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Unkibble Review: A Look at Spot & Tango’s Innovative Approach to Dog Nutrition

Spot and Tango Unkibble

Last Updated: March 7, 2024 by Lisa Melillo

Every so often, a product comes along that makes you do a double-take, and for me, that moment arrived with Spot & Tango’s Unkibble.

In the bustling world of veterinary care, where the promise of ‘the next big thing’ in pet nutrition is a constant echo, Unkibble’s fresh approach stopped me in my tracks. As someone who spends their days knee-deep in all things dog health, I couldn’t resist diving into an Unkibble review, armed with a blend of professional curiosity and a keen eye for what truly matters in canine nutrition.

The buzz around Unkibble wasn’t just another whisper in the wind; it was a roar that caught the attention of pet parents and professionals alike. With a reputation for turning the traditional kibble concept on its head, Unkibble promised something that seemed almost too good to be true: the convenience of dry food with the nutritional punch of fresh ingredients. It was a claim that beckoned for scrutiny, and I was more than ready to peel back the layers.

In a previous Spot & Tango review, I was struck by the healthy ingredients and robust protein levels in their recipes. Now, I’m turning my attention to a specific standout: Spot & Tango’s UnKibble dry food. It’s been surrounded by quite a bit of excitement, promising to shake up the dry food game. In this UnKibble review, I’ll dig in to see if it lives up to the hype.


What Is Unkibble?

UnKibble by Spot & Tango redefines traditional dry dog food by integrating the nutritional value and freshness of whole, fresh ingredients with the convenience of kibble. This innovative product aims to cater to health-conscious pet owners seeking optimal nutrition for their dogs without the usual processing associated with conventional dry foods.

The hallmark of UnKibble lies in its commitment to using 100% real, fresh ingredients, ensuring a diet that is both nutritious and appealing to dogs. This approach not only elevates the standard of dry dog food but also aligns with the modern pet owner’s desire for transparency and quality in pet nutrition.

UnKibble offers personalized meal plans that cater to the specific nutritional needs of each dog, considering factors like age, breed, and health conditions.

Lastly, the recipes for UnKibble are developed by veterinarians, ensuring that each meal meets the essential nutritional requirements for optimal canine health and vitality.

Unkibble Product Line

Spot & Tango’s Unkibble lineup boasts a variety of recipes, each tailored to cater to the diverse tastes and nutritional needs of our canine friends. Let’s delve into each product, exploring the unique blend of ingredients and potential benefits they bring to the bowl.

Beef + Barley

The Beef + Barley recipe is a hearty blend that promises to satisfy even the most discerning of carnivores. With beef as the star protein, it’s rich in essential amino acids crucial for muscle development and maintenance. Barley, a wholesome grain, complements the beef by providing a steady source of energy, fiber, and essential nutrients, making it an ideal choice for dogs needing sustained energy throughout the day.

Chicken + Brown Rice

A classic combination, the Chicken + Brown Rice recipe is designed for dogs who thrive on lean protein. Chicken, known for its high protein and low fat, supports lean muscle mass and overall health. Brown rice, a whole grain, is packed with fiber, aiding in digestion and providing a slow-release energy source. This recipe is a well-rounded choice for maintaining a healthy weight and promoting digestive health.

Duck + Salmon

For those seeking a more exotic protein option, the Duck + Salmon recipe is a luxurious mix that’s sure to tantalize the taste buds. Duck, a rich and flavorful protein, provides a novel taste experience, while salmon enhances the recipe with its omega-3 fatty acids. This recipe is especially suited for dogs with food sensitivities or those looking for a unique protein source to spice up their mealtime routine.

Cod + Salmon

Diving into the realm of seafood, the Cod + Salmon recipe offers a refreshing twist with its rich omega-3 fatty acids, known for supporting skin and coat health, as well as cognitive function. Cod provides a lean protein source, while salmon adds a flavorful and nutritious boost. This recipe is particularly beneficial for dogs with allergies or sensitivities to traditional proteins, offering a novel protein source that’s both delicious and nutritious.

Turkey + Sweet Potato

The Turkey + Sweet Potato recipe brings together the lean, mild protein of turkey with the sweet, fibrous goodness of sweet potatoes. Turkey is an excellent source of low-fat protein, while sweet potatoes are rich in beta-carotene and essential vitamins, supporting eye health and the immune system. This combination is perfect for dogs needing a lower-calorie diet without compromising on taste or nutrition.

Unkibble Review: Quality of Ingredients

When it comes to our furry companions, the quality of what they eat is paramount. In my deep dive into Spot & Tango’s Unkibble, the caliber of ingredients stood out as a cornerstone of their philosophy. Here’s what I’ve unearthed about the components that make up the heart of Unkibble’s recipes:

Whole, Real Ingredients

First and foremost, Unkibble prides itself on using whole, real ingredients. Each recipe is crafted from identifiable, minimally processed components like real beef, chicken, turkey, duck, and a variety of fish, paired with wholesome grains and vegetables. This approach not only supports optimal nutrient absorption but also aligns with a more natural diet for our dogs, mirroring what their ancestors might have eaten in the wild.

Protein-Centric Formulations

Protein takes center stage in every Unkibble recipe, with high-quality animal sources leading the ingredient list. This focus ensures that dogs receive the essential amino acids necessary for muscle repair, immune function, and overall vitality. The variety of protein sources, from traditional to more novel options, also caters to a wide range of dietary needs and preferences.

Nutrient-Dense Additions

Beyond the primary protein and carbohydrate sources, Unkibble recipes are enriched with a selection of fruits, vegetables, and legumes. Ingredients like sweet potatoes, barley, and brown rice provide dietary fiber for digestive health, while fruits and vegetables contribute a spectrum of vitamins and antioxidants that support immune health and disease prevention.

No Fillers or Artificial Additives

A standout feature of Unkibble’s ingredient quality is the absence of fillers, artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. This commitment to purity means that each bite is packed with only the nutrients your dog needs, without unnecessary additives that could potentially harm their health over time.

Transparency and Traceability

Spot & Tango emphasizes transparency in their sourcing, ensuring that all ingredients are traceable back to their origins. This level of detail provides peace of mind, knowing that the ingredients in your dog’s food meet stringent quality standards and are sourced from reputable suppliers who prioritize animal welfare and sustainable practices.

Fresh Dry Process

A pivotal aspect of what sets Unkibble apart is its innovative Fresh Dry process. This unique method bridges the gap between the convenience of dry kibble and the nutritional benefits of fresh dog food. Unlike traditional kibble, the Fresh Dry process employs a gentle drying technique. This approach preserves the integrity of the whole ingredients. It ensures that the essential nutrients, flavors, and textures remain intact.

Full Ingredients and Analysis

While several products are available, I will focus on Spot & Tango’s Chicken + Brown Rice Recipe. It is a carefully curated blend of high-quality ingredients, each serving a specific purpose in your dog’s diet.

Ingredient List for Chicken + Brown Rice Recipe

  • Chicken: A lean protein source that helps build and maintain muscle mass. It’s also rich in essential amino acids and vitamins.
  • Brown Rice: A whole grain that provides complex carbohydrates for energy. It’s also a good source of fiber.
  • Sweet Potatoes: Packed with beta-carotene, which converts to vitamin A in the body, sweet potatoes support eye health and the immune system.
  • Carrots: A crunchy, nutrient-rich vegetable high in vitamin A and beta-carotene. They’re vital for maintaining good vision and a strong immune system.
  • Chicken Liver: An excellent source of high-quality protein, rich in iron and vitamin A. They’re crucial for energy production and maintaining healthy vision.
  • Chicken Gizzards: High in protein and low in fat, gizzards are a nutrient-dense food. They provide essential minerals like iron and zinc, supporting blood health and immune function.
  • Apples: Provide dietary fiber for digestive health and are rich in antioxidants, which help combat free radicals and support overall health.
  • Kale: A superfood loaded with vitamins A, K, and C, along with antioxidants and fiber. They support heart health, bone health, and the immune system.
  • S&T Nutrient Blend: A proprietary blend of vitamins and minerals designed to meet the nutritional levels established by AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient Profiles.
  • Sunflower Seeds: A good source of healthy fats, including omega-6 fatty acids, which promote a healthy skin and coat. They’re also rich in antioxidants and Vitamin E.
  • Ginger: Known for its digestive benefits, ginger can help soothe the stomach and prevent nausea.
  • Dried Kelp: A sea vegetable that’s a natural source of iodine, supporting thyroid health. It’s also rich in minerals and antioxidants.
  • Mixed Tocopherols: A natural form of vitamin E used as a preservative to keep the food fresh without the need for artificial additives.

Cost and Plans

Spot & Tango’s Unkibble offers a variety of plans tailored to fit both your dog’s needs and your budget, with an emphasis on flexibility and convenience. This is one thing often highlighted in Spot and Tango Unkibble reviews. Understanding the importance of finding the right fit for your furry friend, Spot & Tango provides an enticing introductory offer: try Unkibble for two weeks and enjoy a 20% discount. This trial period is a great way to gauge how well Unkibble suits your dog’s tastes and nutritional requirements without a full commitment.

The overall cost of Unkibble will depend on factors such as your dog’s size, age, and activity level, as these influence the daily feeding amounts. Spot & Tango’s subscription service ensures your dog’s food is right at your door exactly when you need it. You can customize the delivery frequency to streamline the process. Subscribers not only benefit from the convenience of regular deliveries but also enjoy reasonable rates as against one-off purchases.

To further personalize your experience, Spot & Tango’s website includes a tool that crafts a meal plan tailored specifically to your dog’s unique profile. This personalized plan takes into account various factors including weight and any special dietary needs, making it easier to select the most suitable Unkibble option.

Guaranteed Satisfaction for Your Peace of Mind

I have to say, Spot & Tango puts their money where their mouth is with their UnKibble. They’re so sure your pup will wag their tail with joy at mealtime. They offer a no-fuss money-back guarantee. Honestly, it’s quite the safety net, deciding to switch a bit of a no-brainer. If your furry friend gives UnKibble the cold shoulder, you’re not out of pocket. They’ll simply refund you, no questions asked.

It’s this kind of confidence that speaks volumes to me. It’s not just about creating high-quality dog food; it’s about ensuring that it truly resonates with the ones who matter most – our dogs. Spot & Tango’s approach is like a warm handshake. It promises that if UnKibble doesn’t live up to the tail-wagging hype, you’re covered. It’s a win-win in my book. This is a testament to their commitment to both pet satisfaction and parent peace of mind.

FAQs on Unkibble

How do you transition your dog to Unkibble?

To transition your dog to Unkibble, start by mixing a small amount of Unkibble with their current food. Over approximately 10 days, gradually increase the amount of Unkibble while decreasing their current food. This method allows your dog’s digestive system to adjust smoothly to the change.

Can Unkibble meet specific dietary needs or allergies?

Unkibble offers a range of recipes featuring various protein sources and ingredients to accommodate different dietary preferences and allergies. For the best fit for your dog’s specific needs, consult your vet for advice on selecting the most suitable Unkibble recipe.

How long does an opened bag of Unkibble last?

For optimal freshness, you should use an opened bag of Unkibble within 6 weeks. Store the bag in a cool, dry place and ensure the seal is tight after each use to preserve its quality.

Is Unkibble suitable for dogs of all ages?

Unkibble meets the AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient Profiles for all life stages, making it suitable for dogs of all ages. However, puppies and senior dogs might have unique nutritional needs. Consulting your vet to confirm that Unkibble fits your dog’s requirements is a wise step.

Where do they make Unkibble?

Spot & Tango produces Unkibble in the USA, sourcing high-quality ingredients from trusted suppliers committed to strict quality and ethical standards. Transparency and quality are key in every batch of Unkibble Spot & Tango makes.

Unkibble Review Wrap-Up: The Verdict

Spot & Tango’s approach to dog food is a refreshing departure from the norm. Their commitment to quality sets Unkibble apart in a crowded market. It’s been enlightening to see how they’ve managed to blend the convenience of kibble with the nutritional benefits of fresh food.

The variety of recipes Unkibble offers, tailored to meet different dietary needs and preferences, is particularly commendable. And the peace of mind provided by their satisfaction guarantee adds a layer of confidence to the decision to try Unkibble. This review suggests that Unkibble by Spot & Tango could be a worthwhile consideration, balancing quality nutrition with the practicalities of daily life.

  • 8/10
    Protein/Carb Ratio - 8/10
  • 8.5/10
    Quality of Ingredients - 8.5/10
  • 7/10
    Value - 7/10


Spot & Tango’s Unkibble impresses with its quality ingredients and unique drying method, making it a top choice for healthy dog food. Its variety and satisfaction guarantee make it a standout option for discerning pet owners.

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