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Willow + Penn Leather Dog Collar Review

Unfortunately most dog collar’s do not last forever, especially ones made from cheap materials. We just recently had to replace an old nylon collar of Sasha’s that was threading apart – and not to mention dirty (it seems impossible to remove dirt from nylon collars!). Luckily, I didn’t have to do much research into which dog collar to buy because we already reviewed some of the best selling dog collars on the market! So of course I had to pick one from this list.

This time, to make cleaning a little easier after Sasha decides to roll over in mud, we opted for a natural leather dog collar that can simply be wiped clean. The winner? Willow + Penn.

Three main reasons we love the Willow + Penn Dog Collar

Like I mentioned above, I already determined I would be going with a leather dog collar this time since they can often be wiped clean and they do not collect as much dirt, pollen, and other things – making them much better for allergy sensitive dogs.

Willow + Penn was our favorite leather dog collar due to the design, comfort, and the fact they use real natural leather. Let’s break each down.

Real, natural leather: Willow + Penn uses 100% genuine leather for their dog collars. You can really feel the quality of the collars just by holding them. Most of the fake polyurethane (PU) leather dog collars out there are stiff as a board; the leather on the Willow + Penn, on the other hand, is incredibly nimble, leading us to the second reason I love the collar: comfort.

Ultra slim and soft: Many fake/PU leather dog collars are often marketed as “padded leather”, leading the customer to thinking they are purchasing the most comfortable type of leather for their dog. This often times is not the case, as many of the collars are just so thick that they are incredibly stiff. Stiffness is not very comfortable for a dog collar. The slim profile of the Willow + Penn collar bends very easily as your dog changes positions and it doesn’t result in any stretching.

Modern design: The look of the collar is of course another reason we absolutely love it. It screams high end without an absurd price tag. I personally ordered both the Espresso Brown and Sapphire Blue, but absolutely love the gorgeous shade of blue – just take a look at how it pops on Sasha’s white fur in the pic below! The white stitching and side profile add an excellent contrast to the natural leather backing, and we also loved that the company’s logo was embossed on the INSIDE of the collar instead of the outside, which I think is a nice touch so it’s not stuck somewhere on the outside taking away from the clean look.

Sizing is important in leather dog collars

One item I would like to point out is how important it is to actually measure your dog’s neck before ordering a leather collar. While leather collars do offer adjustable lengths, they are not quite as adjustable as a nylon collar. Willow + Penn comes in 3 sizes, with each size having 5” of adjustability. See the guide below:

  • SMALL: ¾” wide, fits neck sizes 10” – 14”
  • MEDIUM: 1” wide, fits neck sizes 14” – 18”
  • LARGE: 1” wide, fits neck sizes 18” – 22”

Sasha is about 55lbs and is right in the middle of the Medium. The hardware seems pretty sturdy as well, because the eyelets in each hole are holding up nicely.

Final thoughts on Willow + Penn

We can’t recommend the Willow + Penn dog collar enough. After all, it landed on the top of our list of best dog collars for a reason – and that reason is due to luxury quality and design without that “luxury price tag”. Sure, 30 bucks is more than a cheap nylon collar, but it sure beats paying upwards of $100 at some of those boutique stores.

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