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PoochPerks Review

unboxing pooch perks

There’s nothing better than seeing that wagging tail every month as a new box of toys and treats come in the mail. This month we’re reviewing our first delivery of Pooch Perks, a subscription delivery service for your dogs!

Every month, Pooch Perks will send a small package containing a variety of fun toys and high quality treats. Pooch Perks can be customized for your dog with a series of options, including:

  • Popular Pooch (our subscription): 4 to 5 fun toys and all natural USA-made treats.
  • Custom Pooch: Create your own box by selecting toys only, treats only, or a combination.
  • Sample Pooch: Receive a sample of 2 items from previous month’s boxes.

In addition to each type, you can select your dog size to ensure each toy and treat are specific to your dog. Sizes range from: under 10 lb, 10-40lb, 40-70lb, over 70lb, and mixed sizes.

February Pooch Perks Unboxing

In the below photo you can see the Pooch Perks we received in February 2017 for a Medium sized dog. As like most subscription boxes, each month has a specific theme. Being February, of course the theme had to be Valentine’s Day! Our box included a card on top which said “Fifty Shades of Ruff” – hilarious!
unboxing pooch perks

Pooch Perks Treats

pooch perks treats
Our box came with Sally Snacks Venison Jerky, Healthy Dogma Jamaican Bacon treats, Down Dog Snacks Zensations treats, and perhaps most interestingly, Dog Wine!

Our dog Sasha loved all of them, of course.
Our dog opening the pooch perks box

Pooch Perks Toys

All the toys in the box

Our box also came with 3 dog toys – a round, plush, squeaky bear with hearts on his cheeks (Valentine’s Day theme!), a crinkle and stuffing free dog toy, and a squeaky Spunky Pup heart-shaped ball. Sasha ripped the plush bear apart in seconds, as witnessed below:

testing durability

The stuffing-free crinkly toy, however, is holding up really well and is definitely her favorite item in the box. Overall, we were incredibly happy with the contents of the February Pooch Perks box. We will definitely be continuing our subscription. Tune in again for next month’s delivery!

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