 100% Recyclable Bowls

  1. Need to know if this product needs refrigeration? I do not have enough refrigerator space. What is your return policy. I have the pickest Chihuahua ever. Only eats on certain days. Had her checked out, can’t find anything wrong with her. She is a little underweight.

    1. Hi Carol – yes these need to be refrigerated and frozen. When your package arrives, you only put one in the refrigerator at a time, and freeze the rest. Take one out of the freezer every time you finish a package from the refrigerator. This ensures they stay fresh.

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