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The Farmer’s Dog Review: Human-Grade Dog Food Delivered or DIY

About The Farmer’s Dog

TheFarmersDog.com is a subscription dog food delivery service that urges pet parents to rethink the kinds of food they are feeding their pets. The company allows pet parents to find personalized, custom-crafted foods that make use of human-grade, USDA certified ingredients in every package. And to help make sure that every Farmer’s Dog package meets up to the company’s high standards, a panel of board-certified veterinary nutritionists are on hand to provide input for each recipe, ensuring that they provide complete and balanced meals in line with AAFCO dog food standards.

Farmer’s Dog Quality And Ingredients

The Farmer's Dog quality
Not only are all of the ingredients used human quality, but Farmer’s Dog also promises that every ingredient is prepared in human-grade kitchens in New York, and then quickly frozen just before transport. This means that your pup gets the freshest food available, and the company promises that their food will never be spending long periods on a shelf before it is delivered to your door.

One of the most unique aspects of the company, however, is the fact that they also provide pet parents with quality DIY recipes that allow them to make food right in their home. This means that you can pick your very own veggies and ingredients, so you can know exactly what is going into the food. Then, all you need to do is add in a pre-mixed nutrient pack sold by the company, which provide 9 essential vitamins and minerals that many other DIY recipes lack. So for those pet parents that like to have total control over what their four-legged friends are eating at mealtime, it is hard to find a fresher, more hands on experience than this!

How To Get Started

Farmer’s Dog, unlike many of the other companies that offer subscription boxes, does offer a small two-week sample package for curious prospective buyers. They also offer a 20% discount for first-time buyers, and provide free shipping on all orders.

Once pet parents decide to take the first step towards placing an order, the company starts off by asking the basic questions, such as how many dogs you own and what their names are. From there, the company asks about age, weight, and whether or not your pets are spayed or neutered in order to best assess what kind of meal plan would best suit their unique nutritional requirements. They also ask about breed and body type, and interestingly also ask you to select a description for your pup (silliest, most loyal, cutest, most stubborn, or normal).

How to get started with Farmer's Dog

Once that’s done, Farmer’s Dog tailors your order even further, asking owners to select an ideal weight for their dog, their activity level, and the pup’s eating style (picky, will eat anything, etc), before asking about allergies and the kind of food your fur-baby is currently being fed, how many treats they are given, and if they require a prescription diet.

After filling out all of that, we then move over to the actual menu section, where customers can select what kind of food they want in their boxes. Users can select any combination of beef, turkey, or pork packages, or can opt to try all three for a slightly higher price. And that’s it! From that point on, you just need to wait for your packages to arrive and then follow the personalized feeding guide that the good folks at Farmer’s Dog have made just for your pup.

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